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[HELP] iPhone 4S will not connect to WiFi whatsoever.
Anyone know if any good battery/wallet combo? (e.g. wally + morphie)
Cracked Screen.. insurance?
Flash Card App: Mental Case - japanese characters?
Beautiful iPhone 6 3D render based on recent leak
In spite of some nifty new features, IE 11 so far has been a letdown - it's cludgy in comparison to the former.
Anyone else experiencing slight delay during swipes?
After 2 hard resets, 8.1 works wonderfully!
I love the excitement but I think Cortana posts may need a weekly thread.
Add keyboard input to the "Project My Screen App" (Uservoice)
Good sign! Update to fix an error in preview being worked on
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [Apr 19th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread!
5 Google Play Credit if you have a Chromecast and are in the UK
What's the point of removing hardware buttons?
I "won" a free OnePlus One 2 days ago. Today they changed the winners (rigged contest)
[Review] Huawei Honor 3c
AnandTech "water cools" the Galaxy S5 and eliminates thermal throttling.
7.1 and charging
Boyfriend changed from iphone to Android but my iphone won't stop sending texts as imessages.
i wrote an ios game! KiwiKick - it is a stupid and simple game to pass the time with when you have nothing better to do.
Something irritating while iPhone is connected to car stereo... ideas?
Some apps have changed language?
Bought my friends broken iPhone 5S, advice needed.
Just launched my 3rd app. Its a small business crm called Selly CRM. Its free
Deleting text message help.
Since Monday I have converted two people from iPhone to WP.
Major Battery drain after updating to WP8.1? Try this.
A very simple and awesome way to make a cool looking lockscreen for your Windows Phone
A little info on the Developer Preview. [Windows Phone 8.1]
WP 8.1 brought new life to my HTC 8S. I have already reconsider my upcoming phone upgrade.
6tag and 6sec get updates for 8.1, CloudSix support and more | Update Now Live
As an Android fan, my experience with the Windows Phone
Idea for Xbox Music - Incorporate all features from Music part of the Xbox Music+Videos hub from Windows Phone 8 and features from Zune Music+Videos hub on WP7 - Please vote!
4 years ago I made a clone of the super fillup game Ad that was displayed on the right side of Reddit. Today I published the port of the game for Android.
Some of AndroidDevelopers' favorite Android Wear ideas from the community - these look great
CloudCaster just released. Allows you to cast from cloud storage (Drive, Dropbox, & more).
Set up Google email but calendar not showing up?
iPhone 4S help (Extreme Issues)
how to tell factory unlock
Still looking for help! Someone suggested this was made with an iphone. Was it?
Colors are darker/less saturated then on my calibrated Macbook Pro
How to activate my R-SIM/Gevey iPhone 4s? I have problems with that and I used 3 cards...
Turning the changing time zones off in my Calendar app?
Looking for a photo/sharing app with the following
My iPhone 5 stopped charging so I went to the Apple Store...
Apple iPhone Orgy
Messing around with the start screen background
Some great stuff happened today with my WP8.1
Blocking IE11 from running in the background solved my -3.8%/h battery drain on idle
Help Seles Games (maker of Weave News for Windows Phone) fight a patent troll
How is this not being hyped? - save to SD card!!
Anyone who wants to suggest new features or have things fixed in Xbox Music here's your chance!
So has anyone got a Bluetooth keyboard working with WP81?
I made a Flappy Bird game back before the flood. Just got a Windows Phone and thought I'd learn how to port it over. Here it is! It was quite popular on Android and has completely hand drawn and real scanned water color graphics.
How can I install fonts and possibly a keyboard for a VERY unnusual languange (Karen)
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has arrived on Android x-post- /r/androidgaming
After a long struggle trying to teach myself how to program, I've finally finished my first game, "Cat or Dog?" It's very basic, but I'm ecstatic that I've reached this point! I'm sorry if this is the wrong sub.
How Intel is working to get new, young programmers into Android Development
Has anyone else experienced issues streaming from Play Music and Youtube?
New company uses icloud, can I keep my Android phone?
[Interview] Koushik "Koush" Dutta On Leaving Cyanogen, Inc. And His Return To ClockworkMod
Xiaomi fires shots at OnePlus, to announce their first tablet on same day as OnePlus One reveal
[Dev] Shuttle+ Music Player updated with chromecast support, tons of UI changes and a new pink theme!
After seeing a couple Facebook redesigns posted here, I decided to create one myself.
Stacks Flashcards Pro Key Giveaway
CNN App Gets A Holo Makeover With Support For Tablets And Phones In One App
iPhone not turning on, white gunk on sim card tray, ruptured battery?
[Question] A truck rammed into my passenger speed. Driver accepted responsibility on a recorded video but the audio is lost - Anyway I can recover it?
Anybody ever seen this message on a group text? All but one of my friends on this text have iPhones except one, is that the problem? I was trying to send a picture...
Interest AppleCare+ experience. Thoughts?
Crunchy 5S home button?
Autofill street address?
This reminds me of iPhone 5S home button
Really Apple? Not only does the AppleCare email have an iPhone 3GS on iOS 2, but the screen has an icon on the right...?
Why am I getting 1x in areas I shouldn't?
PSA: If your friends are moving from iPhone to Windows Phone, tell them to turn off iMessage first.
Developers can respond to reviewers in Windows Phone 8.1 Store
did anyone else notice the new "Reading Mode" in IE11 on WP8.1???
Proud new Windows Phone owner! (Nokia 925)
How notification toggles should be
Last year, I_SHIT_KARMA posted a mockup of tiles with a background image, a concept implemented in 8.1. The post received a lot of comments saying it would never work and I'm wondering if those people have changed their minds or still think its a step in the wrong direction.
Elided text, or scientists have run out of non-trivial things to do?
Chrome Remote vs Teamviewer..
Motorola accessory discount (code SPRING30)
An Android Phone That Lasts Up to 2 Months! Meet the Philips W6618
LG G2 Kit Kat Update Available From Verizon Via Upgrade Assistant
Chrome Beta v35 remembers last app used for sharing.
My first day (literally) on my Gs5 battery!
Sprint Removes Mention Of The Android 4.4.3 Update For The Nexus 5 From Its Website, No Sign Of OTA Either
Samsung begins rolling out Android 4.4.2 update for Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)
Upgraded to an iPhone 5S today. It has less GB than my last iPhone, and now I can't restore
A question for all you iPhone gurus out there about background changes.
Alternative 30 pin charger with strain relief?
iMessage problems
How many iPhones did Apple sell last quarter?
(X-post /r/Apple) How to leak images of the iPhone 6: A beginner's guide
Mms was deleted???
Search the Web for Selected Words & Phrases from Almost Anywhere in iOS
Stop The Apple Stalking By Disabling Frequent Locations In iOS 7
Apple should make Assistive Touch part of the control center.
Sometimes my music screen changes to this and won't change back. What gives?
Transparency Tiles: pin transparent tiles for Xbox Music, Xbox Games, HERE Maps, etc. in all three tile sizes
8.1 and the Text Cursor
Weekly beginners question thread: April 17/04/2014
The new Podcast app needs improvement.
I didn't see the need for a notification centre. Now I don't know how I lived without it.
New Windows phone 8.1 features I found
Old Music + Videos Hub still lives in 8.1, how to access it (any devs please try to make an app that launches this w/o NFC tag)
Re-installing apps and games with Windows Phone 8.1 is now easier, here's how
Xbox Music for Windows Phone 8.1 receiving first update next week; here are the changes | Windows Phone Central
anyone else unable to long-press to move text field cursor around after upgrading to 8.1 preview?
Xbox Music for Windows Phone 8.1 receiving first update next week; here are the changes
Showbox force quitting? Here's your solution.
Updated Google Calendar For Android Finally Suggests Locations Of Nearby Places And Lets You Join Video Calls In Hangouts
LG G3 leaks out: Quad HD display likely, polycarbonate body (removable back cover too)
My Pressy knock off arrived
XE16 GlassVoice.apk Teardown Reveals That Glass Might Be Headed To Japan, Unused Voice Commands
TIL over 1/3 of current SGS5 owners came from the iPhone to it
Google removes "preloading" features with new youtube update for no apparent reason.
