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Apples warrant canary disappears, suggesting new Patriot Act demands
A friend of mine got the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus early and took them to Iceland to review their cameras, here's his review!
Just got my iPhone 6 Space Grey 64GB here in Australia after wanting the 6 Plus! More info and pics inside.
Finally got a feel for the 6 Plus
iFixit begins live teardown of iPhone 6 Plus, revealing 2906 mAh battery
First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth immediately drops it during TV interview
The queue at Apple on North Michigan Ave in Chicago at noon on Thursday. Two people were selling their spots for $1000/obo
iPhone 6 & 6 plus drop tests. They are surprisingly more fragile than previous iphones.
Got my in-store pick up confirmation email!
After upgrading to iOS 8, my Reading List does not work offline. Any ideas why?
My current iPhone 4 with my 6 plus case
What's this app from the iOS8 site?
Anyone else already turn off predictive keyboard? Hate the way it looked lol.
Is this legit?
We're up to 8 versions of their mobile operating system, but Apple's love for ducks is stronger than ever
Still no quick reply you lazy ********...
Finally got our showroom demo in. First order of business...
800 people are lining up at the apple store... While here I am at my local phone shop.
Why is this not on IPhone 5 with iOS 8
The lack of sleep tonight will be real.
19/9 Never Forget...
Did my own AT&T Next vs. 2-year contract calculations. What did I do wrong?
UK shipment updated to 'At delivery location!
My favorite thing to say to Siri has been retired...
I don't like the new looks of the control center. Why did they change it? And why can't we select the old one again? They should have offered an option to customize the looks or choose from default ones.
iPhone 4, 5S, 6 and 6+ comparison
It's happening!
I've already updated. How do I get this off?
Windows Phone 7.8 gets extended life support until October 14
We should've gotten this instead of the pay2win disgrace that is Age of Empires Castle Siege
Help is needed to convince Ancestry.com that there is demand for a Windows Phone app (if there really is)
Without a true flag ship in NA to offer why not do a trade in deal
Anybody see the Lumia's cameo in this Kraft commercial? This is good, subtle, publicity.
Help picking a phone!
Just got a Lumia 630, any Reddit app that does not crash?
Google Will Now Require All App Publishers With Paid Apps Or In-App Purchases To Have An Address On File In Google Play
Google Dropped The Homescreen Widget In YouTube Version, Because None Of You Were Using It [APK Download]
JCase: pending testing, Moto G, Moto X, and all current generation Droids should get an unlock today!
Seems that Android is focusing more on quick (fast) charging rather, seemingly treating a symptom instead of a cause. Is it really cheaper/better to implement fast charging rather than providing the phone with higher battery capacity?
Chromecast's Backdrop Casting Feature May Finally Be Rolling Out Soon
Android L to encrypt by default
[Serious] What can Android offer me that jailbroken iOS doesn't?
[Update: Newer APK] Google Play Services 6.1 Begins Rollout With Refreshed Google Fit Preview, UI Tweaks, Other Small Changes [APK Download]
(Xperia Z3) Bigger battery, bigger camera sensor, waterproof and slightly thicker, but no protruding iPhone camera.
iOS 8 has one thing I would love in android "Family sharing" of digital content.
You can get the Z3 compact from the UK for $500US, shipping Monday
Hi, I'm one of the devs behind the upcoming VentureROM, and and we are looking for help!
Bill notification on Google Now, since when is this a thing?!
Thanks to Widgets, I finally have REAL weather forecasts in Notification Center again!
Camera Roll is gon in iOS8. Is anybody else upset with this?
On the eve of the iPhone 6 launch, let's remember the iPhone's origin story: Steve Jobs introduces the original iPhone to the world.
iOS8's auto suggest feature is at it already. First time I've used it, i have given it no reason to have this knowledge...
The iPhone 6 (And 6 Plus) Go To Disneyland (x-post from /r/Disneyland) The Best iPhone 6/6 Plus Review I've read
Grayscale to save battery life?
Has anyone else been getting this alert? What should I do?
So I am walking around Targt with the wife, look at my iPhone while she was looking at some boring ****, and notice this carrier logo... Anyone know why this showed up (for about 5-10 seconds)?
Facebook app 'Update' information is ******* annoying. Why can't they just tell what they updated??
iOS 8 has a tendency to jump to some really judgey conclusions...
What I've been doing since my order still says "Preparing for Shipment"
Geekbench iOS 7 vs 8 - iPhone 4s
Getting my template ready for Friday morning
If your app does this, its an instant delete...oh wait
I think I live too close to McDonalds :(
iOS 8 - After updating Youtube this started happening , it looks like the app can't fit onto my 5s screen particularly at the top.
You can only join a family plan twice a year
Woke up to see this lovely message. Anyone else?
On its way!
Somebody give me hope...
Jumping ship! The good kind
You guys are my last hope. I'm stuck on old firmware from the GDR2 release in December 2013 for my Lumia 920. :(
As a small developer, trying to gauge interest in/return on a WP port of this app. What do you all think?
Weekly beginners question thread: September 18/09/2014
Tw8tch Beta app for Windows - [UPDATED with chat support and more to come!]
Microsoft Services are better on Android (WTF) #microRant
A terrible bug is in Office on Windows Phone. For a product that MSFT claims enables you to do real work, it really doesn't
Scan Wi-Fi Channels on Windows Phone?
