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A practical and fun kids phone case??
iPhone 6 enters production. Antenna bands still there will branding on the back. (Photos)
"Planimeter - GPS Area Measure" - useful Android app for tracking and measurements on maps is now available for iPhone / iPad.
My Current Issue
Is there a way to have music from iPod touch 4th generation moved to desktop?
Introducing Reddme for iPhone: Our Take on What a Mobile Reddit Client Should Be
Reddit Gallery
Is my Iphone Battery doing Good?
AT&T announces that the Lumia 1520 Windows Phone 8.1 update is now live | Windows Phone Central
Why does the Messaging app open lots of redundant instances?
My "albums in OneDrive" category in the pictures hub is empty. [8.1 PfD]
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview users still need to downgrade their OS in order to get Lumia Cyan
Desperate Wifi Help!
A pop up came up after 1520 cyan update
planning on getting a windows phone very soon
Something I noticed while playing with my Zune HD...
Please help with an update to Nokia 1520. Weird thing happened.
"Today just got a little sweeter for #MotoG users on #Verizon: We are beginning to rollout Android KitKat, 4.4.4 on those phones."
PSA: The Moto 360 Will Be The First Android Wear Device With An Ambient Light Sensor
Tell me your worst cellphone luck stories.
Verizon Tests New Bloatware Process on the G3: Installs Apps on Setup, But They can be Fully Uninstalled
A tip for everyone that has the HTC One M8 Dot view case
European OS usage in July 2014
Best in-depth news site for iOS?
New app just release yesterday(23/07/14) - iffi - the social decision app - have a look, let me know what you think?
I can't convince AT&T there is a problem with their tower.
If you are ever unable to zoom in or zoom out on a webpage (mobile sites especially) and it is driving you crazy, here's the easy fix.
I just used two broken Iphone 4s to make one functional and ended up with some extra parts. What are these little copper things?
Weekly beginners question thread: July 24/07/2014
Microsoft updates Cortana with recommendations for nearby places and local apps
My Messaging App is Crashing On Only One Person, Help?
Your views on the design of the Pushbullet for WP 8.1 app
Lumia 530 commercial compares it to Moto E, Samsung Galaxy Ace, HTC Desire 210 and other budget Androids
Screen problem HTC 8X (Question)
Fast forward to the future: I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 with the Cyan firmware update (on at&t), should I use the developer preview?
Can't update Bing Translator app, says PENDING, same when uninstalled and redownloading, WP 8.1 DP, any help?
Hey guys, my last.fm client just went live on the store. Give it a shot!
The wonders of Cortana -- something I learned over the past few days!
OnePlus releases official 4.4.4 stock Android ROM for the OnePlus One
[New App] Developer Of AIDE Releases Wear Browser For Android Wear, Because Why Not?
The best Android browsers, 2014 edition: design, features, and performance
So today my Nexus 4 tracked my girlfriends flights with my gmail.
Google developer reveals there will be no updates to the Android L developer preview until release.
[DL] 1 Year in: Google has Sold Millions of Chromecasts, Gives Away Free Google Music to Celebrate
Paranoid Android adds official support for OnePlus and Oppo devices, the first non-Nexus devices ever
[New Game] SNK Playmore Brings The King Of Fighters '98 Classic 2D Hit To Android For $3.99
USB OTG Built-In Case UPDATE Working Circuitry
(Moto X) Perm Root now available through "TowelPieRoot" (!!!)
iPhone launch day advise
I need help buying an Iphone?
iPhone 5c syncing problems help!
No one can hear me during phone calls. Can I fix it?
What exactly is EU Internet? Should I turn it on?
Was reconfiguring my router. Is the lock icon's strange placement supposed to signify something?
Skype makes my blood boil
Lumia 530 vs. Lumia 520 Vs. Lumia 525 vs. Lumia 620 vs. Lumia 630 vs. Moto E
Phone making connections to various IP addresses every 6 to 12 hours on port 16176
Developer Love for WP 8.1! Track Runner gains SensorCore and heart rate monitor support in latest update
When will see more *non-Lumia* hardware?
[DEV] I created an app for root users that use their devices frequently with external displays. Featured today on XDA and Android Police!
Living With Wear: Some Observations After A Month With Android Wear
What are your opinions on Touchwiz, Sense and all the other customized UIs?
My one problem with Google Play Music.
Google takes on Foursquare recommendations with new Explore features
What's the difference between McTube and MxTube and which one is better?
CHART OF THE DAY: iPhone Sales Are Up, But Its Growth Is Slowing Down
iPhone stolen from post, help!!
Any new news on a good smartwatch?
"A brand new Foursquare, with a brand new logo and look, is almost ready for you"
New app that manages your contact list with swipe gestures and reminders (free)
[LPT] Don't waste your money on non-Apple screen replacements.
Storage Issue: System data sitting close to 7 gigs... Shows up as 5 gigs in Nokia's "Other" Anyone with the same issue, or who knows what it is?
Why do Microsoft try so hard to alienate developers?
Which weather app is the most accurate?
920 headphone jack not functioning
Is there a way to change the "Default" notification sounds in 8.1?
I just realized the awesome implications that unifying the OS across platforms could mean.
Nokia Phone Identity Crisis
Weekly app appreciation thread: Tuesday 22/07/2014
Ready for an upgrade
I found Cortanas Notebook and want to share it with you
Skype on Android Fire, when on earth are Microsoft going to make skype on WP a decent app
Is Microsoft getting out of the Xbox Music and Video business? Nadella suggests they might
"Is it going to rain today?" [PS - it is]
Samsung Galaxy S3 update to 4.4.2 [GT-I9300]
Automated In-Car Wifi Hotspot with Tasker
Video Game-style controllers for android tablets.
Widget Wednesday (Jul 23 2014) - Your weekly theming thread!
Fleksy Keyboard Updated To Version 3.0 With Premium Themes And 17 New Supported Languages
iphone internet issues, flipping back and forth between LTE and 4G and I'm just sitting here at my desk
iPhone 5 Bluetooth Timeout/Drop
Are there any apps that can prevent someone from swiping and viewing other pictures on your phone?
Where can I find a replacement lens cover for the 5s?
[iphone 5]Bad battery- replace in store or myself?
Found IPhone 5s
I am looking for a heavy duty iPhone 5s case. My Lifeproof fre has failed me.
My new iPhone app shows you a tweet and asks you to guess Who Tweeted?
iPhone 6 is so hyped
Very funny Siri
How to fix this, or is it normal?
OneDrive gets updated on iOS and Windows Phone, adds new features on both the platforms
Airyware music tuner free for the next 36 hours with myAppfree.
Configure strongSwan for Windows Phone 8.1 personal VPN with a Raspberry Pi
Considering WP
Great deal for those who need a quick replacement, or just want to try a Windows Phone
When do you think Windows Phone 9 will be released?
MS Earnings: 5.8 million Lumias sold from April 25 - June 30
Nokia Lumia 920 $150 No Contract
AT&T may rollout Windows Phone 8.1 update 'as early as this week' | Windows Phone Central
Nadella officially confirms that Windows will be brought down to one OS, no when
I played around with the Nvidia Shield Tablet for a bit. Can I answer any questions?
Xiaomi needs to try much better not to look like a blatant Apple copycat
Terraria is currently $1.99 USD in the Play store (was $4.99 USD).
[EDIT] Google No Longer Makes You Sign In Twice When Setting Up Accounts With Two-Factor Authentication Enabled On Android
New Material Design Play Store.
Google Play Store Update 4.9.13 Adds Material Design App And Content Pages [APK Download]
I just started a "Learning Android" thing -- inspired by 100 days of Android
Amazon Fire Phone Review Roundup
iPhone 5S M7 pedometer data location?
how to ssh into a i4s stuck at icloud activator. no opennssh or afc2add installed on it. is there a i4s bootloader exploit? Owners of 4s! in what state is ur device now?
Apple has ordered as many as 80 million 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhones for a planned September launch
My iPhone 4s is frustratingly slow-- will Restoring the Backup help?
Microsoft should make a Lumia 925 successor now before it is too late
Animated lockscreen preview lets you test drive Windows Phone 8.1 lock screen apps.
O2 (UK) rolling out 8.1 right now!