You can now cast live Major League Baseball games on Chromecast
[New App] Sony Sticks Its Xperia Keyboard Into The Play Store To Allow For Easier Updates
Intel CEO Bets on Android Tablets Rather than Windows to Bring Profitability to Mobile Division
MLB.com At Bat App Updated With Chromecast Support Fashionably Late For The 2014 Season
Tinker Thursday [Apr 17 2014] Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
Other data is up to 5 gigs, can't seem to pinpoint source. Help please.
Are these crazy reasons to move from a 5S to a 4S?
Lost my playlists after deleting them on the phone. Any way to get them back?
Tried to activate an iPhone I bought on Craigslist months ago and Sprint told me it has a bad IMEI and wouldn't activate it. What are my options now?
Phone not plugged in but I get... "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone" - Wifi Sync issue?
This is a kind of crazy idea but i'm new with this stuff. Help with restoring old ios version.
Trouble with FaceTime! Please help!
You guys are a great community.
What's your favorite app that most people don't know about?
Karma train for reddit updated with new features and bug fixes
All apps are closed. All notifications are off. The downloading pinwheel next to the LTE is still going. What gives?
[Cortana showing only Bing results] Bing engineers - "do not reinstall. :) That won't fix it. We're looking into this."
Microsoft rolls out personalized cards on Bing.com to help users track news, weather, flights, and stocks
Differing between Cortana's Remind Me and Calendar Tasks
How to share your Windows Phone's internet - whether or not your carrier wants you to
Cortana Feature Request: Remind me to pick up diapers from ANY Target store.
Cortana: "while you were out"?
Windows Phone Explorer v1.0 - You asked for some of it.
OnePlus One Phone Will Indeed Ship for Under $400 in US
OnePlus One Mockup
Google Releases Chromoting App For Accessing Computers Remotely From Android Devices
LG G3 Retail Box Pictured, Phone to Come in Gold Variant and Confirmed to Sport 25601440 Resolution Display
[APK Teardown] Advanced Camera Mode, Photo Sphere Live Wallpaper, And More Hiding In Google Camera
Here's A Complete Look At All That's Changed In The New Google Camera [Hands-On]
Repeatedly forcing your phone to turn on after the battery dies can cause a partial reset
First time iPhone buyer. Need advice.
A warning on where "iPhone Gaming" is going. Do not buy or play these "Games".
Best Download Manager for iPhone?
Obtain the battery information? Without iBackupbot or Jailbreaking?
Why is this not built into the camera app?
Morning wake-up with Cortana - how else can we give her more personality?
Other Storage finally resolved in 8.1! Proof! Not sure if you guys know about this or not but here.
Why not make Cortana hands free?
Location Reminders and Driving Mode
My theme just randomly changed color
[PSA] Remember: Only the CORE OS is RTM. Anything that can be updated from the store will be in the next few weeks.
how wp8.1 delivers Microsoft's wp7 promise
PSA: Cortana may not talk to you.
New s5 and white s-view case reminded me of something...
Myth Busted: The raised camera lens on the One X (and older models like Desire HD) did not make it more susceptible to scratches. Included comparison with flush lens on M8 (its not pretty).
Google Play still tops iOS app store downloads, and now narrowing revenue gap, too
My Application Note Crypt, with a completely new graphics and more functions. As always FREE, no ads, no IAP. I'm looking for advice and suggestions.
Hands On With The Xperia Z2 Smartphone And Z2 Tablet, Sonys Waterproof Wonders
BBC opens up iPlayer downloads to Android smartphones and tablets
Low-Light Camera Output Comparison: ASUS ZenFone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520, Sony Xperia Z1 and HTC One M8
[New App] Frontback Arrives On Android To Bring Context To Your Selfies
Popular iOS app Retrica comes to Android for the selfie lovers who are not yet sick of filters
Youtube now allows you to watch in portrait mode on your iPhone if the video was shot vertically
I just finished building my first online store! Create your own artisan iPhone case with CaseHappy :)
What are some apps that allow you to download an app or watch a video and get points to buy gift cards?
Is there a difference in the technology or anything with the battery cases?
Need AT&T unlock help!
Song help
iPhone 5s screen is lifting from top-right hand corner.
Need to carrier unlock 2nd hand iPhone 5
Getting pretty frustrated about the "other" data filling up my iphone...
Buying an unlocked iPhone in Japan
3 Iphone models, same problem. Help?
iPhone location is wrong
Why does the calendar app use the internet to search through my contacts when inviting others?
iPad mini. Shrink it to the exact dimensions of iPhone 5S. Blow up the display a bit.
I am now a believer
Nifty new text message/calendar integration in WP8.1
Windows Phone 8.1 bug/complaint thread
How to swear like a champ using the Word Flow keyboard in Windows Phone 8.1
TileGap: Fill the gaps in your start screen & see more of your background
Like the Zune HD Wallpapers but wish they were bigger? Here you go! [1920x1080]
At first I wasn't very impressed with Cortana, but now I'm sold
Is anyone else frustrated by Google Image search?
Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S5 Models Have Download Booster After All, Its Just Hidden
Sent z1 for Repair (UK) returned with Kitkat!..and more.
Apple, Samsung, mobile carriers to debut anti-theft **** switch in 2015 -- Voluntary industry move appears to get ahead of pending anti-theft bill
Here's the HTC One M8 I won through the giveaway by shenye!
What's this icon on the far left next tithe wifi symbol??
Screen turns off after sending message
Digitizer repair question. New front screen but problem persists (4S)
Disabled everything in Notification Center (for Starbucks app), yet this still appears on the lock screen when I'm near a store. Help?
iPhone 6 front panel. New Leak.
Here's the list of stuff Cortana suggests you can ask.
Joe Belfiore: "Oh... #WP8.1 dev preview isn't all we launched today. Want to BUILD AND SHIP a phone? http://oem.windowsphone.com/ is now live too!" "Existing Android phones can be re-used as Windows Phone devices"
Give me back my Cobalt!
Windows Phone 8.1 - The Complete What's New (@shanselman)
Custom low-poly style Backgrounds for the new WP 8.1 meet PolyScreen !
FYI: In 8.1 WP you may need to disable any background tasks/apps you had previously disabled in 8.0.
Hubs - are they really dead?
Lost my phone at a motor show and Android Device Manager saved me!
HTC USA President Says Sense 6 Coming to HTC One (M7) By End of May
Android UI/UX (Re)Design Challenge 2.0 - 5 Best Entries win Android T-Shirt!
I think I found a security hole (risk?) in the Galaxy S4's pin locking.
[SamMobile] Galaxy S5s fingerprint scanner can be easily hacked
iPhone 5S Screen Replacement: Parts Vendor questions.
Check Out My First Ever iOS App!
Anyone else only having one speaker work (4s)
iPhone problems in Guatemala. Dead battery and my phone isnt charging.
PROBLEM - Contacts randomly deleted
Disconnecting native Mail application on iOS7?
Can anyone help identify what case this is?(more details in comments)
New skin for my iPhone 5!
Am I the only one to whom Cortana is not very chatty?
Discussion, FAQ and Everything Regarding "Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview"
Cortana needs a "correct that" action. Also, a list of suggested Cortana phrases.
Did Google screw up Youtube on WP8.1?
WP8.1 Review: "Anyone who's been on the fence about Windows Phone no longer has an excuse to sit there."
I love Windows Phone
Windows Phone Explorer Update
Camera comparison: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8), Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s, LG G2, Nexus 5, Sony Xperia Z1
'Brightest Flashlight' Android app that stored location data without user consent gets no FTC fine
Android never ceases to amaze me
Will Google Now get an open API? What functionality would you like to see from it?
Any idea if/when a "complete my album" feature will be coming to Google Play Music?
How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 with CF-Auto-Root. Most US carriers and international
[Serious] So r/Android, what do (or don't you) have against Apple?
Brightest Flashlight Android app disclosed location of 50 million people, but FTC imposes no fine -- "What happens if you install secret tracking software on the phones of tens of millions of people and sell their location to advertisers? Not much"
iPhone keeps restarting.
Slow internet on iPhone 5 but getting fast speed tests
Does anyone remember ngmoco?