Verizon REPS are ugghh....
Windows Phone can't connect to PC via USB cable
Is Udemy's Android course any good? Its on sale for $19, marked down from $99.
some cool android l animations created using photoshop which i shared in my material design apps community , seriously animations look beautiful
Paul O'Brien on Twitter: "Anonymous tipster: The HTC Nexus 9 will be launched on 16th October..."
FYI: Pebble Steel Bracelet is Fully Compatible with The Moto 360
I own an android one device AMA
Sony losing smartphone battle to Apple, Samsung | Sony Corp shares have plunged sharply on both Tokyo and New York markets after the company announced losses in its smartphone business. Sony admitted its competitors came up with more innovative technologies.
Someway Thursday (Sep 18 2014) - Your weekly automation thread!
Verizon, Motorola to unveil fast-charging Droid in October [CNET]
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders kick off tomorrow, available in the US on October 17
Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 might get Android L in November/December
Google Appears To Be Testing The Option To Add A Home Button To Android's Version Of Chrome
The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact [is] one of the best smartphones money can buy
[Dev] Shuttle/Shuttle+ Music Player updated with new shuffle/queue system (no more repeats!) & 'Material inspired' design.
Why Startups Don't Use Android Even Though It's 80% Of The Market
Apple Will No Longer Turn Over Data From iPhones to the Police
Does this not bother anyone else?
I'm sick of the word 'Preparing'
Anyone able to download Fleksy yet? (ERROR)
First 3rd party keyboard is out!
Can someone help me figure out why I only have 1 gig free??
I work at a Best Buy, and my friend I work with just snapchatted me this.
Fleksy is here!
I'm getting some interesting iOS 8 QuickType suggestions (only typed the first word manually)
AT&T 64GB iPhone 6 Shipped! Original ship date 10/15-10/30!
just updated to iOS8 and now getting a location app on my LS for my university, first time i've seen this
This is why iOS is the best.
My 5 has a line down the middle. Is it fixable?
Seems like Apple is Trying to tell me to stop talking to you
Welp, see you guys in 8 weeks
I just noticed that some album covers disappeared after updating... Is this normal or is this a bug of some kind?
It's been "completing" for 20 min. Is that normal?
keep getting this when I try to log in or download apps on ios 8. what should I do?
[ATT Preorder Question] Does anyone else's preorder say this specifically?
Office Lens allows you to create Office documents with your Windows Phone camera
Lately... mistaken for iPhone6. Anyone? Anyone else?
Vote for Skype Integration (as in iMessage/facetime style integration)
Microsoft and developers need to "link" things now
Help us creating a innovative new mobile app !!! Please fill out this survey.
Probably a stupid question about Messaging, but i dont understand something.
Personal "duh" moment. Long press on headphone button does bring up Cortana
Seriously no usable Bitcoin Wallets?
Incomplete POI for offline HERE Maps
MediaTek's upcoming 64-bit system-on-chips will have Opera Max data compression tech built-in.
T-Mobile working to get its CellSpot Wifi handoff/calling working on next generation 'Nexus 6'
Am I the only one who thinks that audio quality hasn't changed much at all?
Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Z3 Tablet Compact listed as "coming soon" in the US
Android One smartphone sales to hit 2 million in 2014: MediaTek
New Starbucks app has hit the Play Store. Includes shake-to-pay and tipping
Amazon's $99 6 inch tablet comes with an IPS screen
Keep - App I made to motivate you to save money for your goals
AT&T ordered iPhone 6 Plus just shipped and FedEx says will deliver on launch day! Previously showed October delivery!
iOS 8 on the iPhone 4S: Performance isnt the (only) problem
Ready for Friday morning!
I think this about sums it up! I'll be getting the 6+ but I won't be "that guy"
Anybody's iPhone 6 coming from Mount Juliet, TN?
4s case next to 6 case
Why does my iphone 6 show "preparing for shipment" two days before it should be at my door? (I ordered it on the 12th)
I'm confused: Are there 8.1 users who can use Spotify and Skype?
Looking for feedback on WP 8.1 Seattle Times app.
Windows can now control internet sharing on Windows Phone!
Hard reset on 520: more space, facebook logo in people tile, unremovable twitter, and other stories
I was going to buy an iPhone 6+ but am considering a change. What's the best of the best top end Windows Phone to get?
Sudden battery drain with heating in Lumia 620, Windows Phone 8.1
No Lumia Cyan on 925 running 8.1 on Hutchinson 3G (Three) in the UK?
If you can't wait for Cyan anymore, official Nokia Recovery Tool flashes WP 8.1 + Cyan now.
Adobe Connect for Windows Phone?
Large downloads without Wi-Fi?
Age of Empires: Castle Siege Now Available for Windows Phone and Windows
Developer accounts don't expire anymore ;)
Idea/suggestion for Muzei
Tip for if you're going to order the Moto X (2014) using the $50 off .edu code.
Things to do with your old Android device.
Cnet on the iPhone 6 ad Galaxy Alpha... Major double standards.