[PREDICTION] For those dying for a new High End WP
Battery drain anomalies on my 925 with 8.1
WP Calendar reminders
O2 releases beautiful official app for UK customers to manage their accounts
Lumia 925 Cyan/WP8.1 - random and annoying issues
Kids corner bugs
Alleged specs of the Lumia 530 leak from Vietnam, disappoint somewhat
Is the Lumia 1020 worth the upgrade purely based on the camera?
motorola has some stuff on super clearance (bt earpieces, earbuds, stand, power pack, hdmi cable)
Xiaomi announces the Mi4
Free Wacom Bamboo Paper app on Google Play. Works nicely with my Note 8.0, and of course with palm rejection as long as you're using the stylus. But you can write with your finger as well.
Concept of a Reddit News-like app with Material Design. [X-Post from /r/reddit_news]
NVIDIA Announces SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller, Ultimate Portable Gaming for $299
Six Android Piracy Group Members Charged, Two Arrested | Justice Departments Criminal Division announced the unsealing of three federal indictments in the GA charging six members of Appbucket, Applanet and SnappzMarket for their roles in the unauthorized distribution of Android apps.
Typhoon Neoguri was recorded by Android users in Japan as the storm crossed nearly the whole country. Here's what PressureNet's data looks like from different parts of Japan during the typhoon!
Embedded Web Video Player JW Video Updated To v6.9 With Chromecast Support
Sunrise gets new investors, opens "calendar as a platform" developer preview
[New App] HTC Publishes Its Sense Keyboard On The Google Play Store
Image Used as Wallpaper Missing from Camera Roll - Can I get it Back?
Unusual daily occurrence on iPhone 5.
Iphone ios7 question. Delay in numpad.
iPhone 4 took a hit, battery now drains much faster, charges much slower, and phone becomes too hot to hold on calls over 10 minutes
Could use some help with iPhone screen replacement.
Watch iOS 8s Latest Beta Transcribe Voice To Text In Near-Real Time [TechCrunch]
Help! My iPhone is currently stuck "Searching..." for the network and will not update to beta 4
Unlocking iPhone 4s? (need help, carriers are silly)
What advantages are there to owning a Windows Phone in a Windows and Xbox One ecosystem?
Engadget's Top 15 Smartphones Includes 4 Windows Phone Models (Icon, 1520, 520, 1020)
Cortana is fan of Breaking Bad apparently.
Best Screen Protector for the Nokia Lumia 1020?
Carcassonne for Windows Phone
App to transfer links or a page from the browser on wp8.1 to w8.1 laptop?
Camera app is now saving .nar files instead of .jpg. I can't figure out how to reverse this. HELP
Foursquare says their Windows Phone Swarm app is coming 'very soon'
Google Talks Android L Preview Features, Cant Promise Updates Though
Twitch Android app updated to 3.0, adds new UI, channel profiles, offline chat and more
Samsung Reminds iPhone Users That They Have Been Waiting Years for a Bigger Screen
What are you most excited for in Android L?
Mystery smartwatch makes an appearance in HTCs behind the scenes design video
Galaxy S3 exploded today, girlfriend badly injured, what should we do?
HTC One remix finally launching on Verizon on Thursday, July 24th
Google Now can install apps apparently
Preserving iPhone Photos When Switching Phones?
4-day-old iPhone won't charge correctly or sync.
"App" could not be purchased at this time. Please try again later.
Dropped my iphone, black/blank screen
1-Hour Photo App. Makes you wait an hour to see your photos so you stay in the moment
New version of Tangled is out. Now includes online multiplayer - Post your user URL here
New photos of purported Lightning and audio connections for iPhone 6 surface
Printing from a Windows Phone
Update Status to all Social Networks at once on Windows Phone 8.1 (Cyan)
Does anyone have experience with a WP8 compatible smartwatch?
Cortana reminders - forgetful when offline
Is there an app for tracking your run?
Line breaks in SMS messages not working
PSA: Work in retail and sell any Microsoft products? You could get _massive_ discounts! (x-post /r/xboxone)
What is Windows OneCore and what does it mean for the future of Microsoft?
Huawei unveils special edition Ascend P7 for avid Arsenal fans
Besides the T1 Volantis/Flounder/Nexus 9, HTC is developing two other tablets: the T7 and T12
We just finished an Android development camp for High School students
Razer Releases A Companion App For The Upcoming Nabu Smart Band
Sprint's LG G2 Gets An OTA Update With Support For LG's Knock Code Security System
Samsung knuckles down to confront financial woes, set to go all out with the Note 4
Google Is Testing An Enhanced "Explore Nearby" Feature In Google Maps
Moronic Monday (Jul 21 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
Textra was my favorite SMS app, but I've been annoyed that the devs seemingly stopped development. I found out why today; they created a new app: Telegram X.
Facebook implements android L like notifications for some beta testers
Google Now Seems to be Learning Contact Addresses When Traveling, Gives Time to Navigate to Them
[DL] Tip: Manually Adjust the Display Color and Contrast on the LG G3
Looking to switch from android to iOS w/ grandfathered Verizon data plan
"Other" data is getting out of control. [Help]
Which plan are you on and how much does it cost monthly??
How to unlock iPhone on t-mobile?
Trying to turn a pet project into a fun and cool app to use... What can I do to my app?
..and, surprisingly, I don't need iTunes to use an iPhone.
After months of work, my very first iPhone game is finally out! Check out the trailer here!
Options for setting up Iphone 5s for travel
Iphone overheating and not playing music
Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I need help. Can I force a text or iMessage to go to a phone with data turned off? Girlfriend is abroad and I need to contact her asap.
First time poster. Should I get a Windows Phone?
Import SMS from sim card on 635 ?
calendar events question
Can anyone recommend a clock app with Live Tile.
Tweetium beta for WP 8.1 now available!
moving to WP. Requesting Assistance
Nokia lumia 1520 problem
I have owned the M8, S5, OPO, N6, LG3, Moto X. My take on the best.
[dev] Facer, the completely customizable watchface for Android Wear.
Meizu outs plans to bring Flyme to OnePlus, Samsung and even Nokia phones!
HP Red gets benchmarked, sports 16" screen and runs Android
First impression of the new Dell Venue 8 3840
LG G3 review roundup
Anyone else notice the Cartoon HD update??
Need some help identifying a problem
Does the 5c break more easily than other models? (X-post from /r/apple)
I've dropped it about 10 times before and this never happened... Always thought I had an Angel watching over me, except for the 11th time :(
Can I use a iPhone/iPod touch to make my speakers wireless?
Is there a way to auto-adjust screen timeout based on location?
Former (or current) Android users: don't you think iOS and Apple provide a better interaction between user and OS/device?
Week 1 from switching apple to windows phone
Windows Phone 8.1 Back and Restore is Impressive
New WP game exclusive: Dream Works Dragons Adventure - World Explorer
[Modpost] Windows Phone/Xbox Music complaint thread
Thinking of picking up a Lumia 1320 from Cricket, but I need tethering
PSA: Your XBOX MUSIC App is laggy/buggy? Here is a working fix!
Broke Lumia 920, debating what phone to get next
Copied photos back to my phone after a hard reset. Phone now trying to upload them all (again) to OneDrive
Irritations with other Microsoft apps
Mysterious Motorola battery cover leaked with Kevlar material and 2 large holes could it be the Moto X+1?
/u/DBrady uploaded a video showing off the next release of Reddit News and it looks AMAZING
Verizon's Moto X And Moto G Are Getting Soak Tests For KitKat 4.4.4
Looking for a Google Keep alternative for iPhone
Got the wrong iPhone 5s. Now what?
Is there a way to control how quick TouchID unlocks your phone?
iPhone 4S can't connect to Verizon after updating to 7.1.2. Anyone else have or fix this problem?
iPhone sending messages I didn't write?
Know that feeling when you put something back together and you have a bunch of stuff left over?
I want to learn iOS Development, but only have a mac running Leopard. Any tips?
iPhone rejecting my international SIM card, help!
[help] Music app is frozen on 'Cover Flow' album artwork; even on vertical orientation.
[Suggestion] Please search the sub for posts similar to the one you're going to post. Weigh in there with your comments to be heard.
Microsoft ID saves WiFi data across devices
Joined the Windows Phone Elite today
Dry E-racer: New Racing/Physics Game I wrote with my 4 kids, they'd love feedback
Lets get a list of what we want from the music app
Is anyone else having a problem with the mail app in WP8.1 Dev Preview?
Cut and Hack, a beautiful geometric "hacking" game that deserves some attention.
Map Plugins could be a sign of something bigger
I just got an android cardboard prebuilt kit from unofficialcardboard.com and I wanted to tell you guys about it!