We're looking for testers for a new kind of alarm clock app. Use for a week, answer some questions? Any interest here?
Not sure if this is the right place, but im maybe looking at getting a 4S and i have a query.
How to save Notes?
My future fantasy for Cortana
Windows Phone 8.1 Impression and Discussion
Windows Phone 8.1 review: a magnificent smartphone platform
Changing your region will NOT enable Cortana.
Still no gapless, and Xbox music is worse than ever :(
Xbox Music is ridiculous
[MEGATHREAD]8.1 Upgrade issues.
Cortana outside US, Here's how you activate it.
All the HERE Apps Updated for Windows Phone 8.1 (HERE Drive+ Free for Everyone)
A bunch of tips for 8.1
Looks like Microsoft knows how much I'm looking forward to this update
Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom will be called the Samsung Galaxy K; phone will be unveiled on April 29th
The Pressy app will be hardware DRM enforced
new version of Android 4.4.3 rolling out now
BlackBerry to release Heartbleed fixes for BBM Messenger, Secure Work Space
Desktop Music Player foobar2000 Is Headed To Android By Way Of A Kickstarter Campaign
Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR M expected to get Android 4.4 KitKat in a few weeks
Moronic Monday (Apr 14 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
Problems with texting others who have recently updated their iPhone
[20 FREE PROMO CODES] My 2nd app : Ddding for iPhone - Multiple event notifier
Contact syncing with Gmail?
Is there an app I can use to view a folder of images on my iMac via my iPhone?
Message badge app icon shows 6 new messages
Screen occasionally clicks
What does this mean?
Microsoft Vs. Europe
8.1 w/ a white background
Lock screen app idea...
Onedrive Interruption
Bluetooth/Shattered Screen problem.
Do you love the hangouts ui? Do you love Cyanogen's sms app features? Would you like these two combined? Then look nowhere else but here.
I know I'm not the first to do this, but I'm starting to create some wallpapers that replicate/are based on Google Now's abstract landscapes. They are 1920x1080. I have two done, so let me know what you think so far.
AP Rumor - Android Icons will get a full makeover (Pictures inside)
HTC Blinkfeed Port- For real! (4.4 and rooted only)
Those of you with wireless changing - how do you like it?
Cheaper and plastic version of the HTC One M8 coming next month
So I just went from a Nokia Lumia 900 (WP 7.8) to an HTC One M8 for my virgin Android experience.
Quick review of Oppo Find 7
Lenovo to out $130 Golden Warrior S8 octa-core smartphone that completely destroys the Moto G.
Problems with multiple Gmail accounts
Iphone 5 stuck in restart loop, updated then wiped it and after I synced with iCloud, it entered the loop again. Please help.
App store
Is the lifeproof for the 5S good?
Looking for day off app - all I can find in iTunes / Google is not what I'm looking for
How do I check the date on the iPhone?
New to iPhone, any recommended apps?
My iPhone 5S battery stats. Good or bad?
I'm sure this has been said but whoever designed the Remote app needs to be in charge of the Music app
Show me your home screens! I'm looking for new apps and screen arrangements.
Get the hell out my screen.
Please help me understand my Nokia Lumia 521...
Couple of interesting tweets from Joe Belfiore
Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview Will Not Include Lock Screen Theming App
Windows Phone app development ignored yet again. This time by foobar2000 Mobile...Sigh!
New 8.1/Cyan/930 photos | AAWP
How to avoid being trolled by '8.1 IS HERE GUYS'
Just got a 1020, thinking about returning
Switched from an iPhone 5 to a Lumia 1520 3 days ago, wondering if anyone who switched from an iPhone is having the same issue as me.
Problem opening tweets with pictures
It's almost been two years, and XBox music is still a steaming pile of s***.
Wondering about apps. Coming from Android (2012 Nexus 7) and Symbian (808 PV).
What should I be afraid of?
M8 users, let's see the best and worst of what this camera can do!
Galaxy S5 battery performance after day 2
Galaxy S5 scores amazing on PhoneArena battery life test: the longest-lasting flagship has the endurance of a tablet
Wish Google Play implemented these..
Samsung Galaxy S5's first day sales were 30% to 100% higher than its predecessor's launch day sales
My take on how the Facebook app should look.
15 Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks. The S5 can do more than you think
I did camera shootouts and compared HTC M8 and Nexus 5.
WSJ: Amazon set to announce an Amazon smartphone based on Android, with glasses-free, revolutionary 3D screen with eye-tracking, after Google I/O in June
I need help with my iPhone 5, desperate!
First iPhone
[help] Don't know if this is the right place?
iTunes not detecting iPhone (Windows 7)
Cordova App for Windowsphone
Notification center 8.1
Question about Cortana
any news on new Nokia for T-Mobile?
Quick Toast Notification Question - Lumia 1520
Just got a WP8 device - why did they really ditch the Zune software? It's far superior to the WP8 media application
Get a 1520, or wait?
I only have 10GB of OneDrive Storage... Not even enough for the photos I've taken on my Lumia 1020, any options to up this without paying for it?
Ditched my iPhone 4S for a Lumia Icon!
Jukebox VS Google Music
Lead designer of Twitter talks about "why dont designers take Android seriously?" (Pretty interesting read)
Is It Possible to Defend HTC's Camera Decision on The One (M8)?
Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google's VP of engineering for Android, comes to Samsungs defense against Apple
Review: Why buy an HTC One M8 Google play Edition instead of a Nexus 5? | Ars Technica
Trying my hand at a Facebook redesign that brings the app more in line with Android, while preserving their current aesthetic
Mailbox notifications not updating correctly
iPhone 5S unlocking question. [Help]
iphone 4s help - touch screen unresponsive
Campus Beer Run 3D for iPhone, iPad and Android - New iPhone, iPad and Android Game App
A 1520 dilemma
Slow Music Performance on Nokia Lumia 920
Me Tile Plug Ins?
As promised, my updated Start Screen Customizer for Windows Phone 8.1 is here :)
How Android Changed My Life
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [Apr 12th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread!
[DEV] Dash UI. My new icon pack has just been released, & it's yours for the day.
FYI - T-Mobile's offering LTE tablets at Wi-Fi price (32GB Nexus 7 LTE for $269), plus 1GB/mo LTE free for 2014. Details in post
Games with graphics that show off what the Snapdragon 800/801 GPU can deliver.
Huawei mediapad x1 Price and Spec VERY 1st 4G LTE tablet phone from huawei
So, I took apart my new GS5, Here is my $.02 on repairability.
ASUS ZenFone 5 lastest asus smartphone target market iphone samsung lenovo huawei
The Photos app, in conjunction with iCloud/Photo Stream, needs a major overhaul.
My new (free) Gif creation app, built with Reddit in mind! Would love to hear any and all feedback :)
Removing wifi pop up while getting directions?
Record and Navigate! Cam Guide: A very different hiking navigation tool. New online and free in a limited time. Welcome comments.
I can't restore my iPhone, and I don't know what to do
Major iPhone 4 problems
Email scam, heads up!
Flight of the 928
No file Manager/ Windows Explorer in WP 8.1. Want one?
How does Windows Phone 8.1 look with the white background theme?
What is the point of a 1080p screen on a phone?
Thought I'd share this app with you all - you might need it one day!
TIL how to turn of the screen of any phone with double tap or any other gesture, no Root required
Android KitKat uptake slower than Jelly Bean, North American web traffic suggests
[Twitter] Droid-Life: Verizon also disabled Paypal fingerprint support on their Galaxy S5
[Twitter] Chainfire: Rooting/voiding KNOX warranty on the S5 also disables the 'private mode' functionality
Hi, r/android, 2 years ago I asked you to try out my first game... [Update]
Are purchased songs supposed to sync across devices into the purchased playlist? (No iTunes Match)
Exchange new Verizon 5c if not original owner?
iCloud Restore Help!
Can anyone recommend an app like Screenshot Maker Pro that has older devices as well?
iPhone & iPhoto Photo Stream logistics confusion
Best tough charging case for 5S?
iPhone or iTouch for blind people. Is a computer necessary? Beginner questions.
