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The Discographer Songkick for new releases: track your favorite artists and never miss a new album.
Questions about iPhone's as telephones
Best value for iPhone 5 trade in?
Can't use internet even though I'm connected to wifi?
I'm an iOS game developer and I'm giving away 50 free copies of my games tonight!
Tens of thousands of people have pre-ordered the iPhone 6 through China Mobile
The worlds largest carrier is already taking preorders for the iPhone 6
"iPhone 6 Pixel and Point Comparisons, based on John Grubers Conjecture
Why do I have this spinning thing next to the battery always running on my home screen?
iPhone 6 screen covers just came in!
AirDrop on Mac backwards compatible with iOS7 (for sending, not receiving)
Now I always have my cord for my lifeproof case.
Proof that iPhone 6 rear shell design is from the future!
Facebook Messenger no longer available?
Pushbullet for Windows Phone 8.1 is now live!
Android or Windows Phone?
I have a Nokia 920. I want to upgrade, what are the best options?
Is it possible to downgrade from Cyan back to Amber? (Lumia 1020)
Opinions needed
Miracast on 930/Icon - anybody used it?
Xbox Music Ignoring Disc Number Tag?
The Next Big Thing is here - awesome app launcher "HTMLauncher"
Has anyone noticed on 4.4.4 that apps get kicked out of memory too quickly?
Pocket Updated To v5.6 With Download Limits, Better Evernote Support, And More
[AP] Copper Sony Xperia Z3 Breaks Cover Along With E-Ink SmartBand Ahead Of Official Unveiling
Kyocera's sapphire screen is tougher than we expected.
Here is the Xperia Z3 in Copper; plus a first look at Sonys new SmartBand with E Ink display
Chris Lacy (Action Launcher, Link Bubble and Tap Path Dev) is releasing a new launcher tomorrow
HTC doubles free Google Drive storage to 100GB, even for current One owners.
Speech recognition just downloaded on its own - have you seen this?
Theory: Protruding steel ring around iPhone 6 camera is for magnetically mounting accessory lenses.
[App Store link] Reddit's first app is here - Reddit's AMA is out for iOS now and Android soon
iPhone 5s video camera not recording. Please Help
Torn as to whether I should buy a preowned phone or wait
Forbes Misses the Point: "Here's what else you could buy for the price of an Apple smart watch"
It looks like Cartoon HD is back (thank God), anyone else know of any other ways to download it?
iPhone 5 camera shutter isn't opening. Any solutions?
Is there a way for reminders in the reminders app to automatically be added to my calendar in my calendar app?
Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon
When trying to select one word.. Every god damn time
Is there a reason 8.1 apps don't (yet?) integrate with the OS using the Social Extensibility Framework the way the Facebook app does?
Internet Connection Sharing in Windows phone 8.1 Update 1
A Lumia 630 review from a former 925 owner.
Bridge & Steam - a challenging physical puzzle, one of my best creations
Why doesn't the calendar adhere to regional settings?
No sound on Lumia 1520?
Getting tired of waiting for a fix for the "80188308" problem...
Anyone else suddenly no longer being able to watch videos on websites. WP 8.1 update 1
Lumia 830 Rumored to Carry 10 MP Camera, Snapdragon 800 and 720p screen
Notification Issues on messenger and whatsapp
How do you "grab" the scroll bar in your phone directory?
WZor (top MS leaker) shares some info about WP and OEMs
Soon you'll be able to use a Chromebook as an Android ADB server for phone mods
In US there are 80-90 attacks on a phone's baseband per hour. This is why Qualcomm and other modem makers need to provide open source software firmware. Otherwise they can't be trusted
[DEV] I've made a live location sharing app
Tinker Tuesday [Sep 02 2014] - Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
Google's Android Wear team: We'll update early and often - CNET
Control your Android device through your desktop browser with this app
[DL] Android Wear Receiving Update This Week, Several This Year Will Soon Pair With Bluetooth Headsets, Support GPS
The Beautiful Design Summer 2014 Collection on Google Play
Ouya May Be Throwing In The Towel As It Reportedly Begins Acquisition Talks With Chinese And US Firms
[MOD][XPOSED] Macro / Text Expansion - (requires root/xposed framework)
The iPhone 6 and the front pocket in your jeans. Is 5.5 inches too big?
Buying 6 on launch day?
Lost iPhone, locked it with Find my iPhone. Bought a new one when I couldn't find it after a week. Turned up a month later. What can I do with it now?
I'm developing an app with manual Shutter speed and ISO options. Results are exciting!
How to get rid of Calendar default alerts?
The latest iPhone 6 leak assembles parts into the best video yet
I got a strange message from sprint via safari, please help.
Two questions...
Mobile Payments, Not A Big Screen, Will Be The Defining Feature Of The iPhone 6
My friend needs help restoring a backup from iCloud using his phone only
4.7" iPhone 6 Air and 5.5" iPhone 6 Pro sign up page now live in China
What's going on here...? Same results from 3 phones.
Can you spot it?
I've read about MixRadio here but unfortenaly is unavaible in my country, is there a similar app ?
Help with setting up proxy for school.
How do I download more than 5 but less than "All" podcasts?
Get in network+ after Cyan update
[UserVoice suggestion] Enable nicknaming Bluetooth devices to enable Cortana reminders based on them
Is there a Canon remote app for Windows Phone?
[Music App] ChameleonBox, your personal, colorful jukebox!
Waterproof Windows Phone
PC (Windows 8.1) not recognizing phone (Windows 8)
What's next for phones? Demand for long lasting battery life?
ATT Lumia 925 still on Black
Is anyone worried the M8 will receive the terrible lack of support other HTC phones have gotten?
Microsoft Authenticator keys are gone!
ASUS CEO confirms sub-$200 price point for upcoming ZenWatch
The Next Moto G will be called "Moto G" only, box packaging leaked
Samsung's affordable Galaxy S Duos 3 runs KitKat, offers low-end features
Exclusive: Here's The Official (Charging) Keyboard Case Google And HTC Are Planning For The Next Nexus Tablet
WiFi Solver | remember the the WiFi physics simulation? Here's the Android app!
Alleged Sony Xperia Z3 Compact press photos show up, four color versions revealed
I thought r/android would like my mounted N10 in my kitchen
I feel like this is taking it a bit far...MOTA SMART RING ??
Automatic Call when entering a GPS-zone?
Would getting a new battery for iPhone 5 be wise?
BSODs, battery replacements and wits end - iPhone 5 non-jailbroken
Programme 'used the top 500 most common passwords' to hack celeb accounts
How safe is our data on iCloud?
Need help with my Iphone 5
New hands-on footage claims to show 5.5-inch iPhone Air (Video)
Where is the motion/gravity sensor located in an iPhone 5?
Unable to edit files within application directories using ifunbox
Any way to save photos to external drive off boot looping iPhone 5 before restoring?
[+]PhotoKlash - Apples to Apples meets Snapchat, the game when your photo's need to have a winner
Is it possible to remove a pre-installed apps and change search engine?
My phone (Lumia 1520 - DP1) was not getting any update. Found the problem.
Does anyone else care that Microsoft removed Facebook/Twitter integration from within the hub with 8.1?
Battery Life overrated?
Why do we have to accept every single file from paired devices using Bluetooth?
Myntra.com is an Major Indian online shopping retailer of fashion and casual lifestyle products. The Official App for the Brand is now available on Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 to Bring Sorting of Settings, Mobile Data Toggle
'World's slimmest and lightest Windows Phone' to be shown off at IFA - Neowin
Happy September, my fellow Lumia Black/8.0 users!
What do you guys think of the Lumia 1020's speaker?
More Moto X+1 leaked information. Apparently, the button on the back is a power button
HTC Desire 510 mini-review: what is your rating for this device?
Sony to launch two new wearable devices at IFA 2014
Xolo Q700s Plus Quad Core, KitKat Launched for $140
Google Sends Invites forSeptember 15 India Event; Android One Launch Likely
I recently became the proud owner of an Android phone, but now I am trying to find the dirtbag who stole it.
[Idea] Let me cast video to my TV, but run audio through my phone
Moronic Monday (Sep 01 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
iPhone 5 Battery replacement question
Iphone 5 [NAND] Error and the phone restarts when shaken. Help!
Apple Partnering With American Express on iPhone Mobile Payments Initiative
[Question] Group Messaging?