Xperia Z2 now available to order in the United States via Sony Store
[DEV] Minimal UI 3.0, A Complete Redesign.
Just got Google Cardboard in the post.
A [watchface] i've developed that's best served shaken, not stirred
Unlocked HTC M8's will be updated to 4.4.3 late next week.
[x-post r/AppHookup/] I made a clever scientific calculator app that stopped making sales, so here it is for free.
iPhone 5 earpiece problem.
On rogers in Canada? planning to upgrade to iPhone 6 in Sept, Oct? Rogers has found a new way to screw you.
My new game is out, Dropu, Tetris meets Sudoku... sort of
Aperture imported corrupted JPEGs from iPhone
[Help] iPhone 5 won't connect to Airport Express
Question - req for help - I was given a problematic iPhone 4 - not sure if it's broken or useless to me...
I love how powerful the focus is on this phone (5S) - This was taken through my car window up very close.
What music app is everyone else using?
Icon Demo Question
Beating a dead horse here? 10 updates later...Xbox Music is still a PITA
Why haven't I got cyan on my 925 yet?
I don't get the hate at all. My XBOX Music App is working perfect! And it's even way better than the old app.
Hi reddit, i just published a simplistic compass app on the store that i created over the weekend, it'll be cool if a few of you guys could test it out and give me your thoughts :)
According to my mother Stickman Cannoneer is the best Windowsphone Game I have released ... yet
Waning love...
NVIDIA extends SHIELD family with SHIELD tablet and wireless controller
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [July 19th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread.
Fracta Live Wallpaper now in alpha testing (from makers of Paperland / Light Grid)
iOS' myriad of security issues, many of which are no doubt present in Android, too (unencrypted address book, etc), and Google should fix them to make Android less hacking/surveillance friendly [pdf]
NVIDIA to announce 8-inch Shield tablet with 1080p resolution, Tegra K1 SoC and 2GB of RAM for $299 on July 22nd
Easy way to automate calendar entries?
Partometer App for measurements on photos updated with Circle Mode.
Any apps that can change your desktop / screen saver? An app that can remind you of things?
Should I go for it?
Does Anyone Else know what's going on with this iPhone screen? (picture in post)
While waiting for our latest app to be approved by Apple, we decided to blow off steam...by building another app, a Yo killer. Here's the teaser for Noice.
Xbox Music and Video updated for Windows Phone with fixes and improvements | Windows Phone Central
Reminder: You can get 100GB OneDrive for 100 Bing Rewards points. (Have too many photos?)
Nokia Lumia 1020 - Device lock-up, 38MP JPEG get destroyed
Microsoft "betrayed" Finland, says prime minister
Here it is, Snuwu, a new (soon to be Universal) reddit app (alpha stage, please report bugs to /r/snuwu)
Weird things are happening today.
Microsoft need to focus more on the midrange
From android to wp
Mod repost: The Verge sent a takedown notice to developer of "Verge" app
In case anyone from the WP/XBOX MUSIC team is on these forums-here are the reasons you have lost me as an Xbox music subscriber:
Seeking help on Lumia related post
WTF - you can change a Google account password with nothing else but an Android phone connected to the account.
[DL] FYI: AT&Ts LG G3 Doesnt Support Qi Charging, They Went With the Charging Standard No One Uses
GeoHot (creator of Towelroot and other) was hired be Google for the Project Zero team
Over 1 million Motorola Moto smartphones were sold in India in just 5 months
Shield Tablet full leak with presentation slides - july 19th, tegra k1, front facing speakers
[APK Teardown] Google Maps v8.2 Contains First Signs Of Possible 3rd-Party Plugin Support And I Am Here Location Picker
Noob question: How to fully back-up an iphone
Old iPhone App Equivalents?
Syncing audiobooks?
International roaming question, please help!
Have tried every single thing I could find but my new 5s is still not being recognized by my computer
Continuously pressed home button.
Apple's Podcast App
Please Help My Iphone will no longer take a charge
Who thinks there will actually be a 5.5" iPhone?
What do you (users and developers) think of "incentivized engagement", aka, temporarily gaining access to PRO features for watching a video ad or sharing to social? Is it annoying or do you actually like it?
Music Players with fading between tracks
Help! I was updating my iOS last night and my phone got frozen in the load screen. Now I can't do anything with it!
Can anyone help me improve my WP8 sports app "My Sports Hub"?
O2(UK) to rollout 8.1 End-July and announce Visual Voicemail exclusive to Windows Phones.
Does anyone else notice this with YouTube.com?
For those who are using the BBM beta.
What next for Nokias MixRadio? Basically, were planning a spin-off (Exclusive)
Microsoft quietly kills their 3D Touch Windows Phone codenamed 'McLaren'
What the hell happened to my phone? Need help...
How far we've come
Kyocera says it will make sapphire screens for smartphones
A little something I noticed about Apple vs. Android.
Introducing my second Android Wear app, Slumber, for the low, low price of free
The Galaxy Note 4 will tell you to apply sunscreen when the UV index is high
Jolla releases Sailfish OS Hardware Adaptation Development Kit for Android
Google has made concrete moves to protect consumers particularly the parents of Android-toting kids from accidentally racking up huge in-app purchase bills.
Flash Friday [Jul 18 2014] - Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
Sorry Commandr, The Latest AutoVoice Update's Voice Commands Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind
Sony Xperia Z2 Gets An Update With Enhanced Call Quality, Improved Charging, And More
Google will stop calling games 'free' when they offer in-app purchases
ZTE Chooses The Google Now Launcher (GEL) As The Default Homescreen For Upcoming Smartphones
This Android Central article says that in real use the G3 had better battery than the S5.
Amazon Introduces Kindle Unlimited, All The Reading (And Listening) You Can Handle For $9.99 A Month
[iPhone 5][iOS 7.1.2] Looking for an app that I can use to line up photos I'm taking in the future to the original image.
[iPhone 5][iOS 7.1.2] Problem with iPhone 5 battery percentage.
[Question] For those on T-Mobile, how can you force Edge/3G in poor 4G areas?
Should I take buy-out on Iphone? Need your advice!
Iphone 5 (water damaged) chargers but doesn't connect to itunes on my laptop
[FREE APP] Airbnb and it's new Controversial Logo - help find places to stay anywhere
Trying to find an app, nothing but frustration. Help me out.
Iphone 5 screen not fitting back together with body?
Websites that lets you create custom cases / covers?
How do I fix this syncing problem?
Anybody else getting random reboots ?
Guardians of the Galaxy: TUW (WP) | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
T-Mobile Windows Phone recommendations?
Tile&Tile - puzzle game for Windows Phone 8 - Totally FREE
The Verge sent a takedown notice to developer of 'Verge' app
I knew the Netflix app was outdated, but...
I know I missed the weekly "Is there an app for that" thread, but I'm curious if there is a price comparison app for groceries on Windows Phone.
Microsoft gears up for Windows Phone 8.1 launch with 'Get Started with Cortana' video
Uh oh, my WP 8's SD Card has stopped working all of a sudden...
[For Developers] Google I/O 2014 Wrap-Up: The Must-See Sessions For Every Developer
What features from iOS (iOS 8 now) would you like to see implemented in Android?
Got my Google Cardboard from getgooglecardboard.com this morning
My (brief) personal review of the LG G Pad 10.1
Google and Samsung are reportedly fighting again, and this time it's over smartwatches
Could Android L signal a new era of lightweight near-stock OEM skins?
Google Maps Updated To v8.2 With Biking Elevation, Voice Actions In Navigation, And More [APK Download]
[DEV] I just released a new AutoVoice update (plugin for Tasker) that lets you add custom voice commands to Google Now!
[Dev] Hi there! Have you met QKSMS?
Clearing up confusion on CM Home.
Iphone App to lock Your Personal Photos/Videos and bla bla bla - I'm loving it
Just jailbroke my 5S (new iPhone user coming from Android) and I'm impressed!
Iphone 5 repair gone bad :( Power, home, volume buttons and vibrate toggle not responding.
DAE hate that you have to have an app installed to receive notifications?
Broken iPhone in Thailand :(
Help track my dads phone as he is missing
Link to iPhone 6 case on Amazon w/ Prime? This is fake, right?
I lost my phone in Switzerland
Apple Patents A Way For Your iPhone To Lock Out Users Whose Behavior It Doesnt Recognize
Can't delete text messages!
Has anyone else had this problem?
Questions about updating iOS
Permission to receive picture messages (MMS)?