Think iphone may be broke? help please
Seriously, this pisses me off. I'm paying for data, and even if I go over the data and tmobile reduces my speed til the next billing cycle, I should still be able to use my phone with full functionality at the reduced data speed.
How do you fix this AppStore glitch? I couldn't update my apps for 2 weeks now.
Lumia 820 screen permanently deactivates while making a call, desperate for a solution!
Question about updating to WP 8.1
the Endomondo sports tracker has been updated...most significant is the speed....:)
I personally think its really good that Samsung is acknowledging WP
The Windows Phone app on Windows 8 has been improved substantially.
Check out MSR's demo on interactive live tiles. Possibility for future windows phones as well?
OT/FYI: Microsoft Accounts and related services are not impacted by the 'Heartbleed' vulnerability
Do you think the large influx of non-devs jumping on the dev preview will have consequences?
Best Places for Windows Phone Information, Future Releases?
Dilemma: Nexus 5 vs. Windows Phones
Sprint LG G3 (LG-LS990) leaked in an UA Profile. 14402560 display,MSM8974 CPU, Android kitkat, 3GB RAM...
Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone goes on sale today around the world
Spotify finally adds audio dimming, and it seems to already be broken
Working on a new concept: would appreciate some input!
Businessweek hijacks Samsung Galaxy S5 launch to highlight deadly worker conditions
First alleged camera samples from the OnePlus One appear
Is it still a good idea to wait and not buy devices as soon as they're released?
What incentive is there for an App Developer to continue "updating" his app? And are Mobile Users too entitled to their $1 purchase?
[HELP] Brand New iPhone won't hook up with iTunes.
Repeated problem with iPhone 5 touch screen freezing. All the normal fixes not working.
Can I completely reset the IPhone 4?
Iphone 5 headphone mode. Any ideas?
Uncleared AMBER Alerts delaying alarm
Could someone help me find a solution?
DAE find this sub a place where ppl ask ?s they could simply google to get the answer?!?!
Apple, why do I need to re-enter my password so often to use Touch ID? My fingerprint isn't changing, and neither is my password.
The only reason why I still have yelp installed.
#TIL About the calculator. Guess I'm late?
Will WP 8.1 support three-button inline headphone controls?
1520 Heaven
Newegg selling Lumia 1520 with U.S. bands, 32GB, and Qi wireless charging for $624.99
Should I take off my screen protector?
WP8 vs WP8.1 performance
I finally ordered my 925 from HSN!
Considering the 930, but am nervous to buy it..
Official Android Blog: Expanding Googles security services for Android
Does the LG G2 run hot? I just came back from a sprint store and it was the only flagship Android that was noticeably warm to the touch. It was also the closes to the front window and i suppose it could have been the only one in the sun for most of the day.
'Unlocked' GS5 is region-locked until you make five minutes of calls
I need to hear your wisdom!
HTC training material shows why the One (M8) outclasses the Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsungs Galaxy S5 has plenty of upgradesso why does it feel so meh? | Ars Technica
Facebook Is Killing Your iPhone Battery. These Are The Easy Steps To Fix It
is there anything happening with the Push case?
Changed my gmail password within my phones setup because of the heartbleed news, but my phone won't recognise the new password. I am definitely typing it in right. Any ideas?
If I buy this no contract iPhone 5c could I use it on sprints prepaid network or would I have to have a 2 year contract still? (Sorry I'm not tech savy)
No more in-app chat: Facebook moving messages to Messenger, eliminating iOS Chat Heads.
Review of 'Final Dusk' - new vampire-based puzzle game; comment on the linked site to win one of two iOS redemption codes.
How will iPhone 6 UI design look like? What UI designers should be aware of?
Smoothest iOS version for a 3GS?
Help me Reddit. Just bought an iPhone 5 and it won't charge or turn on. Am I being stupid?
Can't assign spam emails to the junk folder in Yahoo, works fine for Gmail and Hotmail. Any ideas on a fix?
Does anyone have spare Digitizer for an iPhone 4S?
Getting error messages when texting.
Renamed folders using emoji. Anyone see what I was going for?!
I filmed my friend's group (Made in Heights) performing in Brooklyn with my Lumia 920. Prepare to be blown away by the quality of the sound!
I switched from BB & iOS to WP in january, & Theres still 1 thing i still prefer using on my iphone, Has it improved in 8.1
I think this is the reason why facebook messaging is removed from the message hub thing, By shoving down another app on our phones
Weekly beginners question thread: April 10/04/2014
Upgraded from 928 to the Icon
Possible thinnest Windows Phone in production? New Neo M1 rips out Android and uses Windows Phone instead.
I too went to a concert and was blown away by the sound quality my 920 got in a pretty damn loud place
[pin.it] Pinterest client - App Update
Speculative post: could Microsoft be preparing to ditch the Bing banner for Cortana?
Just got a Lumia 1520
Windows phone or Google phone?
Are There Any Changes In The People Hub?
Have iphone friends that dont understand why you prefer Android? Take them on a trip.
So I created a petition for the ongoing image processing issue with Instagram... Sign it to help solve the problem
Facebook to Remove Chat Out of Main App, Forcing Users to Download Messenger
OnePlus One is revealing the launch countries. Austria, Germany announced so far.
I've had my Galaxy S5 for almost 24 hours now. Quick review and AMA about this phone.
Head of Google Payments Says Wallet Will be Here For a Long While Yet !
'fake' Android antivirus app developer says Virus Shield was a 'foolish mistake'
Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint all removed download booster on S5
Tinker Thursday [Apr 10 2014] Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
I'd die without my phone: 5 people whose lives were saved by iPhones
Lost iPhone. Is there any chance whoever has it can access my information?
The dreaded "iMessage won't activate"
Features that we want and are willing to do something about
Should 'Moves' keep my 5s from going to sleep?
Restored Friends Iphone 5s and now i'm stuck
I need help. I'll give $10 Amazon gift card to anyone that gives me advice that actually works in my situation and fixes my problem. (Details inside)
[HELP] My mum's iPhone 4s has this loading circle (right hand corner) running constantly and we can't figure out why. [more info in comments]
Newb needs help from the patient among you...few things I can't sort out.
Cortana may be Windows Phones killer app, but not in Canada
Are there public transit app alternatives? Here Transit's choice isn't on top.
the best Google play store video ever..
Rumor: Google Now Will Soon Detect And Remind You Where You Parked.
Facets - a wallpaper app with muzei support + free print giveaways!
Band Wagon Playlist: A music radio app that only plays songs by artists that have upcoming concerts in your area.
[Verge] Google's Project Ara begins showing developers how to build modular smartphone parts
Rumor: Google Starts Early Dogfooding Of Android 4.4.3, Public Release Expected In Coming Weeks
Plex is on sale for 99 cents, a must-have for Chromecast users
Alleged LG G3 screenshot hints at more flat design to Optimus UI
Default Camera app freezing, driving me nuts. Help?
Is $60 a good deal for getting your iPhone Screen/Digitizer replaced? (Parts Included)
Is there a way to mark an email as spam in iOS 7.1
iCloud - iPhone interaction problem (solution may be in sight)
Iphone 4s Mac address not available
iPhone 6-in-1 Camera Connectivity Kit no longer works properly in iOS 7 on my iPhone 4s
Contacts GONE, my wife told me so...
Anyone else having problems connecting a OneDrive account to the Office Mobile for iPhone app?
I'm looking to switch my iPhone 5s from Verizon to another carrier that offers unlimited data, what are my options?
I agree, human beings are definitely morons. instead of reviewing the Yelp app itself, these people are submitting reviews for restaurants, which is what the app is for.
Nokia: No plans to become a patent troll after deal with Microsoft
Get the 1520 or Wait?
Glance and Battery Usage
just bought 925.
Any "shutdown" apps for WinPho 8?
My lock screen for the foreseeable future
Macro and focus issues on the 1020
X-Post from r/Boeing: Boeings BlackThis Android phone will self-destruct
Google Keep UI redesign coming to all Google core apps, and how it's all connected to Project Hera
Xperia Z2 owners reporting issues with gaps in chassis and overheating with 4K Video
Why Android Wear has a much better UX than Pebble. [x-post from r/Pebble]
Here's how you can send stickers on Google Hangouts like in the iOS version.