Bought iPhone 5s need help!
iPhone tracking location for traffic. But Traffic info isn't available in my country.
What will the 5c replacement be after iPhone 6?
Bad logic board?
These are the best purported iPhone 6 case photos yet
Still received message from blocked number
[IPhone 5] Charging problems after battery replacement?
My year with a distraction-free iPhone (and how to start your own experiment)
(Request) this has been downloaded forever but it's icon won't go away please help
Scumbag iPhone 5
Nokia maps never plots route to address the first time I type it in.
My 1020 64gb is dead
A Spanish-language FEMA commercial features a Lumia (920?) that "runs" iOS.
Got tired of the yellow, so I bought a new rear housing piece and did some phone surgery (Lumia 1020)
Tentacles: Enter the Mind
Part of the Windows Phone adoption problem is local stores refuse to carry them
Wifi sense possible nightmare?
Lumia Icon PfD Bug
I'm thinking about jumping ship to iPhone, at least for a year. Talk me out of it.
[DEV] I just released my first Android game and I decided to briefly describe the process of developing. Hope someone finds it useful
The new Moto X lands in Verizon's computer system, could be launching with Moto Maker
As a professional photographer, here's my verdict of the HTC One's camera.
FotMob's Latest Version Brings Soccer (Football) Scores And Updates To Android Wear Devices
Material CSS redesign and developer flair update!
Mento - Dual Photo/Video ephemeral messenger with a Snapchat-esque style! (FREE)
Im a solo game developer with Id like to present you with the game Ive been working on for the last few months
Has there actually been any proof that the iPhone 6 will have a sapphire display?
Apple iPhone 6 'leaked video' claims to show device on iTunes ahead of release date
Does anybody know what is wrong with my brand new iPhone 5s, been using it for about 3 hours! MIC
iphone 6 has NFC & iBeacon. Spy satellites geostalk RFID (NFC) within 3 feet. Boycott NFC!
Desperate to pull info from broken Broken Lumia 928
Nokia Lumia 930 Question Time :)
So, 10 months or so later, how are you 1520 users liking your phone?
[FIX] Audiotica new invite system, working on WP
So my 920 died and I just ordered a 930 to replace it, anything I should know?
Cortana after this week's mini update
TIL how Google makes it super hard to see recent news on a Windows Phone
Remember that videotutorial from a week ago for having round tiles? I made an app for that!
Google now surprises
If MS bought Cyanogen and brougt MS services/Bing as default to CM, would you switch to other ROM?
[NEW LEAK] Galaxy Note 4 spotted on Samsung Mobile site
Fake Instagram Hyperlapse app hits the Play store
Powerful, Materially Designed notes and reminders app. Check it out!
Samsung Gear S unveiled: a Tizen watch that can stand solo (curved display, sim card slot, ..)
Sony hints at some very waterproof devices at IFA 2014
My one complaint about Google Now: only one offline voice command
WhatsApp Update With Android Wear Support Is Now Available For Non-Beta Users
Moto X+1 to cost $249 and bear AT&T exclusive for MotoMaker
iPhone 6 release date question!
Is it possible for the original owner to log back into iCloud and lock the iPhone after it was logged out and restored?
BOOM! Apple patents a new kind of Lightning Cable and an iPhone superdock
iPhone 5s making "cracks" sound after gaming
I just received a few iPhone 6 5.5 inch cases from China. Here's some photos to get your jimmies rustled.
How to make my iPhone 5 stop switching to 4g?
How Do You Cancel A Remote Wipe?
How bad is it, Doc? Damaged iPhone 5C...
My iPhone 5 LCD & digitizer came today...
5.5" as comic reader?
iPhone Crash Log- What is nsnetworkd? I have over 500 of these.
How I get a brand new iPhone every year for "free". Might not work for you so don't get your hopes up.
hey reddit, i made a simple battery app with an awesome live tile which updates every minute (8.1 only), thoughts?
Think my phone camera is dying.
I'm writing a notepad calculator (like Soulver for iOS).Want to beta test?
Calendar app not working
Any way to use Visual Studio without Windows 8?
Text Messages not working when on wifi?
Bing Sports and MLS news stuck with old story.
23 Beautiful Android Images - 50footshadows
[DEV] I've just released a big update to AppDeals that now supports multiple currencies (USD, GBP & EUR). The app is now also free for /r/android. Enjoy!
Review: A $229 unlocked phone that marries the Galaxy S5 to the Moto G | Ars Technica
IFA 2014 Preview: Heres what you can expect from Samsung, Sony, ASUS, LG, and more (Video)
Dungeons & Dragons mobile game may let you create a world to battle in.
Android Wear powered Sony SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk with curved e-ink display launching at IFA 2014
Revealed: The new phones and waterproof tablet that Sony has up its sleeves for IFA 2014
[Widget] Awesome Month widget (based off from roman nurik's open source calendar widget)
My nephew inspired me to create an iPhone app. He loves watching videos on my iPhone and with GUGU I now can record his reaction while he enjoys his favorite videos.
Having an issue where my iPhone 4s is holding 7.6 GB of "other". Any ideas what I could do to fix that?
HELP! iCloud problem with 5S
Can I recommend a game I've been playing?
My experience with the Apple store and getting an iPhone 5 battery.
Lumia 530's Already Shipping With "Microsoft Mobile" Branding
Gathering people for Audiotica beta starting September 8.
Wifi RANDOMLY turns off?
1520 dropping cell signal is this 8.1 DP? 8.1? the phone?
PSA: Free apps downloaded through promotions (sometimes) may not be reinstalled after the promotional period.
Bing Sports and MLS news stuck in the past
Issues with OneNote; Ampersand in Notebook name
Music not appearing on phone? (Lumia 920)
My first app, Drawnimo, lets you draw with strangers in real-time! I would love some feedback!
What Happened To Motorola - "As it had taught the Chinese to compete with it years before, Motorola was teaching one of the most creative, competitive, and consumer-savvy companies of all time how to make a phone."
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [Aug 30th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread.
Pocket lock intelligently locks and unlocks your phone for you.
If you have an xperia z2 please be careful
HTC T1 (GSM/WCDMA/LTE variant) aka Nexus 9 coming to Europe, Russia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Australia(include NZ), Korea, HK.
4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Logic Board Equipped With Qualcomm's MDM9625 LTE Modem
So apparently the iphones have a page search feature (command +f / ctrl +f) and it's super easy to use!
Since we now know the date of the iPhone 6's unveiling, can you guys please help me with an estimate of the day it will hit the stores?
I think my iPhone might be broken, any help?
Apples iPhone 6 May Include Qualcomms MDM9625 LTE Modem
Will I be the only one that will be severely disappointed if 16GB is the base storage again?
Got a new replacement iphone 5 thru battery recall program? Is it unlocked or still tied the Sprint?
[Q] how come standby time and usage time almost the same, when i used my phone almost on standby all time??
Is this normal? More info in comments.
why is my phone number being shown up like this, even after a restore.
Why is Skype on WP so bad?
I know there are lots of weather apps, but I think this is pretty unique
HTC One M8: Windows Phone, Android, or Google Play Edition: Which is the best?
UC browser beta got updated today [ screenshots inside ]
Finally someone from heaven made an ID3 Tag Editor for Windows Phone. Can't thank you enough
Settings not opening
I am confused.
Thoughts on M8(for Windows) or waiting for M9?
Can't find your Camera Roll photos? Looks like MS changed where they are placed on OneDrive
Serious discussion about switching to Android from iOS
I knew getting rid of the bloat and turning on airplane mode would help during work but...
Why does everyone on r/Android hate the menu button?
All signs are pointing to the September Press Conference being a game changer for Apple
The amount of change you can bring to an iPhone is insane. credits to u/delutedsoul setup.
Leaked Photos Show 4.7-inch iPhone 6 Polished Rear Shell with Finer Gray Antenna Breaks
Apple Building Massive Structure at Flint Center for iPhone 6 Event
If I take a phone into the Apple Store and they swap it out under the warranty, is my new phone Factory Unlocked?
New startup apps are all going iPhone-first
New Free App for Cat Lovers. Tag A Cat - The Cat Picture Sharing App.
Apple iPhone 6 spotted in an Italian carrier shop, could be priced higher than usual
I have all facebook notifications turned off in Notification Center. How is it that I am still getting push notifications?
How does preordering work?