Whats your usage?
iPhone 6 battery capacity revealed. 1810mAh.
Weekly beginners question thread: July 17/07/2014
Lumia 930 - 5mp vs 16mp vs 16mp raw
Bookviser Reader | One of the best WP apps
Lumia 930 now available in the UK, white color variant exclusive to Phones 4u.
Music/Podcast Playback Resume failing on me
Can I take a screenshot without the powerbutton?
Microsoft killing off feature phones/X/MixRadio, new high-end Windows Phones coming soon
Battery Draining: I wanted to share with you my Windows Phone experience
Elop's letter regarding Windows Phones. I think he says that they're officially called Lumia devices now!
OneDrive users with grandfathered 25GB of free space get to keep it
GigaOM's Om Malik: It's time to stop rewarding failure (i.e. Stephen Elop should be fired)
Android Wear: the good, the bad and the fixable with apps
Four months ago, I knew nothing about coding. Two weeks ago, I released my first ever game on Play Store.
[DEV] My app, Better Open With, got lots of love here last week! I added your suggestions, and need more feedback to make it even better!
Sony brings App to SD card support in latest Xperia KitKat firmware
Relcy Is Building A PageRank-Style Mobile App Search Engine With $9M From Khosla And Sequoia
HTC One (E8) price creeps higher as the phone makes it way towards Russia
[FREE APP] Dapp the App Creator - Make and learn how to create your own iPhone and iPad apps
Need some help with measurement Apps
Picture sharing?
Did my mom lose all of her pictures? PLEASE HELP SHE IS LITERALLY IN TEARS OVER THIS
How do I delete the album from My Computer? It was a restore when I transferred data from my iPhone 4S to my 5S, and I no longer have access to the Sprint store's computer to delete them. I can't manually do it either.
TIL when left in the sun, iPhones get stroppy and refuse to work
Microsoft is now releasing build 12400 of the Windows Phone 8.1 OS preview, it's not Cyan ! :(
Microsoft: Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developer users should return to normal software before Lumia Cyan
[HTC 8x] Audio Glitching since updating
Should I wait to get a Lumia or is the current selection good enough?
[MOCK-UP] Fix to Android's horrible AOSP Issue tracker
So my GetGoogleCardboard.com order finally shipped. I remember seeing a post on the front page of r/Android claiming the company was a scam because shipping was delayed and communication was bad. Before we tarnish a company's reputation, maybe we should think logically.
Follow-up my comment on Artem's Reddit post about his Google Shopping Express experience
[XPOSED] Get a Gaussian blur effect on your pulled-down status bar with this module.
Google Commerce: Manage your gift cards, request money and send money for free from your debit card with the Google Wallet app
Google Wallet App Updated With Gift Card Management And Money Requests [APK Download]
Chrome For Android Bumped To v36 With Improved Text Rendering On Non-Mobile Sites, Desktop Chrome Updated As Well
Amazon set to launch Prime Instant Video app for Android: 4K content coming
Last week, I jailbreak-ed.
Here is the MT6595 smartphone reference design from MediaTek with score of 47,000 on AnTuTu
My 4s just activated Siri by itself and locked me out of my phone. Wtf?
Issues with headphone jack on iPhone 5.
Text Highlighting Speed/Sensitivity
Is there a weather app based on your comfort zone? (Looking for an accurate weather app)
Found a deactivated/locked 5S buried deep in our couch, not sure how to find out the original owner?
Identify unused apps?
Phone glitching really bad when charging up
I think I bought a stolen phone. Need help advice for a few questions I have.
iPhone 6 Clones Had Been Found In China
Why does every photo I take is like this? Just got my iPhone 5S replaced 11 days ago...
Notification menu looks like it had too much to drink when screen is rotated.
With the official patch rolling out, do we ditch/uninstall Developer Preview?
Why do I have to buy Android or iPhone to play latest Microsoft's Tentacles game?
Cracked my 920, now I'm at a crossroads
Lumia Cyan update Issues/Bugs/Missing features
Nokia Creative Studio Updated. Brings features promised in Cyan to all devices irrespective of Cyan update.
Central Lumia Cyan/8.1 update topic
XBOX Music not showing any music
How to turn off highways in HERE maps or any navigation app?
Hike Messenger (WhatsApp competitor) available with 7 language support
Just wanted to say..
[HOW-TO] Install Cyan. Description of the install experience. Link to how-to revert WP8.1 DP release before installing Cyan
InkCase Plus E-Ink Case Reaches $100,000 Kickstarter Funding Goal On Its First Day
Celkon, Intex set to be Google's new India partners for Android One
Crapware in the Play Store - Pureglade developer
Widget Wednesday (Jul 16 2014) - Your weekly theming thread!
Google Finally Adds 'Flag As Inappropriate' Link To Web Play Store
We've released the smallest GPU capable of running Android and Android Wear
LocalCast get updated with material design, looks Great. I'm officially sold on the new design scheme
Google offers Udacity course in Android development; all course materials are free.
Sony Begins KitKat Rollout For The Xperia T2 Ultra And T2 Ultra Dual
Proper sound mixing of a ringtone to match the iPhones small speakers
Introducing Feedworthy (x-post from r/Feedworthy)
Transfer from Samsung GN3 to iPhone 4S
How do I fix my effing auto correct
free, reliable sites to see if an iPhone is unlocked ?
Sent my iPhone for repair, anyone else had this problem?
I have never owned an iPhone, but I need help with iMessage
Lumia Cyan update now available for Lumia 625 and Lumia 925 globally | Windows Phone Central
To play muted videos in WP 8.1 is still bugged after Cyan
UPDATE: Apps still refusing to install, despite having tried literally everything I can think of.
Only got a partial backup of text messages?
Nearly 40 old Xbox games updated with 512MB and Windows Phone 8 support - WPCentral
What's with Netflix's lack of updates?
This random guy from one of my community groups shows up as my girlfriend, wtf are you suggesting Google
[New App] Wear-a-tron Lets You Unlock A Lockitron Door With Your Android Wear Watch
Learn to Think Like an Android Developer
Android KitKat MR2.2 (AKA 4.4.4_r2) OTA Update Rolling Out To Nexus 5, Build Number KTU84Q, Now Pushing To AOSP
Google Play Music May Be Rolling Out To New Countries, Columbia Seems To Have Made The List
[Update #2: 4.8.22] Latest Google Play Store 4.8.22 With PayPal Support, Simplified App Permissions, Bigger Buttons, And More [APK Download]
[DEV] BrightNotes - A Clean, Beautiful Notetaking App.
Problems with iPhone 5 Charger
iPhone 6 Sapphire Display Durability Could be Vastly Exaggerated
The heck? All the music got deleted from my iPhone this morning?!
Problem with calendar appointments
My cousin just launched a kickstarter for a multifunctional iPhone 5/5s case. I'd really appreciate your feedback and ideas.
Dropped iPhone in pool 3 weeks after purchase. Any chance of saving money?
Why Windows Phone is barely making a dent in the market | ZDNet
What are the best password managers out there?
Microsoft won't let you set Google as default search on new Lumias
Keyboard off the rails or just me?
Windows Phone Reddit App, Readit, will be ported to XBOX One Early Next Year
Windows Phone 8.1: Why I ditched Android and couldn't be happier.
Just released Ars Harmonia, our first Windows Phone game!
Witcher dev teasing the possibility of Witcher Arena having Xbox integration on WP... here's hoping.
Pouch 3.0 for Windows Phone 8.1 released, redesigned and rewritten for better performance
Latest ParanoidAndroid Alpha gets the recents "CardStackView" from Android L Dev Preview
Verizon And Motorola Begin Rolling Out Android 4.4.4 To The Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra, And Droid Mini
New Redesigned Version of ESPN's Fantasy Football App in the Play Store.
Google updated payment methods for Play Store
I did not have a reference to how red the Red Nexus is. For others here still mulling over the decision, I've taken a few pictures in comparison to other things.
Computer automation with tasker and eventghost
There Is Now A Matrix "Falling Code" Watch Face For Android Wear (It Was Inevitable And You Know It)
Anybody still getting free Microcells?
iPhone 4, new iPad mini and iPod touch
My Ex is stalking me and I don't know how...
[HELP] Debugger Message: Double Panic. I am desperate.
[UPDATE]My first app. Razzle. Easily add text to your video.
Issue with Hyundai Elantra and iPhone 5.