Project Hera is real, but AP leak is not. Here's a screenshot
Personalized Chromecast Homescreen Options Spotted in Googles Code !
F-Droid 0.63 is out with performance improvements and many cool new features
Xiaomi Sold 1.3 Million Phones in 12 Hours with Total Revenue of S$300 Million !
Google Is Pushing A Chromecast Update (Build 16664) With Smarter Volume Control And More !
First UK Google Glass trial gives Parkinson's sufferers more independence [VIDEO]
iPhone 5 froze in the iCloud activation screen
Tips for taking photos at a concert with an iPhone 5?
Bought a stolen iphone
How to transfer musics from my computer to my phone without losing the ones I already have?
What happens if you try and send a message to a blocked number?
Need some thoughts for buying an iphone
is there anyway to stop the album splitting Into two different ones?
I guess I'm not allowed to play this game.
Lumia hacks: How to take ace underwater photos on your Nokia Lumia
Facebook Messenger not running in the background anymore?
The Official Flipkart app for Windows Phone 8 is available now. Flipkart is #1 online store in India.
MetroMail 2.0 released with Outlook support
User programmable shortcuts on WP8 keyboard?
Other/Temporary Storage issue fix - and baconit fix (NEW)
Lumia Icon too quiet on headphones?
how has Lumia made your life cooler?
Microsoft has this thing for android. I wonder if Cortana has more advanced capabilities built in, other than people reminders.
dropped 1020 four hours after I received it from Amazon...
HTC One is a tank. Ran over by a forklift - Story inside w/ pics.
Tiny Thief Pulls A Bait And Switch, Runs Off With Your Original $2.99 And Goes Freemium
The Walking Dead now available for all Android devices on the Play Store!
Review: The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a powerhouse, and a lock for our Editor's Choice Award.
Google Play Gift Cards Officially Launch In Austria, Italy, Spain, And Switzerland
So, the latest update to the MyVerizon app asks for root...wut
Hey reddit, i've recently updated a live wallpaper. I hope Space fans will like it. It features a very beautiful spinning galaxy. Let me know your opinion, so i can improve it. Thank you!
How to: Use an old Android phone to remotely power on your PC
Question about Exchange and push mail
Does my iPhone 4 have malware? Wtf is this Link Bucks / linkbucks **** and why does it keep coming up?
Just got an iPhone 5 after having an Android - looking for an app like the one I had: PVStar
Can I back up my iPhone Apps without iTunes?
Help with unlocked iPhone in Japan.
Does anyone else's iPhone play voicemail messages through the earpiece regardless of the speaker setting?
Human beings are freaking morons.
My new app, imgura, most full featured app for imgur!
Connected to WIFI at work, but File manager (FTP) just used all my 3G data in an hour. HELP
Check out our app, WP Answers!
Question for 8.1 SDK/OS users: Do normal "toast" notifications require addtional integration to 8.1 Action Center or does the OS handle it itself automatically?
New to Windows Phone
Mystery notification sound!
Super Polygon - insane Music Rhythm action game - inspired by the famous Super Hexagon
Google Opinion Rewards just made me prove I'm human
Xperia Z2 dethrones Nokia Pureview 808 in DXoMark Camera Report
HTC talks cameras: Make one tiny change to the One (M8)'s settings to match the iPhone 5's
DxOMark Mobile report: Sony Xperia Z2 takes top spot - best smartphone camera ever tested
Pushbullet update adds full images to desktop notifications and a powerful Tasker events feature
Update: Richer Desktop Notifications & Tasker Event Plugin Support [PushBullet]
Shannon Rose -- CORNERS [music video shot on an iPhone]
How to lock in Landscape mode
I have the iPhone 5, and it is synced to my company computer's Outlook Web Access for contacts. How do I move them all over so I don't lose them when they delete my Outlook account?
My iphone doesnt have a sim card, if I update the software will it lock me out?
i need help
Protect iPhone screen from shattering without using case
Tricky situation with my Iphone 5C
Text lagging?
This aggravates me to no end...
Disney, you are doing IAP right! (More developers need to follow suit for children's apps)
20 GB 'Other' on Lumia 920. What to do?
Windows Phone 8.1 to get at least two OS updates in 2014
For anyone interested in a Cortana t-shirt, they do exist. (reposted because of spelling)
Switching away from WP, were my issues unique?
Delta flight attendants switching to the Nokia Lumia 1520 for in-flight customer service
This is it.
Questions about importing Lumia Icon/930 to Canada.
What do you guys think of the WP 8.1 Pictures Hub layout?
822 hardly charges anymore
Help! Got a Lumia 1520 two hours ago. But the camera is not loading and will not respond. What do I do?
iPhone 5 user switching to 1520 within the next couple days, have one question to current 1520 owners.
I didn't like the parental controls on Android, so I made an app that does it better. [xpost r/apps]
The new Pocket Casts UI sucks
So, is Google offering refunds to the people who actually purchased "Virus Shield"?
A luxury phone that could be worth buying: Tag Heuers Meridiist Infinite charges itself using solar power !
Galaxy S5 gets Water tested in a pool and washing machine (50+ mins, normal cycle)
[New App] Huey Synchronizes Philips Hue Lights With Your Movies And TV Shows For Awesome Ambient Lighting Effects
What is the difference betwen iOS and Android in few words?
Found an iPhone 5, where do I go from here?
Question about updating apps using multiple Apple IDs
Twitter App, SMS, International... help!
iPhone 5 no longer vibrates when I receive phone calls
The confidential internal slides that show why Apple is making a bigger iPhone 6
iPhone 4s has given up on Wifi
I've dug myself into a bit of a hole...
Power button is acting weird since upgrade to iOS 7.1
Windows Phone Saved me at a Traffic Stop
Miracast to require new Windows Phone hardware, Lumia 1520 might make the cut.
Windows Phone 8.x architecture
Windows Phone 8.1 Backgrounds: which one will you be using (ITT: rate eachothers wallpaper )
Step-By-Step: Apps for non developers Publishing to the Store
Samsung SM-W350F seems to be a new Windows Phone 8.1 handset with WVGA display
Off-topic: Cancelled Verizon Wireless today
Microsoft develops Windows Phone by using it on low end hardware first to make sure every device can use its features.
What should be my next Windows Phone?
AT&T's Fantasy Windows Phone Device
Parallax Background Resolution
Speech question...
Unlocking the Lumia 920
The #1 New Paid App In The Play Store Costs $4, Has Over 10,000 Downloads, A 4.7-Star Rating... And It's A Total Scam
4chan supports WebM (Google's video format). Your Android devices (Gingerbread laterwards) should be able to handle it.
China, Terabytes of Cloudspace, Android and you: a question.
[DEV] Meet Knock Lock - app that can lock your device by knocking selected area. Available for free.
HTC posts first-quarter loss on weak flagship phone sales
Mizuu was just updated with a new design and UPnP support: Reddit, it's yours for the day!
[SamMobile] Exclusive: Samsung SM-T800 10.5 AMOLED tablet specs
The Eton Thundergod is just 9mm thick but it packs a giant 5000mAh battery
Startup demonstrates 30-second recharging of battery on a Samsung galaxy S3
StoreDot Promises to Recharge Your Phone in Just 30 Seconds... in 2016
[UK] BT Sport announces Chromecast partnership (BT internet customers only
Moronic Monday (Apr 07 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
Traveling internationally with an IPhone 5, can you completely switch off calling and texts?
iPhone 5s - loses wifi connection have to cold reboot
Restored my phone successfully, and this is popping up all of the time now when I'm not on wifi. iPhone 5C, 7.1, 16GB, VZW.
Where to sell old iPhones online?
iPhone 5C Casing repair
I don't have an iPhone 5s, but the SloPro app for my iPhone 5 simulates Slo-Mo quite well!
Question about implications of unlocking my iphone 4
Have an iPhone and a car with bluetooth? iOS 7.1 makes navigation much nicer! Allow HFP Prompts
What too much free time has made me do to my Iphone 5
I posted this before WP8.1 was released. Anyone care to contact Joe Belfiore now.
WP8 + Miracast +UniwersalWindowsApps + keyboard + mouse = pc on the go?