Horizon, the App That Prevents Vertical Videos, Is Now On Android
Republic Wireless Will Sell The Moto E For $99 Starting In October
Why You Dont Need an Expensive Smartphone Anymore
Google had a better idea than Apple Pay ready to launch for Android two years ago but ****** it last minute with no explanation
My Journey journal review. A feature rich, life journaling app with style
I'm the creator of Type, one of the first fully customizable keyboards for iOS 8. Thoughts? [Crosspost from /r/Apple]
Apple launches page to help Android users migrate to iPhone
Use This Trick to See if Apple Has Shipped Your iPhone 6 Pre-Order
Comprehensive List of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Reviews
First app I've seen to use Touch ID to authenticate - Mint Personal Finance
Find my iPhone/iPad wallpapers updated
Duolingo is the first of my apps to get widgets!
I love that I got my shipping notification, but this isn't helping.....
How Android users view iPhone users and vice versa
Can we get "iPhone 6" and "iPhone 6 Plus" flairs for this sub?
Spotted at Whole Foods today. Looks like they're ready for Apple Pay.
Good move from Spigen
Help! Notes keep appearing that I never added. Looks like someone else's work schedule or something.
Will it work? Tricking UPS into early delivery...
Made a meme for people saying that Apple should not have put those lines on back of the iPhone 6
AT&T iPhone 6+ shipping date moved up two weeks over the past 3 days (orig. 10/31 - 11/11).
After using 8.1 on my WP for so long, I'm having a hard time justifying the new iPhone (or any other phone really)
USB connection from my WP8.1 phone to my PC keeps connecting/reconnecting
O2 Germany won't roll out Cyan as they will roll out Cyan+Denim at the same time
Xbox Music Subscribers : Is there anyway to tailor the Radio to your tastes (e.g. Pandora upvote/downvote)?
Snakes and Ladders +
There is any problem in letting my Lumia 930 charging for a big amount of time?
Lumia 630 from Cricket Wireless Free with Rebate.
Windows is awesome!!!!
Music app updates seem to be running on Valve time
Viewing image name, and other data
ISO CHEAP windows phone for tmobile
Tinker Tuesday [Sep 16 2014] - Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
Microsoft Universal Keyboard Doesn't Discriminate, Works With Windows, Android and iOS
An Exclusive Early Look At The Google Play Store's 5.0 Update
Pushbullet. My new favorite app
[DEV] nowPaper - Google Now-inspired Wallpapers (w/ Muzei Support & Daily Random Location)
Google Play Services 6.1 | Android Developers Blog
Motorola Adds Four New Apps To The Play Store For The New Moto XMoto Actions, Moto Display, Motorola Sensor Services, And Moto...
Peopletime: the dwarf fortress-tamagotchi hybrid that's getting me hyped for Android Wear.
LG Wine Smart might be LG's first clamshell smartphone
Let the tinkering begin Android One KitKat kernel source released
Tim Cook Holds Firm On iMessage Security: Its Encrypted, And We Dont Have A Key
The iOS 8 App Update Thread
Question about pictures using iCloud
Discrepancy in information provided by Verizon?
Apple finally confirms iPhone 6 NFC chip is restricted to Apple Pay...
iPhone Screen Double Image
New sim through Verizon?
Finally: directly save links to Pocket 5.6 from Safari in iOS 8
Based on some of the feedback here, I recently purchased a Carved Case...its amazing!
Clarification for iphone 6 on tmobile
Was going through my screenshots from during the Apple Event last week and discovered this little gem (that face)
Wow. My new iPhone 6 looks great Totally retro.
(sigh) This week's gonna go by so slowww
Little teaser. Here are some of your iPhone 6's
Made a mock-up of an iPhone 6+, here is compared with a Note 3. One hand usage.
Hey guys! Make a Superhero is our new game for Windows Phone. Use your imagination to make cool new characters. All comments and suggestions welcome :)
Cyan for DP Poll
521 to 925? Worth it?
Really impossible to send mails from a different alias?
I have to yell at Cortana
Add keyboard input to the "Project My Screen App"
Find My Phone failed me. But why?
Im a L1520att user for 6mos, just got a L635att as a weekend drunken phone. My impression....
Satya Nadella: Microsoft doesn't define mobile by market share but by mobility and people
Lumia 1020 Camera Delay - Is it really horrible?
Office Lens can now convert pictures to Word or PowerPoint files
New Universal Mobile Keyboard works with Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices and does NOT work with Windows Phone.
[Story] How I recovered my phone with no Location services or GPS
In your opinion, what are some apps worth paying for from the Google Play store?
It would seem as though LG has reversed their decision to unlock the G3 boot loader in order to keep people from voiding their warranties
Qualcomm announces **** switch security solution, involvement in FIDO
Sony Xperia Z3 battery tested by Swedroid. 8h screen-on time with 20% power left.
The survey results are in! How loyal are you?
Now casting: WATCH Disney Channel, Twitch, iHeart Radio and DramaFever for Chromecast
Clove offering case and car charger if they hit 600 orders on Z3 Compact
Moto X (2nd Gen), Turbo Charger, and Hint Now Available for Pre-Order From Motorola, 360 Back in Stock
Moto 360 Review: Better Than You Feared, Worse Than You Hoped
Pandora Gets Big Flat Redesign In Version 5.5 [APK Download]
How about instead of a million topics we just compile a list of what everyone's shipping status is on their iPhone so then we can see where everyone is currently at?