Apple updates iOS developer statistics, claims 90% adoption rate for iOS 7
Instagram won't let me upped video, it says the video must be longer than 3 seconds but it clearly is. Anybody else have this problem?
My friends phone randomly started doing this. It would keep restarting and going back to this screen. Please help.
WPC14: Windows Phone is the fastest growing mobile OS, sees more shipments than iPhone
Facebook Beta Updated, Support Messenger,more details on pages posts and bug fixes
I think I was just lied to about getting my screen replaced...
Making Cortana the Researchers Dream Assistant - Inside Microsoft Research - Site Home
Microsoft: Over 12 million Nokia 520's activated throughout its lifetime
Bungie: Please consider a Destiny Companion app for windows phone/windows 8.1 (universal app)
Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 now available from the Microsoft Store, supports LTE on T-Mobile
Here is a peek at Tweetium, your new favorite Twitter app for Windows Phone
Something that I think would be great for Android Wear + SMS integration (x-post /r/AndroidWear)
So lttrs for Android just came out, and the single 1-star review is about the Israel and Palestine conflict. And it's also the #1 review, meaning it was voted as the most helpful _
A simple idea for the video camera feature on smart phones.
Follow-up to the Reddit post about my Google Shopping Express experience
Why doesn't Face Unlock determine "it's too dark" with the light sensor before switching to the alternate unlock method?
Android Ls app designearly looks at YouTube, Gmail, Maps, and more | Ars Technica
How smuggling is behind the latest spec in smartphones
WARNING: GetGoogleCardboard.com may be a scam
[DEV] nowPaper - Google Now Inspired Wallpapers (Now w/ Muzei Support for time cycling)
Is there a way to sync full resolution photos to iphone from iTunes?
I think I may have erased someone elses phone using my iCloud. Can I stop it from happening when they connect to the internet?
Is there an easy, drag and drop way to get music onto the phone?
Quesiton regarding getting service while traveling overseas
Looking for a strategy and politics game
We just launched an alternative to weedmaps today! Grab a copy if you need help finding dispensaries.
How do we delete apps these days? For some reason my [x]'s aren't showing up since the update...
This is my first post to reddit, am I doing it right? Instead of the vibrator motor, a blue wide-angle led.
"...as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced"
Now on Windows Phone: Dragons Adventure World Explorer - Conversations
My first app - send YouTube videos to XBMC
Lack of communication by Microsoft recently?
1520 Broke Camera Glass How To?
Is Spotify premium the only way to use the app currently?
I need a music player
Major battery damage on a 1020
Organized push for apps - ask these companies where their apps are (or shame them on social media!)
Microsoft likely to rename Nokia Camera to Lumia Camera
Destiny Companion App: Bungie says that a Windows Phone version is not planned.
Benedict Evans: Unable to fork Android and keep Google services, Samsung faces commoditization similar to PC-makers Unbundling innovation: Samsung, PCs and China
My first app redesign
Moronic Monday (Jul 14 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
Buyer experience comparison in purchasing a OnePlus One: from OnePlus Global vs. importing from China
Console OS Gets Funded On Kickstarter, Aims To Bring Android To The PC In A Non-Sucky Way
Sending my LG G3 back to T-Mobile because of this screen
How do I go about returning a lost Iphone 5 that's at the activation screen?
How can I get music to actually delete off my iPhone?
iPhone 5s cracked screen while inside a Lifeproof?
Considering a weather app that gives more detail than the stock iOS app.
Someone just purchased an app from my lost/stolen iphone. How is this possible?
iPhone 5 randomly activates Siri
Is there a perfect international texting iPhone > Android app?
Text delay iphone 4s
"TAP" a tap-based app wants to beat Yo for worlds fastest messenger
I need to buy an iPhone with no contract. What are the cheapest options y'all know?
What is included in the 2.05 GB of 'Other'?
So, apparently, "Android Apps on WP" is real. (And "real stupid" according to Peter Bright.)
On recent leaks, bad press, and what I think MS should do
My app is getting featured!
Subreddit subscribers almost at 33,000
Rewrote my Music App for WP 8.1
Nokia Lumia 1320 lag Please help
Exclusive: Google Prepping Play Store Update That's One Step Closer To Material With Beautiful New Listing UI
Remotely view and trigger your phone camera with your Android Wear smartwatch
DIY-Blackphone [Work-In-Progress]
Babak Parviz, The Guy Behind Google Glass And The Smart Contact Lens, Leaves Google For An Expedition To Amazon
[Deal Alert] 32GB Refurbished Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Keeps Dropping At eBay: Now Just $370 With Free Shipping
I submitted a request to Google Shopping Express via their Android app. A reply came in no longer than 10 minutes later. On a Sunday. Wish all of Google's support was this good
ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts/info on lock screen as a feature for stock Android?
Found a Google Play Easter egg... visit the search URL without any search parameters and everything in the search results comes up unicorns!
LG G Vista (VS880) should go on sale through Verizon starting on Friday (7/18). - Evleaks
Looking for a TV Portal-like app for anime? Try animania!
Now you can make your iPhone 4/4S compatible with wireless charging pad with Qi wireless charger receiver with Micro USB interface!
Spigen releases "iPhone Air" 5.5 inch case on Amazon. Coming out Sept 30th!
iPhone 5s case with hard front?
Any recently-switch-user of windows phone to iphone?
10 iPhone Tips and Tricks that will help you get the most out of your device.
Battery dying unexpectedly
What happens when you update your software on iphone instead of itunes?
[Help][iOS7] Issue while copying files from desktop to iPhone using iTunes File Transfer
I want to sell my iPhone 5S, unsure how to go through the sale considering the new locked activate iphone with apple id
An OS Analogy.
Quick question about the Music app (don't upvote)
Playing with the Lumia 930 Equalizer settings
Share to Speech beta - save your time by listening to articles while you are doing something else, or use it as assistive technology
Xbox Music Collection Sync
ArsTechnicas take on the Androide Apps on Windows Phone rumor
Does anyone know of a non-social location tagging app?
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Windows Phone screenshots leaked, still in private beta
Swype Website Hacked By Pro-Palestinian Group, Still Compromised Hours Later
Awesome developer sends me an apk within 6 hours after I submit a feature request
TIL that you can get the Google Now "Ok Google" command to work on any screen, including the lock screen.
Question about iOS8 and the downloadable keyboards.
umm weird android to apple back to android..
5S dropping WiFi every 5 minutes
Looking for an app to make two photos into one without cropping or anything
Iphone 5s otterbox case questions. Resurgence vs Defender ION?
Seth Rogen owns an iphone but did a samsung commercial according to his twitter - love the hypocrisy
If you have problems with girls, there is an app for that! (wp8.1 exclusive and free)
India: Institute of Chartered Accountants of India launches official app for Chartered Accountants students.
Upgrade from 1020 to Icon worth it?
Could future versions of Windows and Windows Phone dynamically adapt to usage?
myTube for 8.1 Feedback - Any advice on the new thumbnails?
Advanced Android: Creating your own Google-free Android phone | Android | Geek.com
Geo Champ - Guess What? A worldwide competitive multiplayer guessing app. Challenge your friends! [Self Promotion]
[XPOSED] Keep Trash - Move the Delete button from the overflow menu to the action bar in Google Keep
My Experience - Android
iPhone 4S Charging Issue
Reddit! Please check out the iphone app i made, i am a 21 year old developer wanting to make fun simple free games! Please let me know your thoughts!
Recover contacts from a dead iPhone.
Need some help getting data off a broken iPhone
Websites blocking safari menu bars from coming back?
Best cellphone provider/plan for an unlocked iPhone 5
So I made this spreadsheet...
thank you all people That Shared The Tweet For Kiloo Games Too Add WP Link to their Site ,they done this Now
After its release on Android, the app comes to WP too. Climatology by Microsoft Research
One of the best comments i have read about the present situation going on in this sub and the rant towards WP/Microsoft.
Guys, I really need your help, it's a simple task, please read on (and a new reddit app is coming)
So MS is now opening OneNote BETA for Android. WTF MS???
I found a forum post on wpcental.com that is tracking the 8.1 rollout.
Headphone compatibility
I sold my first LG G3 today. I'm so in love with this phone. I want it.
The new Search (on phone) UI is back
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [July 12th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread!
More Xperia Z3 pictures leak; reveals more details about device
Why are so few people noticing and/or talking about the Ascend P7?
Most of Microsoft's Android patents commercially irrelevant, those affected could seek free alternatives
Sharp reportedly seeks deal with Apple to retake control of iPhone LCD plant.