HTC and Samsung to Windows Phone users: You haven't been forgotten
Is the Nokia 1520's battery life really this good?
Windows Phone Developer Preview and You.
An idea..
Rumor: Google's Plan To Bridge Chrome, Android, And Search To Do Everything On Your Device
[AP]Tasker Gets A Big Update To Version 4.3, Including Humidity Support, Morse Code, KitKat SMS, And Much More
Buying Android Tablets in Bulk
[AP] External Blues Redux: Apps Still Have A Loophole For Writing To The SD Card On KitKat, But For How Long?
NoTouch - An app to control your phome without using a touchscreen. Anyone interested?
Samsung introduces two anti-theft features for the Verizon and U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S5
Google Targets App Piracy With Newly Patented Method to Detect Hijacked Software Assets
Hey /r/android I'm in need of some more beta testers for my Chromecast app
$800 Snapdragon 805-powered developer tablet to start shipping in late April (shut up and take my money!)
Thinking of replacing my wallet with a combo wallet/iPhone 5 case. Recommendations?
Can you help me find an app I used to have?
An actual, grounded in reality, based on how iOS really works guide to stopping battery drain
iPhone 5 and WPA2 security.
How the File Picker works and sharing content between apps in Windows Phone 8.1
Cortana Build T-Shirt
Is it finally possible for an app in the background to stay connected in 8.1?
Lumia 630 is a saviour for 512 mb ram phones.
Help! What is draining both my battery and data?
Just a thought i was having.
1020 owners, how can I stop the blurry photos?
A landscape music player I am currently working on. Is this something you guys want?
8.1 allows searching of text messages
What email improvements would you like? Seems there are none in 8.1 update
Sony overtakes Apple as 2nd largest smartphone brand in India; Samsung is way ahead at first place
Enable Free Tethering on your HTC M8
New HTC flagship (Butterfly?) shows up in benchmarks with 13MP camera
I wish the chrome app had text reflow
Documents point to Android TV, Googles latest bid for the living room
How can I create a purchased smart playlist?
Question about phone backup/recoveries...
[HELP, URGENT] iPhone 4 not responding to hard reset
Replace iPhone4s battery or upgrade to iPhone5?
Screen Problems After Repair
Trying to sync .m4a music files that were converted from FLAC to iPhone 5S. They play in iTunes but won't sync no matter what I try. Details inside.
Replace Destroyed iPhone in SE Asia. Help.
AT&T Unlock Help
What happened to reading list for WP?
Reading View in IE11
How does Wifi Sense's internet sharing work?
Looking for testers for my app AirplayTo
Metrocritic - A Metacritic client of Windows Phone
Thinking about jumping over to WP
Marketplace hasn't shown any updates for months
Evolution of the Start Screen
A Badly Needed Feature
CryptoPhone Sales Jump To 100,000+, Even at $3500
Chameleon launcher - remember it? Are you pissed you bought it?
As much as we all hate vertical video, DAE think that the YouTube app should add support for it?
Can you sell a grandfathered unlimited data plan on AT&T or not?
Mail app question. Inbox vs. All Mail.
All alerts audible/vibrate when earphones are plugged in, but vibrate only when no phones are plugged in - is this possible?
Opinions on Speck Candyshell for 5/5S?
battery drain overnight
Itunes won't recognize my phone is connected, so I can't sync my music.
Did Apple/AT&T just brick my phone?
I use Gmail as my main source of email, but since the push notifications don't work and I am not a fan of the Gmail iPhone app, what apps should I give a try?
Google Voice for iPhone 5 troubleshooting?
Restore & update to 7.1 or stay jailbroken?
Is someone trying to hack me? I've got this multiple times within the past 3 hours. I also have been texting this chick off of OKCUPID. Could I be talking to some guy right now?
iPhone glitch. Icons moved down. Tried reboot. iPhone 5s running 7.1. Help?
Fast App Resumes - Dynamic Memory Caps - Trigger-Based Execution - Push to wake a task/App - Windows Phone 8.1
Will Cortana have full alarms control in 8.1?
Thinking of switching to Windows Phone
Windows Phone 8.1 Email Question
Windows Phone Music Syncing Problems!
I made a cyanide and happiness daily comic viewer app. Please give it a try.
The Guardian: Can Cortana and other new features turn Windows Phone around?
Windows Phone 8.1s greatly improved YouTube experience, plays under lock screen and more
Anyone managed to make Zune sync over Wireless in Windows 8.1
the only thing which can get windows booming is advertising properly,
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [Apr 5th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread!
Flixster Update Includes Chromecast Support, SD Card Downloads for Kit Kat Devices !
HTC One (M8) Reddit Giveaway Results
Having problems with some notifications, specifically for the Sunrise calendar app. Anyone else?
iPhone 5s Turning Off
Is it worth it to restore my Iphone 4 ios 6.1.3 for storage space (and thus upgrade it to ios 7.1)?
Need help getting game scores back?
Help me out reddit [Microphone Problem]
Problems with home button, can I expect Apple to replace it?
IPhone reboot issue
Accessory not supported?
New apps announced by Microsoft and they are all awesome!!!
The Story of Microsoft Bringing the Worlds Fastest Texting to Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone 8.1 to allow developers to reply to store reviews, unify app data
Halo: Spartan Assault & 4 more WP games discounted or free today
I was at BUILD. AMA
I have Windows Phone 8.1 on a Nokia 929 and 928 - AMA
All apps in Windows Phone 8.1 can be installed to SD card, and more new app capabilities
The perfect sample for showing why the 1020's camera is awesome
In depth breakdown of the differences between the Qualcomm 800, 801 and 805 chipsets
Floodgates Open for Development on the Nokia X with Unofficial TWRP and CWM Ports
[New App] AutoCast, From The Developer Of All Those Other Auto* Tasker Plugins, Cranks Your Chromecast Up To Eleven
My phone won't turn on?
New iphone 5s - a few general questions
[Help] App won't stay put??
Phantom Home Button Pushes, Misaligned Screen Touches. Anyone else?
What should I do with an old iPod touch (4th generation)?
Today my iMessage started sending messages on it's own. Hacked?
[HELP] Can someone ELI5 using Icloud and backing up images?
Question/Help: when I synced the music on my phone it duplicated almost every song. What did I do wrong?
Wifi unavailable - black icon / Anybody already had this problem?
How can I 'brick' my Lumia phone?
Samsung's Ativ SE Windows Phone now available for pre-order from Verizon
What would be the reason NOT to buy a Lumia 1020?
How tiles are portrayed in press material.
Step-By-Step: Building apps for Windows Phone without learning code
Bing Vision in Windows Phone 8.1
Embedded Web Video Provider JW Player Adds Chromecast Support To Its Platform
The new Qualcomm 805 developer 10" tablet is interesting. It has 3d based gesture cameras, 7 mics, pen input, fingerprint scanner, eMMC 5.0 and hdmi out.
You can make your own HTC One M8 Dot View case, but I wouldnt recommend it
Samsung explains how Galaxy S5s Super AMOLED display is the best yet
Upcoming Samsung Phone - 5.2" QHD Screen, Snapdragon 805. Premium S5 or something else?
iFixit teardown finds Amazon's Fire TV is packing some heat within.
Oppo Find 7a pre-order on April 7, comes with tons of goodies: Free Easy-Cover, Free Extra Battery and Free 32GB MicroSD Card. Pretty much the exact same hardware as the OnePlus One phone
I found a busted wet phone in my yard, here's what I did with it. (x-post from techsupportgore)
Samsung Develops Revolutionary New Method For Producing Graphene Could Lead To Lighter, Faster, More Flexible Electronics
Friend of mine is staring his own KickStarter for a cool iPhone accessory. Give him love if you like it.
Trying to diagnose why iPhone 4S won't turn on/charge...
Painting directly on an iPhone with acrylics? Stupid idea?
My Wi-fi resets whenever I connect my iphone 5S to it
What happened to the Age Of Empires iPhone port for March 2014?
Just woke up at 2 am after this. God damn, developers, is this why you need me to "allow push" in your apps?
AT&T/Verizon questions
Does anyone have the collection view on Spotify yet? I don't.