Why does CC becomes whitish like this on top? How to change its behaviour?
Sent email from Gmail app appears in inbox as new mail? (X-post /r/applehelp)
Sony custom mini tripod
I miss this the most about the music app, and I want it back.
Rudy Huyn on Twitter: 6cret is done ! Will publish it on private beta once the cat moved, can be long... http://t.co/rwe3KOTJjE
Words battery offenders?
Windows Phone 8.1 now on almost 25% of devices, Microsoft owns 95% of the hardware - Neowin
Windows Phone UI for native apps needs a redesign + more (Insiders feel free to chime in)
How Google is killing its competitors
Help get Star Realms on Windows Phone
New photos of Nokia Lumia 730 and Lumia 735 hit web before announcement | WPCentral
I really want to get a Windows Phone but I'm in Canada, how do I get a Lumia 920 or 1020 to work with Telus
Friendly reminder, make a nandroid backup when flashing new roms
Five Nights At Freddy's now on Android [xpost from r/androidgaming]
Greenify now supports auto-hibernation for non-root devices!!
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stars in very short hands-on video
Hi Reddit! This is the Big Android Giveaway Finale with THREE Nvidia Shield Tablets!
Mystery Motorola Device Stops by FCC, Likely New Moto X Headed for AT&T
Motorola Announcing New Bluetooth Speaker at Next Week's Event?
About this whole Motorola Yo contest for a moto 360...
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases dont match the leaked Note 4 Design
Somebody: a messaging service by Artist / Filmmaker Miranda July
We forecasted the resale value of your iPhone 5/5S after the iPhone 6 launch by looking at past price performance.. this is what we learned.
Alter - The only unit conversion app you'll ever need - My first IOS app
What are the dimensions of the back of an Otterbox defender case for an iPhone 5?
Facebook is at it again with vague updates... How about telling us what the content is instead of including it with the update?
Anyone else having issues with the recently announced iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program?
I can't wait to see everyone's dreams get shattered
My iPhone ringtones won't show up in ringtones.
Anyone else having problems with their music app? Mine shows 3 songs playing at once...
Leaked Apple Page for iPhone 6 Ahead of September 9th Event
Wait what
What's the point of forcing an update every month if it's blatantly obvious that you've done nothing to actually enhance the app?
Such time travel
My Facebook app became stuck like this when I tried updating it. I can't delete it, nor can I open it. What do?
Deal Alert: Most of Disney games are free now.
A handful of lingering 8.1 annoyances
Getting tired of this anti-consumerist bullshit going on with windows phone OEMs.
Lumia 520 versus Lumia 530 benchmarks show who is king of low-cost Windows Phones
Nokia Lumia 920 ATT (Locked) $150
Skype for WP7 is discontinued and will stop working soon.
Nokia Lumia 930/1030...friend is looking to upgrade. Any info would be appreciated.
Trying to find a Nokia Lumia 925!
LG Slips The European Price Of The G Watch R Into A German Press Release: 299 Euro
[Meta] Weekly Threads Update
Motorola and Yo just screwed up their Moto 360 giveaway really badly
Qualcomm teases IFA reveal of Snapdragon 'multi-core 64-bit smartphone'
Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon and other tech giants looking to court Cyanogen
Motorola "apologizing" for Yo contest...with another Yo contest
OnePlus AMAA - Late August Edition
As a one man developer, I spent the last 8+ months at home and cafes coding and polishing the HECK out of my iPhone game. Its finally out
[Launch Discount] GUGU - record reactions (view a video from your camera roll and simultaneously record the viewer's reaction). Great for family videos, pranks and more!
Music App Artist Artwork (Thumbnails) Help
Sushi Sum App (for use with Yo! Sushi UK currently, while I get prices for other countries) my first iPhone app. So go easy :)
Apple invents an iPhone with Sidewall Displays, an Intelligent Scrolling Feature & Much More
DropZap 2 v3.0 released and is FREE for a limited time. This is a MAJOR update. Check it out!
iCloud and phone upgrade
iMessage - "waiting for activation"
I finally updated my color palette photo app(posted here 2 years ago), would love more and new feedback!
Expanding battery in iPhone 4S
iPhone 5 headphones jack making...microphone noises?
Wired: iPhone will have NFC chip and feature its own payment platform
September 9th event officially announced!
Well that's not supposed to happen.
Destiny Stats: A Destiny Companion that's worthy of the name. Good work /u/vivekhnz
Sent a complaint to Spotify about lack of windows phone support less than 24 hours before the app was updated. This was their response.
Get Spotify working in an unsupported country [How-To]
Weekly beginners question thread: August 28/08/2014
So I won a 1020 from Microsoft
Suggest me media streaming and video(MKV) player apps
Hello people at r/windowsphone. Just released the updated version of our game. Constructive feedback appreciated.
Tw8tch - Twitch client for Windows with goal to be the best for Windows (BETA)
Facebook photo uploads question
PSA: OnePlus will be doing an AMA here @ Thursday 11 PM EST.
Taking Tom Back Home new game made only with Android SDK. If there will be enough interest how to create game only with android SDK, tutorials with source code will follow.
[DEV] Atlas Web Browser: A tiny (500KB) browser with ad-blocking, easy control over your Desktop/Mobile/JavaScript experience, and a bit of Material Design.
LG Smartwatch to have one display and one Ring with small light elements outside.
[DEV][4.0 +]BuilDota2 (v1.3) free Dota 2 hero builder (item & ability calculator)
Court denies Apples request to ban Samsung devices in the US
CyanogenMod 11 Nightly Builds Go Live For The GSM Moto G 4G
Microsoft is releasing its OneDrive app on Android before any other OS
Verizon Quietly Launches the Motorola Luge, a Rebranded RAZR M for Prepaid
iLand; a cool, little free live wallpaper with very few installs. Found it via his Kickstarter page
Is $375 Canadian ($346 USD) for a used 32GB iPhone 5 with Applecare until December 2014 a good deal?
My iPhone 5s won't let me swipe within 1~ second of unlocking it.
Prepare Yourselves as 'BioShock' for iOS will Land in the App Store Tonight
[Free] Tiny Tower Vegas! The Newest in the Tiny Tower Saga Games. Fun, quirky and addictive.
Computer got a virus and iPhone got ''hacked''?
Long-time Android user, recently switched to iPhone 5s. Is iTunes on the iPhone worse than using an iPod?
Subdit: The /r/random browser for Reddit. Looking for beta testers!
Lumia 1520 Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview users now receiving Lumia Cyan
Getting a Lumia 630 for University. Any App Suggestions?
Is the Lumia 625 still worth buying?
6tin - pick your own location
How were addressing misleading apps in Windows Store
I want Windows Phone, not watered-down Android / Heres our Windows Phone 9 wish list | Pocketnow
Just got my phone up and running...I'm a little overwhelmed, especially with 'people'
Suggest a plausible scenario in which Windows Phone becomes successful
Some change I noticed in the Store
Ideas to improve my home and lock screen? (PICS)
Nova Launcher 3.1 live with new transitions (circle) and app search
How I finally got to the bottom of what was absolutely demolishing my battery and prompting the 'sdcard' process to show up at the top of the battery usage apps
New, explosive proof android phone hits the market. Made for personell in hazardous work environments.
New MIPS Creator CI20 dev board runs Android on 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU
Android ADB File Manager - adb push/pull with a GUI (Ubuntu/Debian packages available)
[AP] LG Officially Announces The G Watch R: Same Guts, New 1.3" Circular P-OLED Screen And Stainless Steel Body
[Rumor] Information regarding the Motorola 360
Five Nights at Freddy's is now available on the Play Store!
Help, Iphone custom transparent cases
Which Wireless Carrier?
iPhone not making sounds for text notification
Problems after battery replacement 4S
Videos blurry when uploaded to YouTube
Just sharing this link, as it just saved my *** for recovering pictures.
Does group texting work on iPhones for users who have Sprint?
Buying an iPhone from the US, but living in Canada.
Can iPhone 4S (Latest OS) use an offline website without the internet?
iPhone 5 won't quit "restore from backup" mode
strange glitch on photos taken with iphone 5. any ideas out there?