Reddit, which writers/bloggers would you like to be able to read on your phone? I built Volley, an iPhone app for reading the best bloggers and for sending articles to friends.
Disappearing apps
How can I prioritize apps to stay on/play audio while using another app?
Get iPhone 5S or wait for the 6? Any big differences between iPhone versions?
Need help for Ultra Hybrid case custom backplate please!
How and how soon can I get an AT&T iPhone 6?
iPhone 5 as audio device for windows8?
The Final Word - Is It Possible To Unlock A Sprint iPhones 4s?
I'm connected to my home wifi and yet my location shows up as an hour away
Prevent your original iPhone charging cable from breaking or fraying for with these Backbone Cable Protectors!
Weird keyboard glitch I got on iOS 7.1.2 when I received a call at the same moment I sent a text message
Why does downloading an iTunes purchase over a 50mbps 4G connection take so long?
IMO there should be a smaller device but with high-end specs besides the huge ones
UK - Phones4U now taking 930 pre-orders with exclusive white colour. So far Vodafone Only.
Nokia Lumia 930 vs the competition: does Nokia finally have a true Android rival? | The Phone Show [Video]
NextGen Reader updated to v6.0, major update including support for 1080p screens.
John Legere (T-Mobile CEO) loves Microsoft and Surface Pro 3 but how about some high end WP devices?
Beautiful Lumia 830 Photo-Realistic Renders; Simply Breath-Taking
Having trouble with limited Wifi on HTC 8x with 8.1 dev preview
Volume issues
Glance Issues
[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition Shows Up On Expansys For $349.99
With the new focus on games, I'm interested in knowing how easy is it for people to cheat at getting achievements.
Come on Google: Google Now still doesn't work properly when used by Bluetooth-Headsets and Cars. How hard can it be to fix this?
Nova Launcher Goes Android L With New App Animation, Search Bar, App Drawer Icon, And Folder Preview
Getting Android 'L' style without root
What's your Android device history and which one is your favourite?
Android might change the future of photography
Dial pad volume is very low
Wings Up Premium for iPhone/iPad
[iPhone 5] Phone died in Airplane mode - now can't connect to carrier, even though carrier is recognized. Help please!
I work on Launchpad, the popular free music-making app for iPhone & iPad. It's currently featured on the front of the app store -- please check it out!
Trying to sell an unlocked Iphone 4(A1349). Potential buyer wants to know what networks it can be used on.
Rumors: Apple asked experts about sapphire screens in 2012, iPhone 6's 'A8' to be 2GHz dual-core chip.
Headphones: In line remote compatibility?
Meet Louise, the predecessor of Cortana that hint bigger future for the digital assistant
Random image on L1520
Very annoying problem with 1320
Best College/Univ student planner and organizer apps on WP
Get Cortana to delay the execution of tasks
Protip guys: Email devs for WP apps
WP 8.1 & Roaming Session
Mom wants my 620, so I'm looking to buy a new one. Thinking of the 1320. Thoughts / recommendations?
Having a problem with missing calls, details within.
Should I switch to Windows Phone
Samsung App Store Relaunches, Rebranded as 'Galaxy Apps' (so much for cooperation?)
Enable Chromecast mirroring on more devices (needs root)
Why are accessory makers still focusing on making iPhone-compatible devices instead of Android?
Flash Friday [Jul 11 2014] - Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
6 Best Apps to Record Android Phone Screen as Video [Screen Recorder]
Microsoft Takes A Deeper Interest In The Weather With Latest Android App, 'Climatology'
[DL] Tinder Now Compatible With Android Wear, Life is Complete
[This One Simple Trick] Calculating Your Chromecast Screen Casting Latency Is As Easy As Pulling Out Your Camera
Just a gripe about apps that use geofence.
[Free] iOS Sketch Paper for Designers
I think I may have found a durable, affordable, MFi certified USB->Lightning cable (Finally!)
Is there a way to calculate how good/bad your battery life is by the usage in settings?
When iphone repair goes wonderfully right
My 4s has been declared dead (but I'm not convinced). Get a 5s or another 4s or limp along with a 3?
Claimed iPhone 6 Front Frame with LCD Shielding and Home Button Bracket Shown in New Photo
Question on warranty swap and T-Mobile/Verizon Activation
Looking for Iphone 5/5s case equivalent in fit and feel to official apple case.
No "Home" app to work with HomeKit?
Thought Reddit would like this. A friend made an app with curated gifs that you can easily text to friends
She was no help converting that to dollars, either.
SongArc 3.0 released with Xbox Music search, five difficulty levels and more
Any good music apps now that MS released the Xbox Music API to developers?
LG and Microsoft working together on Windows Phone 8.1, Threshold... and TV.
Microsoft's CEO Talks about WindowsPhone Surface and more
Recurring headphone problem on 520 and 920.
CSV contacts to Lumia?
[All The Things] Android "L" Feature Spotlight Roundup
Google Keyboard 3.1.19633 Update Lays Groundwork For Spoken Emoji, Moves Voice Input Button, Adds 5 Languages
What Personal info is my Device giving away?
My friend's Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phone fell out of his pocket and was run over by the lawn mower. It still works! {The kicker: The music didn't even stop playing.}
Let's take a few seconds to admire how good musiXmatch now looks.
[Hands on Video] Android's New Screen Casting Feature Is A Game Changer, And More
Cricket Wireless has special deals on Samsung, ZTE and Motorola phones ($50 Moto G)
Notific : Lockscreen Notification. Low memory usage, turn on screen by proximity, and more! Dev includes a free version as well.
I Recreated one of the First Video Games ever made for Android, Tennis for Two!
QCast Music Pipes A Collaborative Party Playlist To Your Chromecast
Should I use iOS 8 beta?
iPhone, phone home: A concept that makes it easier for a good samaritan to return a lost iPhone
Report claims iPhone 6 will feature advanced haptic feedback technology
Sad Iphone
Just switched from Android to Windows Phone
Microsoft's mobile OS and phone future at a crossroads -- again (Smartphones Unlocked) - CNET - interesting read!
Weekly beginners question thread: July 10/07/2014
Why I'll be sticking with WP8.1
Subway Surfers | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States) with 512 support !
Share this tweet to make kiloo games put subway surfers windowsphone link on their site
Why can't we have constant updates instead of huge service pack updates?
My Windows Phone Story
Issues with losing data connection
[New Game] Spectacular Platformer Leo's Fortune Is Live In The Play Store
If you get a lot of NlpWakelocks, it might not be completely Googles fault ...
PSA : CyanogenMod will include radio and bootloader in nightlies now for selected devices.
Motorola's re-launch in India has been highly successful; Sold 1 million units in 5 months
I made a Marvel / DC Character Loop Boot animation [HDPI]
Minecraft Pocket Edition's Massive 0.9.0 Update Goes Stable, Brings In Infinite Worlds And Loads Of New Content
Supposed iPhone 6 back casing shown off in new video, including new dark black color.
Dust/dead pixel return policy on 5s?
A simple workaround for those that hate autoplay when connecting to your car.
iPhone water damage question
iOS 7.1.2 Battery and Wifi issues
iTunes music - help!
iPhone 4 charging problem.
[Help] CDMA iPhone 4 signal issues
iPhone 4S lock button
iMessage Issue. Ideas?
The music app has been taking off the appstore but it was on my old phone when i backed it up, restored that back up to my new phone but this app is stuck like this, and doesnt show up in my purchases. How do i get rid of it?
SNAPCAM is a new Windows Phone app to make photobooks with. Exclusive to WP, then coming to iOS/Android.
WP Camera Benchmark! Please, post yours!
Post-apocalyptic game Never Future available for free until August 8th.
Rocket Riot, The Harvest, Carcassone, and more mobile Xbox games delisted | Windows Phone Central
Microsoft's messy gaming strategy on Windows/Windows Phone continues by delisting its own games
Cortana sucks at weather advisories.
Anyone else having problems with wifi roaming with certs?
Verizon has Big Plans for Tomorrow and July 17 50% Off Phones, G3 Launch, Z2 Tablet, and More
Gmail Updated To v4.9 With Google Drive File Attachment [APK Download]
Chromecast App Updated To v1.7 With Screen Casting Integration [APK Download]
OnePlus One Review from an Average User Standpoint
Rumor: Google Prepping Play Store With Device-Specific App Restoration Options
Users of older devices (2.5+ years old), how is it working out for you?