"Celebrate the iPhone 6 launch by looking back at some of the craziest iPhone rumors ever."
Verizon Customers With Upgrades November 15th Or Before Can Upgrade Starting Today
Has anyone gone through the iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program through Apple?
FedEx Question
Anyone else order through AT&T Premier and get their iPhone 6 order canceled for no reason? If so, any luck contacting them?
How soon should we know about A8's RAM?
For those of you wondering how the iPhone 6 pre-order numbers compare to Samsung's Galaxy S line
Tim Cook on privacy "Our view is,when we design a new service, we try not to collect data, so we're not reading your mail. We're not reading your iMessagea - if government laid subpoena on us to get your iMessage, we can't provide it. Its encrypted and we don't have the key"
Command+R is going to be pretty worn out by Friday morning.....
Used the "track by reference" feature on UPS website to see if my phone was on its way.
iPhones land in Anchorage.
Anyone else getting three different status from AT&T? Safari(iOS)/AT&T app/PC(Firefox)
My Spigen Air cushion case for my iPhone 6 4.7 (2 pics)
New Case. No Phone. 6+
TIL holding down the + in safari tab view opens a list of recently closed tabs.
Boy is this making me anxious!
One feature I've always wanted - the ability to cancel a sending message
Microsoft announces Windows 9 event in San Francisco on September 30th
Long time Android user, and ROM maintainer, with a quick comment on my Lumia 520 temp phone.
I'm getting a HTC One M8 with Windows! What should I know?
Switching From Galaxy SIII to Lumia Icon? Miss and Gain?
I'd like your opinions.
I Installed cyan through Nokia recovery tool, and WOW
Every carrier who support CYAN-able devices already has the CYAN update available. What's the hold-up, PfD?
Major Security Vulnerability in AOSP Web Browser (Pre 4.4)
Photos Of The Nexus 9 Keyboard Case Surface As It Passes Through NCC Certification
The Information: ADT-1 Is Actually A Cancelled 'Nexus TV' Project, Head Of Android@Home Has Left Google
An Interview with Sundar Pichai about AndroidOne
Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: 4K video comparison
Shazam Integrates Google Play Music Track Streaming And Purchasing Into Its Android App
Battery life on new Moto X is far worse than last years model. | Says Moto X ultra-fan Kellex of Droid-Life
Droidcon NYC 2014 is happening this weekend. Promo code in the comments for any Redditors!
Greenify developer says constantly swiping away recent apps is bad practice
Free Spare Battery and Charging Cradle with an LG G3! (US Only)
1 week in: Getting the moto 360 to match pebbles battery cycle
An all new android wear device( possibly Nexus) on its way.
Thank you, /r/android.
Apple announces record 4 million preorders for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in first 24 hours
Photo/Video Backup?
Weird Spotlight Issue [iPhone 5S - iOS 8 GM]
Using iOS8 for a few days now I really dig this message!
Is this bad battery life for an iPhone 5s?
Got a case for iPhone 6 put in my 5s for comparison
Since upgrading to iOS 8 on my iPhone 5S, my battery has improved by more than 2 hours. I used to get 5 hours usage, at best. Now I get this.
The iPhone 6 proves that 'thin' may be 'in' - but the 'race to thin' is counterproductive
Live folders are great, but there seems to be an upper limit to how many you can create. Read if you get that "loading" every time you return to the startscreen.
Future of WP
Microsoft is making huge investment to buy Mojang ($2.5 Billion). Possibly meaning the arrival of Minecraft for Windows Phone.
GDR2 for Developer Preview program coming on 8th of October
Android/Google heavy to WP?
The perfect scam app (and why is Microsoft failing to protect IP)
(How-To) Encrypt Your Windows Phone.
Microsoft to launch $40 Windows Phones in India, without impacting quality and experience
I am fairly new to WP, but im absolutely loving the customization
Can't Delete Album Data From Lumia 920
My Lumia 800 appears to be completely dead
Seidio (Case and Accessory maker) Lists "Google Nexus 6" on their request page. Could we be seeing accessories for the next Nexus as soon as its released?
Google's global Android One launch in India today
Google reveals the first ultra-cheap Android One smartphones
Official Android One page. | "..Receives automatic Android updates for up to 2 years."
Using popular apps on a 2G connection.
Samsung Tomorrow made an infographic showing the difference between the Note 4 and Note 3
Panasonic introduces its own smartphone/camera hybrid, the DMC-CM1
Moronic Monday (Sep 15 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Review: What the iPhone 6 Could Have Been
Your first Android Device?
RAM in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
PSA: Golden Rules for selling your used iPhone on Craigslist
Spotify Radio Lock-screen Thumbs up and Thumbs Down [I am on iOs 8 GM, and this is the first time I have seen them]
Pre-Order Status Tracking Thread.
Screen cracked... is this a good idea?
So, my phone just got stolen.
I want to switch from Android to iPhone. I'm not on a contract though. What's the most inexpensive route for me to buy one?
Anyone else waiting to order one until you can see them both in person to decide on a size?
[Question] Anyone thinking about camping out?
Samsung calling apple imitators in its newest tv add
iPhone 4 case and iPhone 6+ case comparison.