[MODPOST] We have a new bot for this sub that will search the store for you. Introducing WPBot
8 ways to tell if your mobile app sucks | Pocketnow
My first App: Miner Gun Builder
Looking for a weather app with good and accurate lock screen images
T-Mobile adds 6 free streaming services, NOT including Xbox Music
Beta testers wanted for "Tile Background" (WP 8.1 app)
Lumia 1020 Back Camera Lens Smashed
It's not the apps, it's the web
Fake Wifi Xposed mod - Force apps to use your data plan instead of Wifi
TeamViewer QuickSupport Can Now Remote Access HTC, LG, Huawei, Intel, Casio, And i.Onik Devices
Pushbullet 14.8: Reply to text messages from any texting app on the computer
Xiaomi stops selling the Mi 3 in India to focus on the launch of the RedMi 1S
Which product announcement are you looking forward to the most next month?
The IUNI U3: Snapdragon 801, 3GB RAM, 5.5" 1440p QHD display, dual-sim support and Android 4.4 KitKat.. all for $325
Widget Wednesday (Aug 27 2014) - Your weekly theming thread!
LG Teases Another Image Of The G Watch R, Looks Remarkably Watch-Like
Engadget review: HTC M8 with Windows up to 2 seconds slower for each animation than the Android version. Battery life better in some ways, worse in others.
Save to RAW image feature coming to CM11's CameraNext app
T-Mobile Will Add Google Play Music To Its Music Freedom Service Later In 2014, Tides You Over With Grooveshark, Rdio, And Others [Android Police]
The Verge: We put Instagram's Hyperlapse app to the test in Times Square
With screen problems will apple still replace my iphone 5 battery, without replacing the screen, if it falls under the replacement program?
Ralph Lauren introduces iPhone-connected Polo Tech fitness tracking shirt
IPhone 5C boot loop
My iPhone 5S is being recognized by my computer as a digital camera! Please help!
Tested out the new Instagram hyper lapse app. its not bad. could use some work on walking stutter.
The Verge: Apple's iOS ads are about to take over your whole screen
Can't send photos from album through corporate default e-mail?
Overcast podcast app - how to skip tracks? (am I being thick?)
Question for those who have had the iPhone 5 battery replacement
Didn't know that this was possible. IPhone 5s
Huawei says Windows Phone is unprofitable and difficult
Super cheap phones from new WP partners, good or bad for WP ecosystem?
Debating switching back to Windows Phone after a long stint on the iPhone 5
It looks like MS has fixed the issue with getting Cyan on the dev preview. No need to downgrade anymore.
My tethering experience...
The Ultimate Breakdown of How People Watch Porn Online (Windows phone has most pages viewed on a phone)
Phone occasionally stops responding to touch
Microsoft bids farewell to Nokia's DVLUP Developer Ambassadors team for Windows Phone
Tough questions: Microsoft, Nokia, Windows Phone, Symbian, Meego and more
Microsoft's Dev Center Benefits program for Windows app developers offers all sorts of goodies and tools
With the same battery, HTC One (M8) for Windows listed to have nearly double the battery life of the One (M8) for Android
Google's News & Weather App, AKA The 'Genie Widget' Gets A Massive 2.0 Update And A Full Play Store Release [APK Download]
2K display, dual sim LTE, Snapdragon 801 IUNI U3 launched for just $320!
Pressy Review: I Had No Clue Something Could Suck This Badly - Android Police
NPR One And Watch ABC Apps Get Chromecast Support
The Studio Ghibli Muzei extension is the reason I'll never use another wallpaper app.
Bog Racer disappears from Google Play after dev claims Swing Copters blatantly copied their title
Made a simple but quick and fun game with Tasker
HTC's New Desire 510 Is The Company's First 64-bit Capable Phone Thanks To The Snapdragon 410
My personal review on the Android L
Cyanogen and a startup made up of veterans from Google, Amazon and HTC are building 'something really cool'
Non tech fangirl wife lost her 3GS 8GB. Recommend options?
Pocket Casts users: does anyone else experience this bug? (disappearing episodes)
This security flaw can reportedly force iPhone to make Automatic Calls
Will apple replace my iphone 5s?
Help recovering a message from sms.db?
Hyperlapse, Instagrams New App, Is Like a $15,000 Video Setup in Your Hand | Design | WIRED
Does anyone know why all the thumbnails in google images are the same pic? No matter what I search it's the same!
Backup - restore -> success!
California bill requiring ****-switch on smartphones becomes law
Buggy IE after latest DP updates
Yahoo promoting WP8, but still gets in a zinger in the headline.
Preview of ARM-based version of Threshold expected to land in Jan-Feb 2015 - will be without Desktop - should run on both Windows Phones and tablets | ZDNet
Thinking about getting a windows phone.
An annoying issue with Telegram
First Windows Phone (Lumia 1520), quick start help needed.
Xiaomi Redmi 1S ( 4.7"/1GB RAM/1.6ghz SD400) priced 99$ to be available from 2nd Sept in India exclusively on flipkart
Blind Mozilla developer quits self-imposed 30-day Android accessibility challenge on Day 18
Big thanks to /u/shenye for his amazing giveaways. Arrived this morning.
"OK Google" from any screen with any system language.
Leaks-based Moto G2 teaser and new photos sum up the major upgrades of Motorola's next budget phone
First android game
Hey guys, I just created my first app, ShoeFinder. A "Shazam" for Fashion and this is our first step (starting with women's shoes). All about Visual Search and image recognition. Would love to get your feedback.
Old time leaker Panda (@black_man_x) claims using camera on new Motorola device shows no signs of improvement
CyanogenMod Nightlies Add A Cool Feature From Other ROMs: Long-Press The 'Recents' Button To Switch To The Previous App
Android App Causes National Weather Service Website Blackout
Here's our new launch trailer for our upcoming game ALONE. Also there's a few PROMO CODES inside ;)
What results in less charge cycles in the long run: leave on charge overnight or only charge as needed and unplug overnight?
Took off my otterbox and saw this. It wont rub off with a cloth. What kind of damage is this?
**** Switched signed into law in California, required on all smartphones by 2015
Looking for an audio recording app with the following specifications.
Where's my droid equivalent?
Made the switch to Android, now want to switch back
Is there anything I should tell my dad who just got his first smart phone...and is generally not great with technology?
From DP8.1.1 to Cyan 8.1.1 real changes no placebo
Age of Empires, Castle Siege coming to Windows phone in September.
[MODPOST] Recent post removals and posting criteria.
My observations on smartphone users and a question about WP
Ars Technica review: WP8.1-based HTC One M8 has 29% better battery life vs Android and mobile IE has 39% better Sunspider JavaScript score vs Chrome
Hungry Shark Evolution | Windows Phone. Quite fun but the loading times suck
Cortana problems?
Best WP device for sound?
Does MPATool work with 8.1?
Having issues downloading nokia recovery tool on my macbook pro.
Bluetooth PAN Internet Sharing
Why don't more apps have transparent status/nav bars?
One of the best graphing calculators I've seen on the market, perfect for high school and college students
MIUI 6 Beta Review
[Tutorial] Build a free calling app using the Sinch SDK, 30 mins, beginner/intermediate
Updated Google Maps-Style Navigation Card Now Rolling Out In Google Search
OnePlus One owner reports that his battery exploded
I think Sony needs to own up to their Xperia Z KitKat update and address the issues.
New Google Glass TOS: Price Reductions, Internet Connectivity & "Beta" Removed
Powerful New Messaging Features with GCM - Android Dev Blog
LG G3 Stylus is Now Official, Will Debut Its Mid-Range Self at IFA
Xiaomi forked Xposed framework for MIUI without giving any credit to the developer
Purchase iPhone 6 immediately after release or wait?
iPhone 6 Co-processor may be Code-named 'Phosphorus', Will Collect Health and Fitness Data As Well
The iPhone 6 May Come With A Special Chip Just For Measuring Your Health
iPhone 4s rear cover separating from body?
anyone having battery problems with their ipod touch 5?
Was video playback crippled for anyone else after the update to 8.1.1? (Lumia 920)
Windows 9 (Threshold): Welcome to Modern UI 2.0 (including interactive live tile!)
Apparently you can get Cyan without downgrading (still needs reflash though)
Huawei puts releases of new Windows phones on hold
Windows version of M8 lasts 9 hours more than M8's Android version and it clearly show that Windows phone is clearly better than Android.......I mean 9hours with same hardware no one can't alter this..