Nokia Lumia 930 to feature worlds first Dolby Digital Plus audio recording in a phone
What happens to people who absolutely hate big phones?
WP 8.1 does bring native push email for Gmail
Quotastic - my first app for WP8 released, feedback is welcomed
Will you be getting a NOKIA Lumia 930?
Found my new Facebook Cover photo. This will go really nice with Facebook's live tile on your Windows Phone.
I Love My Windows Phone
Re a couple new features...
So Hearthstone just launched for iPad and it's in the works for Android but it raised a thought.
Report Claims Google Is Exploring Offering Wireless Carrier Services | TechCrunch
Announcing FireChat for Android: Chat without an Internet connection!
Here is my Google Play concept for the slide out menu. I believe Google should use the same style for all their apps.
Google Opinion Rewards launches in Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.
Unlocked and Developer Edition HTC One (M8) price increase set for midnight tonight
Nexus 10 on the Play Store is, unsurprisingly, no longer "Coming soon," back to "Out of inventory"
Invalid SIM card error keeps popping up (iPhone 5)
To celebrate the launch the new version of BeTheChef, we are giving away for free all the extra ingredient packages for the first lucky (and quick!) 20 people :)
Questions about OTG (8-pin to Female USB)
Changes to the Phone app since 7.1 make no sense
App pushing is getting worse.
Can anyone tell me how much this is still worth?
Weekly beginners question thread: April 03/04/2014
Halo Spartan Asslt on discount 2$ WP8 and Windows 8
Will Cortana be updated just like an app from the Store?
Cortana steals the show in Microsoft's new Windows Phone update [Hands on: Windows Phone 8.1 review]
512MB 8.1 phones a mistake?
Editorial: WP 8.1: Finally On Par with the Competition & Then Some
I want my first smartphone to be a WP8 but I'm not sure where to start
Moto G "Forte" finally launched in Mexico, it's really a Moto G with a Grip Shell
Did you know Tapatalk tracks all your link clicks and there is no way to opt-out?
Intel Announces 64-bit Android KitKat 4.4 and Other Chips and Partnerships !
I am the developer behind Javelin Browser. It has Reading mode, AdBlock, single-gesture navigation, VPN, and more. And this is just the start, more feedback please?
[Video] Galaxy S5 triumphs in drop test, puts the Galaxy S4 to shame
Apple does not own "Multitouch", any more than Samsung owns "Phablets" - Florian Mueller
$24.95 eBay Deals: Samsung Galaxy Note 32GB Wi Fi 4G Unlocked
MIUI Express brings the Xiaomi experience to any Android phone
Tinker Thursday [Apr 03 2014] Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
Trouble with Virgin Mobile?
Touch screen responsiveness acting weird
Best iPhone 5s cases with a customizable back?
I made a free interval timer app called Timerlist. I'm especially proud of the custom animations.
Question Regarding Apple Care Product Service
iPhone 5 dies at 40%
Do you think a smart watch like this is practical? or even realistic? Do you think we could see them more like this in the future from major brands?
iPhone downloading apps with my username/password. Will only update apps with my father's username/password. Help!
HELP weird lock on iPhone 5s!!
Time to delete my Weather Channel app.
Anyone else get these? What do they mean? Where do they come from?
Is there an official MS document that lists all changes for 8.1?
Windows Phone 8.1 update: everything you need to know
Nokia release of WP8.1 will be called Lumia Cyan
Maybe this is why Spotify hasn't been updated yet (hopefully it's coming to WP soon)
Positive review from WSJ: Cortana - Microsoft's Siri Competitor
Introducing the New Skype for Windows Phone 8.1....
Cortana will be more and more pure Jen Taylor over time. Currently multiple synthesized voices.
World's First Smart Headphones, Stream Music Without Player [Feature a built-in Wi-Fi Android music player]
Rumor:Google Now May Be On Track To Properly Handle 'Timer' Queries With The Clock App
Chrome Remote Desktop Goes Into Beta on Android, Here is a Quick Look
Google Keep updated with flashy new action bar but still no shared notes.
Google Play Movies Updated To v3.1 With Refreshed Slide-Out Navigation Menu, Improved Seeking Behavior, And More
Google Play Newsstand Updated to 3.2.0 Includes Reworked Layout, New Combined Sections [APK]
Jeff Gordon Explains What's Behind The Thick Black Line That Surrounds The HTC Logo
[Rumor] "Android Silver" May Be Google's Attempt To Finally Provide A Premium Android Sale And Support Experience
Can someone please help with autocorrect?
Is there a reason we can't trial apps?
Would anyone have a picture of the 5c's motherboard in a wallpaper format?
Jailbroken iPhone 4 (running iOS 4 I believe) accidentally updated to iOS7. Home button broken. What do?
Location tracking happening on apps when they are off or not needing to use location.
Anyone else annoyed with how Google's apps handle sign-ins lately?
DAE get bothered by text message orphans?
Reddit I made a difficult duck and jump iOS game I thought you might like. I has giant cats, vikings, and penguins.
Siri-like Cortana will be the star of the show in Windows Phone 8.1
Cortana is already in the Bing Personalization page
Microsoft will bring Windows to a new class of devices...like a Coffee Mug!
In only half a year I've switched from Windows Phone to iPhone, to Android and then back to Windows Phone. Here's why I came back: (long txt)
Windows Phone device with Snapdragon 805 and 2K display pops up under the name of Qualcomm LiQUID !
My Lumia 1520 Should Arrive today!
Google Contacts have Disappeared
Wow! Cortana looks amazing! Details inside...
[Discussion Thread] Microsoft Build Developer Conference
You can now buy a Windows app one time and use it for WindowsPhone 8.1 and for PC.
Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8) vs Sony Xperia Z2 vs LG G Pro 2 speaker comparison
AcDisplay Receives Major Update to v2.1 New UI and New Features
Apple Charger Problems?
iCloud is only storing 97 of my 153 phone contacts. WHY? & how do I fix it?
Many best iPhone apps are worth paying, but there are fairly as a lot of great ones obtainable for best free iPhone apps
Does anyone have an iOS 7.1 IPSW torrent?
Five Featured Anime-style Apps for Mobile Gamers
Looking for an app to track bills/chores around the house between roommates.
iPhone Table (gif)
I work in a leather shop making handgun holsters. The shop made a few of these and is thinking about selling them. What do you guys think?
I just wanted to go to Menchies...
I have this glitch everytime I start Do Not Disturb. And it bothers me.
Giving out free keys to my reminder app: 'I Must Remember!' (the app that reminds you through 6 different notifications methods!)
//build/ conference time according to different time zones.
GoPro vs Lumia 1020
Need an Explanation
Should my 1520 be replaced?
Noticed that the BBC is using the Lumia line in Orphan Black.
The guys who made SimpleRockets are back with more awesome physics with their new game, SimpleWheels.
Moto X battery only lasts half as long as when you bought it? This link is the only thing that worked for me.
Moto G camera mod needs testers; increases bitrate on video/audio recording and quality on jpeg capture, and attempts to fix color reproduction on images
Sony Xperia M Dual reportedly receiving Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update
Samsung: Our 'next big thing' ads drove Apple's marketing chief 'crazy'
QuickClick can bypass the lockscreen
Google introduces 'My Play Activity' which allows you to see all your Google Play +1s and ratings in one place
Thank you for all the Flow Hard love! The reaction has been so great we've made it available on all websites.
Android Distribution Updated for April 2014 Kit Kat Cracks 5%!
For anyone that has started playing Elder Scrolls Online and will be doing Alchemy. (full disclosure, I'm the dev)
iPhone 3GS won't charge
help me to buy iphone app
Anybody know what this green stuff is on my charging cable and in my 30-pin connector?
Dimensions Questions
They said the battery was fine (2:14 usage)
Help with weather display in iOS 7.1 notification center.
New nylon MFI Certified cables
has anyone used or seen someone that uses iphone keyboard(called "Spike")?
Iphone 5 not booting
Question about calendar app...
Budget smartphone a hit with 'lower income males' for the start of 2014, analyst data shows - but there's no sign of any Windows Phone 'surge'
Is there any way to get Microsoft to take down a review from the store.
Video that shows app store comparison to other OS?