Why does every iPhone crash if I you set this photo for wallpaper?
iPhone 6 lotus wallpaper for 5s
For those waiting for Apple to "ship", don't hold your breath. Check this screenshot (dates) from my iPhone 5 pre-order. Ordered 9/14/12, marked "shipped" 9/20/12, in-hand 9/21/12.
T-Mobile Pre-Order ends September 15th
I Really Want to Get a Windows Phone, But I'm Stuck with Sprint...Help?
My phone is not the same after it was bricked
It's not Chromecast.. but it'll do
Just got my 520...
Help, please. Disabling search nav.-button
myTube needs a new name thanks to policies on the Store for 8.1 apps, what should it be called?
Guys, this is a catastrophe and Microsoft just doesn't care anymore.
Cortana UK News?
A quick PSA about Sony's stock messaging app with all the talk of the Z3 lately
Let's talk internal storage
Android should download Google Play content in chunks, like BitTorrent does.
Hey guys i'm back! Moto 360 Hands-on & First Impressions!
The craziest HTC rumor yet - HTC working on smartphone-connected Tricorder personal medical gadgets
Cisco launches Android game in which you fight against virtual malware
Ever wanted to charge your nabi via the micro usb port? Well here is how. (modding, soldering, etc)
Nexus 5 "no longer being made", says Wind Mobile representative
Check your iPhone 6 shipping status...
How many people successfully ordered a 6+ off the Apple site for 9/19 delivery?
Best Buy dropped the price of their AT&T 16gb iPhone 5 to $250 off contract.
Have any of my fellow (soon-to-be) iPhone 6+ owners started collecting some 1080x1920 wallpapers? If so, let's post some of them.
When do popular 3rd-party case designers typically have their cases on store shelves? I'm guessing not launch day?
Shipping date for my At&t order changed..
Dropped my iPhone 4S and the touch screen is unresponsive. Any tips?
Verizon Pre-order Status
iPhone 6+: I'll tell you guys my first impressions about it once finished charging
I made my favorite iOS8 background into a desktop wallpaper. I hope you also like it!
This feels like Christmas Eve. I may have to call in sick tomorrow!
Suggestions for Cortana.
Why does /r/windows hate us?
1020 impulse purchase
WP + non-Windows desktop/laptop
Recommend me a 3rd party GoodReads app!
Microsoft/Nokia are totally neglecting the video part of their phones
AdRotator V2.0.1 release plus updated Unity editor plugin - AdRotator
This is why I think WP is good but not perfect (yet)
Lumia 925 screenreplacement advice needed.
Manufacturers don't like Windows Phone? Random ponderings over why this may be the case.
British brand My Go is the latest to be working on its first Windows Phone
About headphones that came with the Lumia 925
Why is my music not syncing to my phone?
Official handset image shows new Windows Phone with 'Windows' branding
Music hub and photo hub
I guess this means Android TV is getting a Nexus device...
WearFaces makes Apple watch face for Android smartwatches
Snapshot Sunday (Sep 14 2014) - Your weekly photography thread!
Google Cardboard $3.66 Free Shipping from TinyDeal
Mark Your Calendar! Pre-Order Begins Tuesday for New Motorola Products, Moto 360 Back on Sale
Is it just me, or do smartphones have a ridiculously short lifespan compared to other electronics?
For anyone looking to purchase a minimal case for their iPhone 6, I ordered a few from Amazon and I took some photos of them so you can make a better decision.
This is just hilarious! A form post from 2001 when Apple first announced the iPod.
Remember this? Does Apple sign a blood contract with Bono? Is Apple and Bono part of the Illuminati?
DAE get a free iPhone 6/6+ case from Apple while calling customer support?
As a long-time Android user, this is why I pre-ordered the new iPhone.
My iPhone 5c was really difficult to charge and I fixed it. A top for anyone having the same problem.
Did you preorder through Verizon? Here's a way to get extra/internal information about your preorder.
My preorder says that it's back ordered. Will I still get it on the 20th ? ( estimated delivery day )
Can anyone explain and help me with this?
what is that icon in the status bar that looks like a phone with a arrow and how do i remove it?
Order still processing...
When "Processing your Order" changes to "Preparing for Shipment", I get a warm feeling inside
(AT&T preorders) Check your order status! My iPhone 6 is preparing to ship although estimated ship date is in October.
Anyone gotten past this point?
Does anyone know how to fix this? The entire album downloaded fine on my iPad but it refuses to do so on my phone.
It's happening!!!
Guess I won't be getting it this Friday...
Was able to track by reference on UPS. No tracking number yet.
Quick look at Microsoft's new IE Data Savings companion app for Data Sense users | Windows Phone Central
Charger port broken on Lumia 1020 -- Need a CC-3066 charging case
Wi-Fi Calling on T-Mobile with 8.1 DP?
FB/FB Messenger notification problems
Lessons learned from Microsoft's pioneering--and standalone--smartwatches
Discussion about Galaxy Alphas 720p screen
The Snapdragon 810: Why won't we see it in this year's Nexus?
Micromax to also launch Android One smartphone on Sept 15, exclusive on Amazon
Did your device get de-rooted by an OTA? Here's a workaround.
Google Voice/Hangouts Integration --- Good on Ya Google
Discussion about MMS Issues: Why are MMS issues rampant on Android?