Render compares Nokia Lumia 830 with the Lumia 930
Cortana Question Re: Directions
Gamer Community - Development progress 2
[DEV] Gunnner - a handy open source Dribbble client
Sony accidentally teases new tablet and smartwatch in promo photo
[DEV] ILoveU - Three short vibrations mean "I Love U". Send an ILoveU anytime with a touch.
What's the one feature that makes you loyal to your keyboard?
HTC confirms desire 820 to pack 64bit Snapdragon 615 chipset
Moronic Monday (Aug 25 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
No Kit Kat Love For The Sony Xperia T, TX, Or V; Jelly Bean 4.3 Is The Last Stop
[DEV] Play Tic Tac Toe online with 8 nice themes!
Meet Narrate - a functional journal/notebook with a hint of Material
[SamMobile] Samsung working on circular Gear smartwatch, SIM-enabled Gear coming with Galaxy Note 4
[DL] This is the New Motorola Skip, a Full-Blown Key Fob That Keeps Your Phone Unlocked When Near
New update to Secret for Android allows users to post polls and ask questions
Does the brand of a case matter, in terms of protection?
iphone 5s and t-mobile's sim only plans
Listening To my music library on a cloud?
iPhone *appears* to copy all apps to my MBP every time I sync, rather than just syncing new information. Is it really doing that?
Backup battery case not working
Setting up the wife's iphone on my iTunes account. Help!
[help] no power (iphone 5)
Group Messaging problem.
[Question] Cost of new iPhones?
iPhone will turn off but will not turn back on?
Just making an accessory order for work when...
Nokia Lumia 930 takes on Samsung Galaxy S5 ice bucket challenge and wins
Is the 520 still worth it or should I go for the 630?
VLC for Windows Phone delayed again, VLC for Windows 8.1 app nearly ready
HERE Drive+ Drains Battery in Less than 2 Hours
Ball 3D lands on Windows Phone after millions of downloads on Android | Windows Phone Central
Problems with internet explorer on wp8.1
SD card stored app issues
Was the string of characters that caused the "SMS Crash Bug" in WP7 ever revealed?
Motorola Moto X+1 to feature optical zoom, 3D screen
Favorite Desktop Messenger?
ChromeADB server (by Koushik Dutta) is the start of something wonderful
Xiaomi Mi4 review: Chinas iPhone killer is unoriginal but amazing
eBay - iPhone 5c/5s price drop post-6 announcement?
Hi reddit, if you're heading back to school or college you might like an app I made. It's free!
Which of these iPhone 6 designs will Apple unveil on September 9th?
I didn't get many responses over at /r/twitter. How do I stop these "retweet" notifications from twitter?
Keys Phone Wallet. A micro reminder app
Unlocking an iPhone without service
iPhone 5 suddenly turned to no service?
Is anyone impressed with this design?
I'm a bit behind the curve, but I finally downloaded the 8.1 preview. I feel like I have a new phone.
The perfect phone IMO
Show 3 appointments on your calendar tile, tap to launch the calendar :) for Free
NeuroFintess - Train your brain. What do you think?
Skype live tile not working in WP8.1
T-Mobile 925 on AT&T?
Wireless Xbox 360 for Galaxy S4 without root
LG will reveal a circular smartwatch next week to compete with the Moto 360
iPhone 4s will not sync with iTunes or connect to my car stereo.
iPhone mystery - random photo showing up in Camera Roll
Developer Discovers Forced Phone or Facetime Call Vulnerability which could be Used in iOS Apps
[Update] My student organizer app just had its big 3.0 update. Giving away free codes to thank you guys! (also wouldn't mind gathering some more feedback!) :D
I started a blog to highlight all the weird, artful, and unusual iOS apps in the App Store. Suggestions welcome!
College Daily Planner Replacement
iPhone 4, 8GB, maxed out memory? With 3 apps, no photos, video, etc., I'm confused.
[Legit, Microsoft-endorsed] How to get free apps/games/Xbox Music/Xbox Gold/videos for your Windows Phone/PC/Xbox
Why is it, that smartphones have to be sold through carriers?
Windows Phone 9 Preview coming in December with multi-window support and more? (rumor)
My official apology to everyone using a Windows Phone
Windows Phone has a thorn in its paw and it's called public image.
So, uh... MS Hardware/Nokia better watch out.
Google's 'Knowledge Vault' Can Teach Itself The Answers To Your Questions, May Drastically Improve Google Now.
[DEV] Orbit UI has just been launched, a brand new icon pack!
Why is Samsung being vilified for their ALS ice bucket challenge video?
Google's modular phone gets cheaper thanks to a new processor
Gionee releases teaser for the world's thinnest smartphone; will be thinner than 5.5mm
Anyone carry an extra battery on them (and if so why not)?
Math Nerds And Card Nerds Can Both Geek Out With Calculords, Now Available On Android
Dolphin Browser Beta 11 Gets A Link Bubble Clone, Another UI Refresh, and A Ton Of New Features
Nimbus: a simple weather app. Coming Soon
Samsung galaxy s5 ota update.
Chromecast software vulnerability paves way for another root exploit
How fast can you react ? Find it out by playing this awsome android game....unlike FLAPPY BIRD it has a secure leaderboard.
Wonderloop - First Video Profile iPhone app
Be the first to Beta test Tripfeed.
Truffol Starts Selling Reversible Lightning USB Cables Before Apple
doesn't recognize my imei number
Google Voice, I NEED YOU!!!! (can you hear me?)
Gamer Community - Development progress
Theory about the Messenger bug
My 8X.
How Microsoft will ride Android hardware to save Windows Phone
I have 50 Lumia Icons to setup and have some questions.
Modern Combat 4, N.O.V.A 3 and more on sale in the Windows Phone Store
New Lumia 830 leak confirms Microsoft Mobile branding - GSMArena.com news
What is a "universal app" really? (and why it's not the solution to Window's app gap)
Lumia 930/Icon Hazy Photos
Moto X+1 will come with Verizon Messages bloatware, but it will be removable
Warning: Samsung Galaxy S5's camera lens cover is extremely brittle, and not covered under warranty.
UNTAP - Community created MTG life keeper, with ultra low battery drain and beautiful minimal ui
Shouldn't we see more leaks for the next Nexus phone?
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [Aug 23rd 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread.
"LMP" - Lemon Meringue Pie - Looking More And More Likely As The Official Name For Android L
Google Now understands other languages - but still no punctuation support
Help me restore a disabled iPhone?
Does anyone have experience with the Hex Wallet Cases?
New anonymous flirt and admirer app. Let us know your thoughts reddit! Give it a review!
iPhone Image Recovery Please Help
Apple finds some iPhone 5 units have battery problems, opens replacement program
Phantom home button?/hacked phone?
Has anyone heard anything about the SIM card in the iPhone 6?
Moving from a dumbphone to an Iphone. When should I buy?
When did everyone get iPhones/how did I never get an upgrade?
Error code 4013 when recovering. Any suggestions?
I'm happy to introduce my new App, QuickPlay! A neat and fast media player!
An update for Folders is out! Protected and encrypted folder for more security! Free offer for 24h
I'm the developer of a little app called 'Anitro' for Anime fans.
Wunderlist is a great example of things starting to turn for Windows Phone.
Best Third-Party Apps for working with Google
Should i upgrade to NL1320 or 820 (830, if its coming soon)
Help me decide which phone to get! (One M8 vs Icon)
Issues with mobile websites since latest update?
Update problems
Arabic keyboard suggestions is brilliant!
PSA about the Spigen Slim Armor View case (x-post from /r/nexus5)
I believe Android needs to have it's permission descriptions revised.
[DEV] Freshbacks has been updated with a lot of awesome new features! (Pro keys giveaway inside)
If you could change anything about Android and its ecosystem, what would it be?
CyanogenMod Adds Call Recording To Nightlies
[DL] HTC Flounder Nexus Tablet Gets Wi-Fi Certified
Updated Project Ara modular phone to get new processor
My Opinions After Owning Almost All Major Flagships.
Introducing 'Bytes', a simple data usage monitor (and my first iOS app. Free!)
Quality of iPhone 5 housing replacements?
iPhone 6 Information Leak Sourced from Foxconn Details Dimensions of 4.7-Inch and 5.5-Inch Versions
A Source from Foxconn Leaks iPhone 6 Details, Including Dimensions for Both 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch models
Lighting pin stuck in charging port
Exclusive: Apple iPhone 6 screen snag leaves supply chain scrambling
Unlocking US Cellular iPhone 5s?!
iPhone 4: error 0xe8000003 after restore
Buy iPhone 5c now or wait to see if it goes down in price Sept. 9?