Advice for a new Windows Phone owner?
Data based apps won't update via 4G, only WiFi
Hopefully WhatsApp developers attend build
New Rule Regarding Software Modification Posts
Android-x86 Desktop Howto : A step-by-step guide for Android kernel configuring and compiling
Galaxy S5 vs HTC M8 vs Xperia Z2 vs LG G Pro 2 Camera comparison
The All New Potato Unboxing, 1st Impressions, Full Review, and Comparison (versus the LG G2)
Saw this today and thought it was pretty cool. Solar iPhone charger that is aesthetically pleasing.
Please review my app, HeadPop. I made it free this week for Reddit! Feedback is appreciated!
The battery life on the iPhone 5S is impressive
HUGE data usage despite having Wi-fi always on?...
iPhone 5S 32GB vs 64GB
iPhone 5s changed music dates.
iMessage issues from the past week...possible solution
Talking about good photos from a 5, I'm proud of this one.
Just caught a pokemon on Google maps?
Windows Phone 8.1 video editing, geofencing, and more confirmed in Build 2014 sessions list
Phil Spencer named new head of Xbox division - Hope for improved Xbox integration across all Windows platforms
Recommend me some great games!
Baconit MAY be getting an update. Given the date though I would take it with a grain of salt.
Lumia 1520 Wins Blind Camera Comparison
Here Maps Data Usage
Lockscreen bug?
How has your Moto X been holding up?
[What Does That Say?] Google Translates Text In Chrome To Emoji For April Fools' Day
HTC and Samsung accidentally make the same April Fools joke, announce fake wearable tech gloves
Another sad Sprint user here trying to unlock the iPhone 5 so it can be used with T-Mobile
Need to replace phone, but bought it from Amazon?
Hello iPhone lovers of the world ! I need testers and feedback for a slick, free iPhone app I made which aims at helping people manage their money, budget and personal finances the easiest way. What do you think ?
iphone 4 ios 6 vs ios 7.1
Has anyone else been having problems with messaging since the new update?
Ultrakam lets your iPhone capture higher resolution film-like video clips
I took this photo at Manhattan Beach with my iPhone 5, no filter or processing. Im amazed seeing what images can come from an iPhone.
We know iPhone6 rumored to offer larger screen of 5.5 but now also "glass back design" and thinner
Shared streams taking up storage space?
Nokia Lumia 930 to miss BUILD conference; Windows Phone 8.1 OTA update coming in May?
Facebook messenger issue
What's good about a windows phone?
Already blown away by the 1520, and it doesn't even have 8.1 yet!
Why I picked up my 1520 and it was a great decision
Election Commission of India Releases Its Official App For Windows Phone Devices
My new game Sudoku Mix has just been published! Please check it out and all feedback is welcome!
Another Alarm failure
Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers Program should go live Thursday, April 10 | Windows Phone Central
Reddit, what are looking forward to the most in 8.1?
"THE Football App" Becomes "Onefootball" With New Features (Comments for Changelog)
Judge overrules Samsung objection to jury video depicting Apple devices
Xiaomi Has Already Shipped 11 Million Smartphones This Year; Now Aiming for 60 Million !
How do I trick Google now onto tracking a parcel for me
HTC One M8 Arstechnica Review: An unambitious update to a premium smartphone !
Remember Pressy? Xiaomi just ripped it off for less than $1
"Motorola's share of the British smartphone market has climbed from almost nothing to 6% in the last six months thanks to Moto G"
HTC admits benchmark boosting with the M8. They say it's not "cheating", but a "feature".
HTC Has Posted Kernel Source For The One M8 Google Play Edition
I just open-sourced my app Stacks Flashcards
This is what the new CyanogenMod OS looks like on the OnePlus One Smartphone !
DisplayMate declares that Galaxy S5 has the best smartphone display on the market
Gotta Catch 'em All -- Google Maps now supports catching pokemon
Do you have what it takes to be a Pokmon master? Update your Google Maps app and find out!
Moronic Monday (Mar 31 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
We made a trivia quiz app with 2.5 million questions generated from Wikipedia - The Quizening
Received a pop up on my iPhone 4s (iOS 7.1) saying that my camera has been infected, an my picture can be hacked. Is there any potential to this claim?
Snapchat cached files
I'm up and running- use the command "app link:" followed by a list of apps to get links to those apps.
Iphone 5c randomly deleting music. help appreciated.
Bulk import all photos from text messages
How do I use a free/redeem app code on iPhone App Store app? (Without desktop iTunes)
IPhone FM Transmitter lightning cable
Taking a Panorama while your dog walks by.
I don't think Siri is part of the 760 million
Missing the artist background image?
How come, hard-reset can solve battery drain issues
Solved multiple copies of pics and songs
Nokia 920 on AT&T: Messaging keeps failing.
Question concerning app publishing
Just destroyed my 1020 - should I get another 1020 or a 1520?
Cybercrow - New Twitter app, does anyone want a beta invite? (Screenshots included)
Side buttons question
So, here is what I miss.
Fix the Mixradio Artist Images
Lumia 1520 question
[Meta] Sorting posts by flair
[New App] Coursera Brings Its Free Online Classes And Lectures To Android
Google Now constantly asks me to ''Enable Location History''
Music Boss For Pebble Can Now Control Playback And Volume On Chromecast Content From Your Smartwatch
Hey /r/android. What iOS features would you like to bring over to Android?
Complex Numbers App Makes the Imaginary Seem More Tangible
PSA - if you purchased NZB360 from GPS in the last 12 months you are eligible for a full refund. Use the contact us link. If you want, you can use it towards the new license.
Knowing what your credit card offers may help you.
Very Detailed New HTC One (M8): Unboxing & Review By DetroitBorg
Why can't I download my purchased movies anymore?
5c won't connect to home wifi
Buying an unlocked Phone
"Let's take a quick look at notification center to see if it warmed up any outside"...
Buying tips for used iPhone 5?
Is there a way to stop this alert showing up?
Typical daylight savings problem still present. Current-time-of-day-line one hour behind.
Bought the 1020 Brand New at $330, was that a smart move?
Back button won't back up, but holding it still works
What are the wp8.1 features I can expect in Lumia 520?
Anybody here going to the BUILD Streaming Event at Microsoft's London offices?
Otixo lets Windows Phone users access multiple cloud storage services from a single dashboard !
Are you attending //build/ in SF? Create your own schedule with this app
What will change, from an app standpoint, in 8.1?
Power Cricket T20 Now Available for Windows Phone 8 - Windows Phone Glance
Solution to a strange 620+Black issue
My HTC M8 First impressions *Good read for anyone curious of a true unbiased opinion*
How would you react if you favorite app suddenly have ads in it?
Opera Max Review - Compresses your data and makes your internet data plan last longer
Smartphone music apps can identify song/artist after hearing a snippet. Could a similar app identify a (for example) Koch funded political advert?(crosspost from Political humor)
Android users, may I ask a favour?
How I sped up Chrome on my device
I think I'm over my vanilla android fetish
[Discussion] How important are voice commands on a smart watch, to you? Is it a make or break deal or are willing to forgo the feature for a price reduction.
Would you find a bot to link to iOS apps mentioned in comments helpful?
IPhone files
Can VirginMobile 5S be unlockable for other GSM carriers?
how can I join the two albums together? they're both by the same artist and have the same album name and they're in one album on my laptop but they're two separate albums on my phone. anyone know how to fix this?
Why would a butt-dial be restricted?
Fixing the Lumia 521's slippery back panel with Plasti-Dip.
Ucall's Windows Phone leaks, 5in display and a delicious price
Power Tools for WP8 free for a limited time
USA Today posts positive-ish, frustrating review of WP8
Data sense - Streaming media
Windows phone/Windows Universal apps
Why did my data usage go down 30% after switching from Android to Windows Phone?
We decided to address the "app gap" issue with a quick video, you can win stuff too :)
Google has released their official pull to refresh pattern, la Google Now
Any useful re-purpose for old Androids?
HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs LG G Pro 2 vs Sony Xperia Z2 [Camera Roundup]
Root method has been released for the HTC M8 (not s-off)
According to teardown, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be hard to repair

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