Google to do an Ad campaign with... Doritos?
Google awarded gold prize for Material design on the UX Awards
MAJOR issue with new Hangouts (Voicemail).
Question: Why do Android users religiously bash the iPhone? I see this image everywhere now.
iPhone 4S ear speaker problem
Pink hue to the screen (borders unaffected) - known issue?
ATT Order Canceled? Anyone else iPhone 6 order get canceled? I checked the order status and it said this..
Is AT&T NEXT worth it for the iPhone 6? My thinking...
iOS 8 App Store error. (Translation in comments)
Battery life in iOS 8 GM
I don't care what ever folks say, I feel windows phone is the best.
Am I the only one that wants a smartwatch like this?
Anyone else's 1020's screen scratch real easily?
A die-hard Android user's Windows Phone Experience
My biggest complaint for Windows Phone
Microsoft smart watches what are they waiting on? Anyone remember msn direct?
Italy-based Trekstor to launch Windows Phone smartphone in November.
How is 6snap compared to the official snapchat app?
Nokia camera makes a weird noise when I run the app.
Is anyone encountering issues with twitter taking up too much space?
German manufacturer TrekStor showcases its first Windows Phone handset
FlipBoard in the Store (But you can't download it :( )
Vodafone Motorola Moto G Pay As You Go Handset - Black @-94.99
Discovery: Found out a really cool Music app. (It's not a Music Player)
An updated version of RedPhone with greatly improved call quality is now available
2 self taught developers created a half decent Android game somehow. Quite proud of ourselves. Dev album inside for the curious...
Dynex cases for Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 $0.25 at Best Buy
Question from an iPhone owner considering switching over - probably to a phone with stock Android and around 4.5 inch screen size
I implemented the statusbar volume overlay, but with as an app for any Android device 4.3+. Looking for feedback, testing, and suggestions.
Samsung reacts to Apple's big announcement with "It Doesn't Take a Genius" #NoteTheDifference campaign.
PSA about Xperia phones' bootloader unlocking
While iOS lags behind Android in features, Apple offers more consistency and support for what it has. As an open system, how can Android improve in these aspects, when responsibility is split across multiple manufacturers and companies?
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [Sep 13th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread.
Sony Xperia Z3 vs the competition: Setting the standard for stills photo performance
Water proof, water resistant, IP68 what does it REALLY mean.
Flud is probably the best torrent client for Android right now, and they just reached their first stable 1.0 version! Check it out and you may end up ditching uTorrent!
Do you guys like this look of MX player? if yes then vote for it. the dev is listening
My Google Voice Hangouts Integration Experience
A rehashed nexus 5 for google's 2014 flagship
For an entire month, I worked on my first game and finally came to see its release yesterday!
Pics of my Moto 360 in direct sunlight. AMA about my 360 or my Pebble.
Today after 3 years, I decided to ditch Windows Phone and come back to Apple for my smartphone.
Is this what happened in the past??
Shrub for iOS lets you draw images with your camera. Some download codes in comments.
Called Apple customer service today. I just rounded hour six of my time on hold. I'm going for the record!
Trying to make sense of a Verizon perorder
My Horrible AT&T IPhone order experience
AT&T Has Absolutely **** The Bed With This Launch.
Verizon iphone 6+ upgrade. Is this a problem or not?
Geez, I would hope so...
Thanks to AT&T's screw up, I preordered my phone at 11:48 PM PST and received this shipping date
Was able to order 20 minutes after opening through AT&T didn't receive e-mail confirmation for 3 hours. Now told phone will ship Oct 30th- November 11th. The hell?
Dear Android L users, welcome to 2008!
Preordered from Verizon before 3AM EST, 9/19 delivery date on confirmation, email, and order status until now. Who else has this **** now on order status?
Got my iphone 6M(special Manti te'o edition)
Gee, thanks Sprint.
I ordered my iPhones at 12:01 and this is when AT&T says they will ship it. I so bummed.
To All the Android Users Bashing the iPhone 6
Does anyone else's Twitter app use such a ridiculously large amount of storage?
The joys of living in Canada
Might move from Android to Windows Phone with OS 8.1
Metro is a design language and a UX, and a lot of people don't know the difference
Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc wants to know what the best HDR app is for Windows Phone... "GO!"
Screen goes black when I make or receive a call
There may not be many of us but Sprint's HTC 8XT users will get the 8.1 update in November
I'm having a huge amount of trouble getting Cortana in Canada.
Is now a good time to switch?
Windows Phone Notifications of Quirky Spotter events via Gmail and Pushalot (IFTTT)
Major Apps Opening up times I try to maintain and update once in a while
Remember, it took like 15m after midnight last time. Don't panic yet.
Strongly recommend you keep trying the Store App. Finally got through on a 6+ / Space Grey / 128GB for VZW.
Sitting at my desk at work after spending almost 2 hours ordering my phone last night and not getting back to sleep, I feel like...
anybody know which carrier apple uses to ship?
PSA: Check your credit card webistes for AT&T preorders
It's getting closer!
Hurry up, this thing cant hold on much longer!
att.com knows what's up
The suspense is killing me!
Looks like Microsoft was trying to tell me something.
Oh my god!
Question for ATT iPhone 6 Order. Does this mean the order went through ? i got no email
You guys can do it! There's still hope on the Apple Store App!