Factory unlocked iPhone 5s unable to get AT&T LTE?
My one-man game "Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace" came out on iOS yesterday: dinosaurs, space combat, cybernetic cats! [trailer]
Are there any good music apps on the market anymore?
My phone used 35mb of cellular data in 55 minutes when I didn't even use my phone and I was on wifi the whole time. WTF
Filthy Siri
Me again; the iPhone repair guy bombarded with Chinese manufacturer emails. Just got one with a picture of the screen. Remember, this isn't Apple.
New things I noticed recently after the Cyan and 8.1 DP GDR1 update
Start screen suddenly buttery smooth again... Anyone else? (1020 8.1/Update 1)
Why doesn't MS fill the app gap itself?
Why Don't We Have More Horizontal Screen Support?
Bing apps, Tweetium, and Tubecast add improvements and new features in their latest update
Lumia 1020 camera stopped working
Lumia 1020 Cyan with 8.1.1 DP - Battery Saver no longer dims the screen or turns off the capacitive key backlight
Microsoft's Nokia Lumia 830 gets real with photos and certification in Brazil exposing all | WPCentral
Quick question to the Lumia 930/Icon owners
Assassin's Creed Pirates drops anchor on Windows 8, Windows Phone version temporarily delisted
What is the strongest possible reset on the phone?
OnePlus One XNPH33R OTA Is Out With Badly Needed Fixes - Here Is The Zip For Manual Flashing
It still amazes me QuickPic only requires 831kb of space.
HTC Nexus 8 aka T1/Flounder/Volantis/0P8210000/Nexus9 will be released before October 9
[DEV] We've redesigned our Cardiograph app and it's almost Material. Any feedback?
How Google Music All Access annoyed me into using Spotify
Hi Reddit! The Big Android Giveaway 4th week is here! With a OnePlus One 64GB!
Chromecast price drop to 18 in UK
Flash Friday [Aug 22 2014] - Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
Samsung Galaxy S5 takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, nominates iPhone, HTC One, & Nokia Lumia 930
BBC: Researchers hack into Gmail app (by monitoring common memory storage usage)
[Samsung] This is how Samsung constructed its first metallic Android smartphone
[DL] Brazilian Retailer Outs Moto X+1 in Leather, Bamboo, and Black New Moto G Also
Many theorize that Apple releases software updates to older devices in order to slow them down and persuade them into buying their newer models. This chart shows when people Google about their slower iPhones, coincidentally matching with the iOS release dates. They have refused to comment on this.
The "iPhone Slow" Google Search graph explained on iMore- "Most recently some research into correlation vs. causation in big data analytics and how it shouldn't be misinterpreted was wait for it widely misinterpreted."
Everything got deleted from my Reminders app
Help retrieving contacts?
iPhone 4S with broken WiFi, want to use it as a test phone, how can it access Internet?
iPhone 6 unlocked on Verizon availability
Purchased an iPhone 4 from Swappa claiming to be unlocked (it wasn't). Need assistance
Weird iTunes Store glitch that makes everything look like iOS 6. Is anybody else experiencing this?
iPhone 5 Video Color Issue
Lost/Stolen iPhone help
dropped my iphone in toilet, waited 2 days in rice, but it turned on after, then turned off 6 hrs later
Has anyone played Hipster CEO?
Siri responds well to threats of extreme violence.
Ridiculous question about iPhone 5S screen cracking
Um what Siri?
Simple background trick allows you to dramatically change your Windows Phone start screen
OneDrive updated for Windows Phone with recycle bin access
Defuser free action-puzzle game exclusive for Windows Phone
Microsoft is prepping a Miracast dongle to project your Windows Phone content to a TV
I see what MS is trying to do with the updated people and pictures hubs... But when will we see more apps that work with this?
Switching from a 5S
A few questions before I purchase the Lumia 630
Looking for designer for Yahoo! Fantasy sports app
Xposed Mod: NlpUnbounce - Reduce NLP Alarms and Wakelocks to save battery
There are nearly 19,000 different devices running Android out in the wild, according to new report
SSL Vulnerabilities: Who listens when Android applications talk? | FireEye Blog
Intel and Unity announce collaboration to bring Android support to x86 devices
Speak more than one language? So does Google - Multiple language support in Google Search
WeTransfer's New Android App Lets Users Send Files Up To 10GB For Free
Google Now needs to give us better control
Please help us vote for reddits top 25 favorite Android games (x-post /r/AndroidGaming)
What's keeping Google Wallet from being available in Canada?
Probably not allowed to ask about unlocking, please forgive me.
Using AT&T phone in China
My Screen sometimes stops responding, to fix it I have to turn it off and on again. Any ideas what is going on?!
Walmart slashes the 16GB iPhone 5s price to $79, iPhone 5c now starts at $0.99
Why do songs I don't have nor ever want to have on my phone keep appearing?
Is there a 'correct' way to get photos off your iPhone?
My gf and I just ordered black and white Lumia Icons off eBay.
Weekly beginners question thread: August 21/08/2014
Xbox Music stopped showing album art. How to fix it?
My new Windows Phone App for students
So now that Xbox Music works...
Microsoft set to unveil Windows 9 on September 30th (including the combined RT and WP)
I have a WP7. I'm getting a new phone soon, and I'm trying to decide if I should stick with Windows or just move on.
Seriously, what is the deal with Verizon and Cyan?
Anyone have issues with Group pinned emails not showing as new(Red text)?
For those with an Nvidia Shield Tablet: What do you think?
Uber Cornerstore lets Washington DC beta testers order products for instant delivery (with $0 delivery fee)
[OC] Android and the SD card: A weird history of love, hate, convenience and profit margins.
Help guys. My iPhone 5S Gold 32 GB got stolen today. I managed to activate lost mode via Find My iPhone. The thief started moving, but at one point switched off the phone.
Turning off iMessages for one person
Ongoing problems with messaging
I seem to be having a slight issue but am unsure if this is the right place to ask!
New photos claim to show 5.5-inch iPhone 6L shell compared to smaller model.
[Question] Random calls about insurance after downloading new app
Looking to switch to iPhone
How do I get rid of the GPS icon. I have no apps open. Rebooting didn't work.
How do I get ride of all these messages with out clearing them one at a time
WhatsApp's terms of use are pretty chill.
Microsoft Devices upbeat about demand for smartphones in India
ughh... turns out i have a hong kong phone? (australian)
How is Lumia 521 as a development device?
Xbox Music Playlist Sharing - Maintained lists?
My first app, Photo Shader, is now free (myTube dev)
problems installing the new update
My screen cracked, what's the cheapest thing I can do about it?
Fuhu unveils 20- and 24-inch Nabi Big Tab Android-based tablets for children starting at $450
I just released my first game Meteor Rain, it's an action/arcade, free for android on PlayStore
Smart IR Remote Updated With Support For Google Now Voice Commands
Elysian Shadows to Release ESTk - Make Your Own Android/OUYA Games
Finally got Amazon Instant Video to work on my tablet!
New Time-Sensitive Social App For Connecting People Nearby For Spontaneous Fun
News Photosharing iPhone app - millions of professionally shot photos of celebrities, athletes, fashion, and news as they happen for you to share for free.
Apple, Google, and MS are under fire in Brazil because of Secret gossip
Claimed schematic again raises suggestion iPhone 6 will have sub-1mm protruding camera lens
Purchased apps not showing up on iPhone after restore
Chargers are finally catching up to Apple. Magnetic Snap-On Wireless Charging System for iPhone by Revocharge
Leaked *reversible* Apple Lightning cable spotted on eBay.
Do u guys know where I can get this wallpaper?
So... I'm trying to push my personal record...
Every time, and I never need we'll..Forever alone..
Why didn't we fund this?
I noticed we (WP users) in this community..
Why does unpinning Cortana make my phone faster?
Anyone else having issues reverting from DP8.1 to 8.0?
Notification text limit, any way to fix?
Go for the Icon or wait for 830?
Skype Chat notifications rebuilt around you
When the specs are the same, Windows Phone has better battery life than Android
Getting sick of this phone...
I have both Lumia 920 and 930. What the hell Nokia?