Panicking over Androids factory reset is (mostly) unwarranted
My experiences with the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live (and Android Wear in general)
Report: Samsung Giving Up on Knox, Google To Take Over Android Security
Get a Moto X for Net 10 (GSM Unlocked) for $299 with Moto Maker (x-post /r/MotoX)
Sprint LivePro is an Android-powered mini projector, mobile hotspot, & external battery all in one small package
Google Play Games 2.0 Rolling Out With Level-Up Notifications, UI Tweaks [APK Download]
Anyone still use Motion X GPS Drive?
Does this App Store "feature" drive anyone else nuts?
Apple won't repair my faulty power button because it says it may not be able to put the screen back on, and won't let me check either.
How to subscribie to a custom calendar in Sunrise?
Is there a way to stop a song from automatically playing when a podcast is finished?
Getting rid of an iCloud account without the password?
Does anyone else feel like Launch Center Pro is a completely redundant app?
iPhone on Tracfone
Help needed - iPhone Mail App + Yahoo
Buying a windows phone for the first time (Nokia Lumia 630)
WinPhone catch-up TV app flap: Microsoft to pull 'unauthorised' app... coded by STAFFER.
UserVoice: 60fps and 120fps video recording
Okay, Then, What's The Name Of That Great App That Records Anything BUT PHONECALLS (Gasp!) And...
Google pushes workaround to enable paid apps on Android Wear
If you want an option to include optional special characters on every keyboard layout in future Google Keyboard release, star the issue
Freescale Joins Open Automotive Alliance, Bringing the Android Platform to Cars
I couldn't find a car mount with wireless charging for my Nexus 5, so I made my own
Widget Wednesday (Jul 09 2014) - Your weekly theming thread!
How-To Geek -> Android USB Connections Explained: MTP, PTP, and USB Mass Storage
Apples top lawyer reported Google to FTC over in-app purchases by kids
[DEV] Toggle settings from your watch - Notification Toggle now has (experimental) Android Wear support
My first app: Unstucker suggests ways to change your thinking when facing a problem
What Do You Guys Do When You Have No Wifi and No Signal?
[For Devs] Where do you contact when releasing an app?
Sending pictures from iPhone to Android = EXTREMELY SLOW
How to delete a contact when there's no "edit" button?
Siri liked iOS 8.
[Funny] Thanks for the Location Apple Maps!
Not sure if this is new in the Beta 3 but now you get suggestions to improve battery life
Ever since the Facebook apps last update, I get this when trying to opening videos. Any solution?
What do you use your Windows phone to do?
For those who own a Lumia 930: How is it?
I just bought a used/great condition Nokia Lumia 920 off of Ebay for $130. Questions inside.
Go damn it, Microsoft
What's the best place to buy a 930 in Australia?
HELP! My phone is locked for 60000 minutes (Lumia 720)
Hi all, I'm snickler from XDA-Developers. I have discovered a vulnerability for WP 8.1 apps, but no one seems to care
Get a 1520, or hold out for 1525?
Does anyone know how to replace just the Lumia 1020 front glass?
What the hell cortana?
A golden easter egg opportunity missed!
[Awesome] You Can Correct Misinterpreted Voice Searches By Following Up With 'No, I Said'
Android L keyboard removed from Play Store for violating Developer Distribution Agreement
Google Officially Pulls Xperia Z Ultra, One M7, And G Pad 8.3 GPE Devices Off Play Store, Galaxy S4 Still Out Of Stock
Google is Cleaning Up Its Google Play Edition Section Only One (M8), Moto G, and Galaxy S4 Remain
Control your phone's volume from your Android Wear. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.
Etched Material: my new (free) icon theme based on Android L's action button
If you're still upset or confused about why Google is doesn't like expandable storage in Nexus devices (and in general), here are some benchmarks that should make their reasoning more clear.
Android "L" Spotlight: Task Locking Enables Strict Focus On Apps For Enterprise, Education, And Kiosks
Motorola Connect is now a real, standalone app -- not just a menu in Settings!
PSA: The Avast "research" is a promotional stunt. This is how deleting files works.
Should I wait on the iPhone 6 for my first iPhone?
Apples iOS 8 beta 3 is out: Brings caffeine tracking, big changes for Health app
Traveling long term. Any must have apps?
Cant send or receive text messages to my partner.
Apple patents method of building seamless all-glass iOS devices, monitors and TVs
Apple Patents A Way To Make All-Glass iPhones, iPads, Monitors And TVs
Photoshop Mix for iPad, Lightroom for iPhone Arrive With Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Update
Any method for pulling data from an iPhone backup?
Do iPhone users keep their phone for much longer than Android users do?
Oklahoma Farmer Loses His iPhone In Grain Silo, 9 Months Later He Gets A Call From Japan
Want to switch to iphone. Have a few questions.
Why won't videos pal in Safari? This is what happens.
Cortana should "remember" things
Microsoft Store to sell two Windows Phones from BLU Products, priced at $99 and $199 - Neowin
Nokia HERE DRIVE+ opinions
News app live tile transparent
I've just about had it with the Lumia 930 launch..
Nokia Lumia 1020 battery life
Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 to RTM soon, possibly this week - Neowin
Subway Surfers finally coming to 512 mb RAM devices along with the Paris update!
[App Review] Meditation Timer
Xiaomi - Same specs as Nexus 5 but at exactly half the price. Xiaomi's debut in India.
[DEV] Two months ago I asked for an app that could show the "Open with..." screen only for a few seconds, and if you didn't choose anything, your default app when then launch automagickly. Another redditor delivers, and we want to share!
Android Device Manger got back my Moto X after it was stolen in Vietnam
Samsung Sales Weaken, 11% drop in share value cutting $25 billion off the company's market value.
Follow Up: If you're tempted to choose the Samsung over the LG Android Wear because of the heart monitor...
Reddit Giveaway! (fixed and reposted)
Avast buys factory-reset Android phones from ebay, recover overwhelming amount of personal information from each
Sony Xperia C3 "selfie phone" now official. 5MP front-facing camera w/ soft LED flash.
Android And PC Cross-Device Clipboard Syncing Coming Soon To Pushbullet
I recently got my 5s screen replaced, keypad is no longer disappearing when on a call
I had my 4s unlocked through verizon and I have a few questions.
Horrible wi-fi range?
Create custom 'sound' profile
Internet, both Wi-fi and data, stops working after a while
iPhone user SHAMEGASM: 'I beg of you', delete *** app from my purchase list
Has anyone used the app "Lovely" for looking for places to rent? Having a weird issue with it...
Can't message a certain contact
streaming music from iPhone 5s to LG Google TV
Testing if Iphone is Icloud locked?
Wondering if the start-up cost is worth the business? (iCracked iTech - x-post /r/self)
I'm not sure if this is a good place to ask this, but... Microfiber cloths?
Lumia 1020 Focus Issues | Nokia Repair Centers
Facebook Beta (and stable) doesn't let me tag half of my friends
Why can't I access certain websites on Windows Phone 8.1?
[Modpost] Survey for potential NYC meetup.
AT&T Network problems
Why do Microsoft/Nokia make it so difficult
Lumia 1020 - Internet stops working after a few hours?
I made my first WP app, looking for feedback, and just sharing it in general
Anyone frequent theChive? Their Windows Phone 8 app just received a big update bringing lockscreen support, better live tiles, and more!
Has anyone found a camera that streams to WP?
Xbox music alternative please
Fake Temple Run with 10 Million+ downloads (Yes you read it right, more than 10 Million downloads).
Android L Feature Spotlight: You can "Copy" from the Status menu in Settings with a long press, allowing you to copy/paste your phone number and other values
Polarized Lenses
You can now get reminded about things in Google Now "Occasionally" - perfect for stuff that you need to do from time to time or stuff you want to be nagged about at random intervals
NASA launching Googles Project Tango smartphones into space on July 11th
Isis mobile wallet will rebrand to avoid sharing name with violent militant group
Reports Surface Of The Samsung Gear Live's (Horrible) Charging Mechanism Breaking Off
July Android Platform Distribution Numbers Up: KitKat Inches Forward, Jelly Bean Shrinks
Samsung factory robbed at gunpoint, $36 million in smartphones, tablets and laptops stolen
Google Now Probably Getting Voice Media Controls (Next Track, Stop, Etc.), Unfinished Version Already Live For Some
Samsung Profit Misses Estimates as Cheap Phones Struggle
Foxconn to replace 'iPhone 6' assembly line workers with 10,000 'Foxbot' robots, with each robot capable of producing 30,000 units a year.