So does this mean I have one?
I think I have a new iPhone? I guess we'll see.
Reservation from Fido in Canada is LIVE!
The moment when Metro UK hasn't got a clue what they are talking about...
**** you, Verizon.
I was able to pre-order the 64GB iPhone 6 after a stressful hour of reloading the app but there's a problem with my payment info so I'm going for the next best thing. Guess I'm getting the largest capacity iPhone 6 now!
Ordered 2 phones, one before 12pst is still stuck @ 10/2-13, the one after is updated to 9/17-18. Please don't tell me the ones ordered before 12pst is gonna be processed after the "legit" orders... I'd be so pissed...
FWIW: Missed out? Don't give up! 3+ hrs after launch, I just loaded up the Apple Store app and got an iPhone 6.
I just completed an order for 2 T-Mobile 64gb iPhone 6's. I plan to use them both with AT&T. Think they'll come unlocked?
Free GB of data every month for two years? Can anyone explain this, was on my preorder confirmation
Weird iPhone/Cloud glitch, U2's album downloaded itself to my phone. Check your music library.
People already paying 2k for the iPhone , this is insane
Car Bluetooth and incoming texts... Is this really a unique feature?
So... USB cables for charging.
Easter egg: Proving Windows Phone is Windows
Glitch in the System | 2D Shooter
My app, Rivetimg - A reddit image viewer, has been updated to version 2.0! Please have a look! (It's free!)
Some developers make me want to reach through the monitor and punch them! (textplus)
Annoying Cortana glitch
Uservoice - Option to combine volume sliders
Does the Lumia 1020 stutter when you scroll?
[APP]Gamer community is finally available
LG to announce a smaller G Flex 2 by the end of the year
The strange, Android-powered 'Goophone' i6 is a complete iPhone 6 clone, but boasts a 13MP camera
Could the Sony Xperia Z3 on Android Silver be the ultimate phone?
HTC Is Working on an Action Camera + Smartphone Optimized for Selfies
Fidget with Widgets Friday (Sep 12 2014) - Your weekly theming thread!
Real Life Comics tidily sums up how most Android users feel about the iPhone annoucement.
Unlocked, Unbranded Moto X to be called 'Pure Edition'
iwatch and android wear: how different really ?
I've been using the Moto G on Republic Wireless for the last 30 days. Here are my thoughts.
Motorolas New DROID QUARK Stops by FCC on Its Way to Verizon Wireless Charging, Turbo Charger
AT&T not in a rush, will offer Wi-Fi calling in 2015
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, actual size on your screen (includes keyboard)
"3.5 inch handset size is the 'sweet spot' for mobile phone design; big enough to produce detailed, legible graphics, but small enough to fit comfortably in the hand and pocket." - SJ
AT&T on Twitter: "Both the 4 and 4S have a minimum trade-in credit of $200."
Everything you need to know before pre-ordering your iPhone 6 tonight.
Changing my mind from 6+ to the 6
It's been asked a million times!
Best review of Facebook Messenger yet
iPhone 6 Plus keyboard has left/right, cut, copy, paste, bold, emoji, symbols, some punctuation buttons
Apparently QuickType gets word suggestions from Android users too
iPhone 6/6+ (AT&T) pricing
PSA - No In-Store Pickup for AT&T Next Purchases!
Bath Time!
First time in 6-7 years as an iphone owner that I've ever cracked a screen. Anything I can do to prevent it from getting worse until I have it fixed?
Undecided between AT&T Next or a subsidy? I did the math for you.
Is this a good deal? (ATT Plan) I feel like I'm missing something
I'm Irish. This was in the paper today. Even we realise how **** U2 went over in the launch.
Front panel of Microsoft's first own-branded Windows smartphone leaked?
How I'd imagine how a Surface based family of devices would work.
Netflix for Windows Phone updated, still a steaming pile of poo
"A sneak peek at the next version of Metrotube for Windows Phone 8... Coming soon."
Better use of screen space ever coming to WP?
[X-Post from r/Microsoft] New Microsoft services passes through the FCC. Possible new Windows Phone?
[Bug] App is installed and is not installed at the same time.
About the recent reports of increase in market share of windows phone in the US
Now that Hangouts is on track to being the product it should have been from the beginning, it's time for Google to amp up integration with Google Now.
Chrome OS can now run Android apps, no porting required
This stylus for Android allows children to capture colors from the real world and create their own art in a beautifully crafted coloring book app available in iOS and Android
One question from a long term iPhone owner
Google Hangouts now appears to also forward non-Google Voice numbers to VoIP when you have no service.
Received my Android TV Dev Kit Today
Dont Stress if You Didnt Get Asked to Merge Hangouts and Google Voice
Haven't seen one of these in a while.. What kinds of set ups do you have for a one page home screen?
Xperia Z3 Compact Available for Pre-Order for $473 (291, 365) through International Retailers Clove and Handtec
Apple seems to have fixed that iMessage bug when switching over to non-iOS phones
A few questions about the iPhone 6 preorder process...
Space Grey antenna bands
Here's a link for a size comparison PDF with both letter and A4 size.
Best Password App?
Guess which Google Apps have recently been updated and which haven't
joebelfiore on Twitter: "Look, face it... she's just not that into you. :( https://t.co/dGxhrpdumh"
The new MSN website syncs with your Bing/MSN apps, delivering personalized content.