Mario Kart 8 app I made, complete with a Builder, Comparison, Stat lookup and all Maps. Looking for some feedback on where it can improve!
Brazilian Judge Orders Google and Apple to Remove 'Secret' App from the App Stores
Widget Wednesday (Aug 20 2014) - Your weekly theming thread!
Google granted yet another Glass patent, this time for a Star Trek-like visor
Verizon to launch its own app store to compete with Google Play, claims report
Washington Post: What those creepy-sounding app permissions mean and when to be wary
A message just flashed up on my screen for less than a second and it freaked me out.
Google's Street View-like Photo Spheres can now be made on iOS
What are some of your most useful Launch Center Pro recipes?
New iPhone 6 Images Depict Rear Shell and Front Panel Together for the First Time
My friend and I made our first app: a very tough game that's very physiological and tricky - Rainbow Tile. Please try it out! Constructive criticism would be awesome.
Do I need to pay someone to unlock my phone?
Is there any way to put all my messages onto my computer?
Anyone have experience with r-sim turbo air on iPhone 4s running iOS 7.1.2?
Two quick questions from a (soon to be) new iPhone user
My Alarm Clock App just got approved on the App Store! It makes you pass three stages (shaking, entering a code, then a sentence) in order to turn off the alarm. What do you think of it?
Is there a way to bypass Apple Device ID link?
Warranty question - iPod touch 5 - lightning cable
Brazillian judge orders Apple to remove Secret from the App Store, remotely delete from users phones [x-post from /r/apple]
Was looking for something in settings and stumbled upon this, what is it? should I get rid of it?
One of the best Android phones gets a Windows Phone 8.1 makeover (CNet "Review")
New update to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 rolling out to Developer Preview users | Windows Phone Central
I have to share this story with you! How my Cortana totally sh-- on Siri today!
Wondering what got fixed in the newest DP update?
Since 8.1 Do You Still Use The People Hub?
HTC One M8 (WP) is only a Verizon launch exclusive. Coming to more carriers 'later this year'.
Camera comparison: HTC One (M8) for Windows vs Samsung ATIV SE vs Lumia Icon
Windows Phone Stack Exchange - This stackexchange site for windows phone could use more love, sign up and ask away
TIP: Disabling wifi optimization may give you a better battery life
[Meta] Updating the sidebar
Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 update Wipes phone and sd card BEWARE
Sharp's new phone for Sprint looks like something out of a sci-fi fantasy
Sharp's Aquos phone is 83% screen!
Samsung Galaxy S5 review, 3 months later - or, why you should skip this phone, and the Moto X+1 can't come fast enough.
HTC M8 (Windows Phone) Released - Thoughts on Android/WP dual boot? Bring on the new HD2!
Is there a way to retain folder structure in backing photos up to Picasa?
Issue with iPhone internal picture numbering
WARNING: Sending a photo to someone via Skype uploads it to the web! (Just happened to me and I had to search as to why.)
need help blocking texts
Apple Granted a Major Patent for a Multimode Fingerprint Scanner Supporting Financial Transactions
Turned on phone today, bunch of contacts missing and had to re-sign in to all my accounts/apps (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
I miss my iPhone, you guys have it made.
Possible switch from Android to iOS
Why does my iPhone (top) have thicker text than my iPod Touch (bottom) when they have the same resolution and ppi?
To people with dusty 920 front camera
just created a game free and no ads for the fun of windows phone users (Candy Bird)
Support me making Windows Phone big [Serious]
Frequenzer: The Multi-Purpose Timer App
Handwriting support comes to OneNote for Android!
Free wood upgrade on Moto X phones through August 21st.
New patent reveals Samsungs foldable smartphone display | SamMobile
1Password 4.1 for Android brings new features and new freemium pricing!
OneNote for Android tablets gains handwriting support in latest update
Wouldnt it be so much better if you could just walk in through the door and have your smartphone begin charging?
Sharp Bezel-Less Phone: any premium phones with similar looks?
Would love feedback on my Golf Swing Analyzer app (two promo codes to giveaway)
iPhone 5S users, I just updated Steppy, my free step tracking app!
'Flappy Bird' Developer Will Launch 'Swing Copters' on August 21
Best anti-theft app
Does your 5/5s heat up badly?
Is it possible to pre-order an iphone6, as an upgrade, for a friend, while keeping it a secret?
Wifi calling now enabled for ALL iOS 8 beta users w/ T-Mobile (not just T-Mobile iPhones)
How do I transfer photos from my PC to iPhone 4s?
Is there a multiplayer game thats as fun as Fun Run that you would recommend?
problem with my iphone 4
Anyone know why the "Play more like this" and "Never play this song again" buttons are grey-ed out?
Help us decide on an Icon Design for an upcoming app.
1 Star rated app at top of charts.
ModernMusic, a fast and fully featured music player for Windows Phone 8.1, now available!
Besides Live Tiles, what are some features unique to Windows Phones?
So I bought a Lumia 635 from T-Mobile today. This was my experience.
Cortana is getting smarter.
Positive test and review in Norway!
Which Phone Can You Recommend?
Help my family and me make Skype work with two Outlook.com logins [xpost from /r/Windows8]
Kutbay "Hexagon" Icon Pack
[Droid-Life] What is the Motorola Quark XT1254? Is It Really the DROID Turbo?
[Canada] Starting Now, Students In Canada Can Rent Or Purchase Digital Textbooks From Google Play Books
[AP] Exclusive: This Is YouTube Music Key, Google's Upcoming Subscription Service With Offline Support, Background Audio, No Ads, Free Play Music Key
iTunes sync: Seriously, what's the trick?
Verizon now offering $60 single line plan with unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data
In-App purchases and credit cards?
Customize sounds for entire device?
Gazelle paying up to $350 cash for old iPhones if you act now; doesn't need them till Oct 10
Photos of reversible Lightning Cable retail box appear for first time
I've created an iOS app for generating pretty polygon wallpapers. It's called PolyGen and you can get it for free. I'd love to hear your feedback.
How can I access Cortana in the UK?
Updated my puzzle 'Push It In', Removed all 'life timers' for totally unrestricted play
live lockscreen skins for glance screen?!
Lumia 520 switching off while on call
BACKUP apps+settings not working (and a bug I just realized)
Thinking about moving from S3 to Windowsphone.
Update for GT Racing 2 for Windows Phone allows for 512 MB device support
Switched Phones no longer need 1020 cases..but where are all the 1520 cases??
How do Android, iOS, and Windows Phone compare when you break them down by price
Angry Birds for Windows Phone adds 15 new levels, and 'Power Potion' in its latest update
Looking for suggestions - Multiroom audio systems that support Windows Phone (not Sonos).
"One in three smartphone owners uninterested in apps" An end to the lack of apps argument?
Lumia 520 creaking sound with shell
Ok Google...lock my door. Done
Reddit please help
Snapdragon 805 Galaxy S5 vs Snapdragon 805 LG G3 - Erica Griffin
I too thought the Facebook Messenger backlash was a bit over-hyped until I saw this.
I found an NFC terminal that blocks google wallet.
Moronic Monday (Aug 18 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
OK Google, Samsung TV channel 33 - (almost) no config required
Controlling a Sony Bravia TV (or XBMC or Roku on any TV) over HTTP with Google Now, Tasker and AutoVoice
Facebook Messenger vs. Google Hangouts: A side-by-side look at permissions
The Sharp Aquos Crystal For Japan Has Absurdly Slim Bezels [AP]
The YouTube App Has A Hidden Dogfood Warning GIF, And It's Amazing
Iphone 4 only powers on when plugged in.
How to fully erase device before selling old iPhone?
Sister can't delete text messages
Best program/option to delete MOST contacts/some music.
I'm ready to throw my iPhone off a 20 story building; Why is it, that when I turn off the mail notification sounds AND vibrations, the app still insists on making the loud DING everytime I get a message?
Is there something similar to the Longform app for the iPhone?
Dropped phone into water....forgot the crucial first step
What aesthetic/UI changes do you want to see in Windows Phone 9?
I made an app called Postcards. Please try it out guys.
Anyway to unlock your phone OTHER than contacting your Carrier?
Bing News and Live Folders
[Meta] Can we fix the CSS for this subreddit? Some combination of factors is causing funky rendering.
Music, Ubuntu 14.04 and WP 8.1
What's the best Windows phone I can get for $100?