Problem with iPhone 5 - dead, won't turn on/charge
Is The IPhone Boring
Can't send an iMessage unless someone has previously sent me one
When I switch to a dark wallpaper, the dock turns to an ugly grey color. Is that normal? Is there a way to adjust a black/transparent dock?
iPhone 5 Verizon has doesn't make or receive calls, intermittent texts/data. GSM works fine.
Am I the only one who absolutely loves the latest music update?
The Lumia 1525, Snapdragon 801, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon
UserVoice: Cortana! Please mute volumes when I am in library
Completely silly and minor idea
Can we get a fix for the album art on XBM?
Back, home, and search buttons not responding.
Allow multiple videos to be selected in Photos app
Bought "I Love Katamari" a while back, can't redownload it now
The awesome battery of the 1520!
Just downloaded the Draw Something App and I'm having issues with getting it to work.
Google Now lets you "Rename" places (in addition to Home & Work)!
2015 Android OS Market share will be great than all other OS's COMBINED
HummingBoard, a new Raspberry Pi rival that supports Android
"Console OS: Dual-Boot Android, Remastered for The PC" Kickstarter campaign
Photos of a never-seen-before, selfie-centric Sony phone with front flash leak out, will be announced tomorrow
PSA: Enabling "Okay Google Everywhere" On The Lock Screen Means Anyone Can Place Calls And Start Navigation, Even If It's Secured
Moronic Monday (Jul 07 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
AT&T LG G3 And LG G Watch Available On July 11, pre-order July 8.
AcDisplay updates with new interface, lockscreen options and more!
[Bug Watch] Paid Apps Cannot Be Installed On Android Wear, Play Store Encryption Likely At Fault
Guys, I need serious help.
Has anyone had experience with these iPhone 5 conversion/restoration kits?
Almost bought a stolen iPhone 5S..wouldn't memorize the number, anyway to find owner out just with IMEI/Serial number?
Question for anybody who can repair an iphone 5s all the way down to the back housing
Upgrade my 4s to a 5s now or wait for the 6 to be released?
Iphone 4 Stuck on Black Screen with Status Bar
Use iPhone in a DIY Photobooth for wedding? Is it possible to hook phone up to a monitor and plug in a remote control to take pictures?
Looking to buy a 5s. How much should I be paying used?
Onetube no longer works and isn't available for download. Anyone know why?
I find this annoying. Windows phone rant
Issue Sending/Receiving Pictures
Lumia 520 for $54 Only, No contract At&t locked
Damn you Jawbone!
Problems with "All Day" Calendar events
Is anyone else baffled why, after all these years, Google can't freakin' offer the option to rename saved places in Maps
[DEV] Search Everything - A faster file search for your file system
An Android Wear app I wrote this weekend - Phone Finder
[DEV] Today I made an app to share your location with friends, check it out (It's free!)
Apple and Google move computing forward in identical-yet-incompatible ways
Never forget your Android phone with Wear Aware for Android Wear
LocalCast updated with material design. If this is the future of Android apps, count me in!
What's coming next for 2015-2016+ flagships ?
4K recording, is it even worth it? [Discussion]
iPhone stolen by someone who knows me and/or brother, but not exactly sure who.
Will the iPhone 5C be obsolete soon or is it still a viable option for the near future?
iPhone 6 designations found on accessory site
Turned on my old iPhone 4 after a few months of inactivity to see this... I guess I best start waiting!
Anyone have problems connecting to wifi?
What exactly do the numbers in the Nokia Lumia line signify?
Huge update is coming to Windows Phone, v8.10.14130 already in testing.
Lumia 620 owners (or anyone with a HAAC microphone), what's the sound quality like using voice/sound recorder?
Ability to change DNS with the WP8.1 update.
Another Android to WP switch - thoughts so far
WP 8.1 and car bluetooth
How to use the 8.1 cursor
If you haven't already, go check out AppCampus collection from WPStore!
Project AMP aims to use your Windows Phone to replace expensive hearing tests.
I have a huge problem with my HTC 8x right now.
Phone just went through water, I need some advice on getting a cheap new one.
Why isn't there an area code specific SMS option for iMessage?
Virgin Mobile iPhone 5c - GSM locked?
How do you keep your phone's temp down while it's mounted on your car's dash?
I need advice on buying an iPhone 5s 32gb
Samsung's releases Apple wall hugger commercial, despite dealing with class action on deceptive battery life numbers, and premature battery failure complaints...
VERY EXCESSIVE battery drain on iphone 5S, please help!!
Kind of a neat photo. Every generation of iPhone side by side
Redownloading songs in 8.1
Does anybody here actually ******* like their phones?
Cortana says just a few more days before official launch
Lumia 830 Render Leaks, With "Nokia by Microsoft" Branding and 13 Mp Camera
Lumia 1525 reportedly arriving on T-Mobile, no details on specs or pricing just yet
Nokia Phone Map Download Issues
My Pressy alternative finally arrived. Some impressions.
Rumor Recap: Which Rumors Have Come True, And What's Yet To Come
Android Wear: Enable Debugging, Take Screenshots, Unlock The Bootloader, And Root The LG G Watch
Commandr for Google Now. You can now turn on/off wifi, gps, flashlight etc. But you have to make a note to self.
Will we ever see 4.5~4.7" screen flagships again?
100 Days of Android
Samsung gives you reasons to upgrade to the Galaxy S5... from the Galaxy S III
Guys over at XDA have a booting Nexus 4 Android L Preview port, (work in progress)
Does a manufacturer skin necessarily have to be a bad thing and why?
Smartphones with high capacity batteries by Amprius are finally starting to appear in the market
[Help]:After upgrade to 7.1.2, can't connect to wifi
Thanks to Apple's botched update I lost the best app ever
iPhone 5s brightness causing problems.
What's the best technology stack for a new mobile iOS developer?
Project Free TV
The world's most expensive Nokia Lumia 930 is?
Does anyone else have audio issues of sounding "muffled" when calling others?
Battery sense makes no sense
Looking for UI designer for partnership [x-post /r/wpdev]
Who has the best Windows Phone camera app? Nokia, Microsoft or Proshot?
To all developers: Using the Xbox Music api you can download full songs.
Nokia Lumia 930 in Europe
Today I published my very first game! I'm very proud of it and I would really appreciate some user feedback!
Need help with options for recovering a Live ID (plus bonus 1020 hardware question)
"Ok Google" Hot word detection anywhere causing battery drain?
The Mysterious L Preview Battery Usage
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [July 5th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread! CHROMECAST EDITION!
Some Users (me included) Are Experiencing A Complete Loss Of Gmail Sync On Android, Google Is Aware And Is Actively Looking Into It
ARM Launches Juno Reference Platform For 64-bit Android Development, Bakes In Linaro Support
Is there a way to block a particular phone number from calling you, without blocking texts from that number? (Stalker issue.... :-/ )
Tired of the boring Apple notes app? Try the design of this simplistic notes app!!
Posse - A simple dot game - Featured in 138 countries - Leave a review or let me know what you think in the comments!
All VisTech.Projects paid measurement apps for iPhone and iPad on sale today.
My three games for iOS are now free
New service bypasses Apples Activation Lock theft deterrent feature for $150
Hey, this might not be the right place to post this but I don't have anywhere else to go. My iPhone 5 won't connect with a one certain laptop (it works with other computers and laptops). I am using the original cable.
Samsung Bashes iPhone Battery Life, Calls Users 'Wall Huggers' in New Galaxy S5 Ad
iPhone keeps flickering apple logo and won't turn on?
The future of Cortana is intelligent, emotional, and potentially dangerous?
Any other ativ s users on dev preview with this problem?
(Spotify APP) Says it's free but isn't...
Any way to lock my Lumia without my lock button?
Help Please! "Tap to Open"
Finding community made playlists
Looking for testers for my /first/ app - CookieBib
Issues with Bing Rewards Mobile
Android "L" Spotlight: Colored And Transparent Status Bars Give Apps Even More Control Over Design
Android Wear spec war?
LG G3 for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile (left to right) - Evleaks
Qualcomm has forced GitHub to take down over 100 Git repositories over alleged copyright infringement.
I won a OnePlus One in their "Storm of Invites" contest, I'm here to answer your most obscure questions about the phone. Ask Me Anything!
Followup: Qualcomm has retracted the DMCA Takedown issued to Github
iPhone 5 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issue?

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