Moved from an 8X to a Lumia 635. Pretty good for a $99 phone. Impressions inside
The Windows Store is a Cesspool of Scams Why Doesnt Microsoft Care?
Any way to pin the "Artist" category for XBM?
Thinking about switching to android with the Note 4
What is the best photo you've taken with your phone camera?
Moto 360 Shows Up at Best Buy for $249, Outs List of Features
Android skins - What you should know: how the big cell phone companies leave their mark on Android by altering the design of Google's mobile operating system.
[Root] Stump Root for LG G3 (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, TMobile, others)
Sharp's Aquos Crystal may currently be the thinnest bezeled Android phone
Any good Skype service alternatives in the App Store?
Is it normal to have 500-900 MB of Other after restoring iPhone 4s?
What are your recommended route tracking apps?
Using 5s only with voice?
Severe Battery Drain on iPhone 5?
iPhone 5 is able to connect to 1x and LTE but not 3G
Planning to buy the Lumia 520 - is it worth it?
Can't take the lagging anymore
Unable to use Xbox Music on my phone after most recent update
Getting my very first Windows Phone within the next few days. Can't wait!
The Camera app, why ? is there an option i can't find ? 2 images inside
Problem with favorites sync in IE11
Sad fact of why windows phones arent selling
My contract is up soon.
Parents, kids not calling you back? Frustrated mom develops app that remotely locks devices until they do
Interested in the OnePlus One still? I reviewed it after using it for 2 months. In short: get one if you can! But there are a few drawbacks
Foreign (HK) iPhone to work on US Carriers?
iPhone 5 is having some unreal problems, advice greatly needed
My timer on the home screen is always at 0 even when counting down in the app. Any advice? Off and on again didn't work.
[Question] iPhone 5 shutting down when turned upside down
Does this kind of cable exist?
How do you convert mp3 to iphone?
Touchscreen goes crazy while charging!
Can anyone explain this battery disparity?
iPhone connects momentarily to wifi, then drops the signal but stays connected to wifi. I've reset and tried everything I know.
Is there a way to re-download an app as if it were new?
I keep getting weird messages on my notepad... can someone explain how?
Looking for a Windows phone!
Waze: No plans for Windows Phone app update | Should we assume any company bought by Google will stop supporting WP?
Looking for testers for a new app
Friend of mines recent Windows Phone ATT experience as a new customer.
Help! Someone JUST took my phone! They shut it off and I cant ring it or lock it!
What is your experience with app resuming after 8.1 and 8.1.1?
A follow up to my Android development guide yesterday (posted on github, FAQs, added resources, and more!)
The troubling tale of an android fanatic that has never had a decent android phone
Sliding Explorer Material Update: The best looking file explorer right now.
Android is time consuming enough without suffering through a slow native emulator. For all those who are unaware of genymotion it will change your life - no exaggeration. And it's free. I am in no way affiliated with them. :))
My first game I know it's not much but it's the simplest game I've seen on the App Store.
RunKeeper GPS data way off on two different iPhones
Considering purchasing a 32G Mophie Space Pack for the sole purpose of using it as music storage.
Google Voice...help?
Battery problems with Iphone 4s
Maybe I'm the "Best Case Scenario"
How would you change OneNote?
For those that keep complaining there is no DropBox: Try tresorit.
Speech recognition problems with Cortana in my car (x-post /r/volkswagen)
[help] after 8.1 update I cant use my 920 as an hot spot anymore
How can WP expect to compete without releasing a flagship this fall?
Attachable camera lens?
Specs for Verizon bound Droid Turbo may have been leaked: SD 805, 1440p 4.6" display, 20MP camera
GooPhone Strikes Again: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Clone Is Now Available For Pre-Order.
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [Aug 16th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread.
Facebook Messenger seem to be scanning installed apps in order to improve monetization!
Moto S (Shamu) may not be a Nexus, but an Android Silver device for Verizon
What is this distortion in my camera
iPhone 4 wifi greyed out?
TinyUmbrella Updated To Allow iPhone 4 Users Save iOS 7.1.2 SHSH Blobs
[Help] iPhone 5 will not turn on or enter DFU mode!!
[Help] My Iphone 4 started displaying "No service" one morning with no apparent reason. More details inside. Please help me find a solution.
My screen may be dead, power button is broken, but I'd like to reboot my device first, to make sure. Is there anyway of forcing a reboot from windows?
Will 512MB entry-level phones hinder WP?
BBM for Windows Phone comes out of beta, now available to all for free
Lumia 928 8.1 Update
Netflix mysteriously stopped playing videos on my Lumia 1520. Maybe someone can help.
Need help from my fellow WP users.
Now that we have Cortana interests, do we really need Flipboard?
Unlocking my 920... Update Question
Please help me troubleshoot my (very problematic) Lumia 521 before I shoot myself
Microsoft Research: WindUp is not made to compete with SnapChat
IDC: Android Now Accounts For 84.7% Of All Smartphone Shipments, Grew 33.3% Year-Over-Year This Quarter
What's the real sense of investing to high-end Android Tablet?
DL: Purported Images of New Moto X Front Panel Show Bigger Front Speakers [Comparison to Original]
HTC One (E8) US launch teased in official video on Sprints YouTube channel
Former Android software engineer Jean-Baptiste Quru talks Android and what he's been up to lately
Unreal Engine 4.4 Update Released With New And Improved Tools, Tons Of Free Content, And Better Support For Mobile
Deal Alert: Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition (Unlocked LTE, Black, brand new) - $334.99 w/ Free Shipping
Just published my first app! A comprehensive guide and my journey on how I got started in Android Development over the past two months.
You can now pre-order music from Play Store
Quick iPhone Question!
I run an iPhone repair business and get emails from Chinese manufacturers every night trying to get my business. I figured you guys may find interest in their iPhone 6 parts that are starting to display.
Another idiot (alleged) thief steals iPhone and uploads selfie to victims Facebook page
McTube, MxTube and Protube apps are all identical to each other
Have police officers turned up at your head office wanting to scan your hard drives? Dont worry -- theres an app for that.
Leaked New Apple Lightning Cable has a reversible USB connector!
Noob iPhone 5s question - not ringing through podcasts?
Facebook Messenger's three dots finally animated while friend replies
Vote for a feature to be able to turn of cellular data for specific apps, so [insert-app-here] doesn't eat your valuable MB's
Can we recognize how fantastic Nokia MixRadio is?
I more than doubled the autonomy of my Lumia by disabling Skype notifications
When talking with customer service reps, it becomes clear why Windows Phone isn't selling well - Neowin
Does anyone need an Eventbrite Organizer app?
Windows 9 preview expected next month (lets hope wp gets the same treatment)
Save your time by listening to articles and documents while doing something else. Also a great assistive technology for people with visual impairments and disability- Share to Speech
Cortana into HERE Drive often takes two attempts
Vodafone and O2 rolled out cyan for 920 much earlier than Microsoft, and now they manage to roll out cyan for 820 before Microsoft.
Just ordered a Lumia 520 off Amazon for 38 bucks shipped!
Slow news day, how about rant
Renewing contract for new phone in next month or two, should I leave Windows Phone?
Stox - Learn about the Stock Market in Gamified Bites
Xiaomi Mi3 Becomes a Nightmare for Customers, Horrible Flipkart Support and Product Quality
Hey Reddit, Big Android Summer Giveaway Part 3! With a OnePlus One!
Flash Friday [Aug 15 2014] - Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
Is $600-700 really a fair price for the hardware of a flagship phone?
Moto X+1 Benchmarks Appear, 5.2-inch 1080p Display, Snapdragon 800 Processor, and More
LEGO's 3 New FUSION Apps Might Blow Your Mind By Turning Physical Blocks Into Virtual Creations
Phone is damaged :( 601 error
iPhone vs Samsung: PICTURE QUALITY
New to iPhone, need guidance on apps and other stuff.
Does anybody have experience with enterprise-distributed iPhone apps?
Serious sound quality drop out of nowhere
A couple questions for the iPhone 6 launch. (AT&T)
iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 iMessage sending as SMS
Upgrade Question
iPhone 5 not responding to touch?
iPhone fell into the ocean. It still "works".
Iphone 5/5s case $7.99 only14th,Aug.-15th Aug.
4S has started deleting text messages- help please!
AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 getting Lumia Cyan and 8.1 updates | Windows Phone Central

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