Weekly beginners question thread: September 11/09/2014
Third party support for 1080p phablets is lacking
Possibly moving from Android to WP. However, I have some app issues.
[Rant] What the actual F*** is going on with video support?
Web based RSS reader Inoreader planning to release it's Windows Phone version
If you use the Spotify app especially if you are a PREMIUM user say kudos to this !
Anybody else having issues with Baconit after enabling HTTPS login on Reddit?
Found a great site that'll let you design mockups of Windows Phone apps (Link in description).
Secrets and Treasure a free Xbox game soft launches in canada
Anyone a fan of Destiny? Lets make a push to bring the companion app to WP!
Opera mini fails acid3
The tablet no one is talking today about- Dell Venue 8 7000
The completely expected result from moving to higher resolution while keeping virtually the same battery size: "Our Moto X (2014) battery life test is done and the results ain't pretty"
While You Weren't Looking, Dell Announced a Crazy Futuristic Tablet
Someway Thursday (Sep 11 2014) - Your weekly automation thread!
Cosmos Browser enables the user to browse the web without an internet connection by using gzipped text messages. Built for MHACKS IV
Big Android BBQ announces two Googlers as keynote speakers (Reto Meier & Timothy Jordan)
Apparently the International variant of the Galaxy Note 4 has a 64-bit SOC (Exynos 5433)
[AP] Google Continues To Pry Google+ Loose From Hangouts With The Latest Update
First Impressions of iOS 8 GM on iPhone 4S
Which iPhone 6 size are you getting? (poll)
I think I'm going to like it here :)
Please Help! Trying to avoid a scam!
All this "family sharing" is a cool concept but...
Eligible for upgrade... please convince me
Gray is the new black?
Which iPhone 6 model will work in China?
Something I noticed that no one else has mentioned, the box of the iPhone 6 is pretty cool and different than previous ones
IPhone Vs the rest of the World
I'm 16, it seems my father has foreseen my intents
Tmo iPhone 6 not compatible with any other GSM SIM
Verizon Edge "Starting From" Prices for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Just got my Spigen case for the iPhone 6 Plus
Swiftkey confirmed for Sep. 17 launch date.
Going from the 4s to the 6 Plus... lol
How to get rid of the songs with the cloud icon?
Comparing the 6 and 6+ to my Chipotle burrito
Does anyone have this wallpaper?
Terraria for Windows Phone Confirmed for Release on FRIDAY!
Do you miss quick audible notes for Cortana? I made an app for this!
Lumia 1520 not getting notifications
On Apple's big day, Microsoft racks up 1M views with another ad slamming Siri
To everyone with the new Hangouts with VOIP app: how's the call quality? to cell phones? to land lines?
Accidently clicked the "Last" button on Android Central. We've come a long way in 6 years.
[DL] Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 210 and Snapdragon 208, Allows Even the Cheapest Smartphones to Benefit From 4G LTE
Android Platform Distribution numbers updated for September, KitKat now at 24.5%
Send This Message to Motorola! #BringBackSpearmint
Chrome Beta 38 Adds Touch To Search Option, 'Merge Tabs And Apps', New API Support, And Some Killer Bugs [APK Download]
Samsung latest ads mock Apple for its live stream goof and releasing an iPhone with a big screen
Inside Apples live event stream failure, and why it happened: it wasnt a capacity issue
Anyone else feel like they need to see and hold the new iPhones first, rather than pre-ordering?
My Reaction to all the Android fanboys on the front page making fun of the new Iphone
iOS 8 GM brings new wallpapers, most of which are dark.
Continuity is now accessible in the multitasking switcher.
IOS 8 Default Wallpaper - The Milky Way Above Demmevass - Espen Haagensen
How the iPhone 6 will fit in your pocket.
iTunes says my iPhone is filled with 12.85 GB of Other and nothing else... Help please?
You know when Jony pronounced metallurgist like meh-talur-gists that the voiceover producer was just like...
Need help decided if the 6+ is too big? Compare it to the size of a basic calculator! It's almost exactly the same height and slightly narrower.
Jonny Ive's Apple Watch doesn't fit properly.
Another carrier trashing windows phone
Now a L920, which one next?
New to WP from iPhone, what do I need to know?
BLU Win JR unboxing The best $89 you can spend on a Windows Phone
After Apple Watch, Windows Watch Soon?
Currently on Android, formerly on W7, considering W8.1
We are bringing our beautiful puzzle to Windows Phone
Nokia, Windows Phone Brands to be Replaced by Microsoft, Windows
Microsoft set to buy Minecraft's developer Mojang, say reports - would this make Pocket Edition for Windows Phone a possibility?
Location Sharing comes to Skype for Windows Phone
Hangouts and Google Voice...finally merged?
Apps by /r/android devs - Advertise YOUR app here!
Why hasn't OtterBox released cases for Google's flagship phones after they have been out for years? They announced their cases for the iPhone 6 the day it was revealed by Apple.
Did traditional Android phone design just win?
Sony confirms no KitKat release for Xperia SP even though they have promised it.
Hi Reddit, I created an update to my game as you suggested. See for yourselves and tell me what you think.
Comedy Central finally launches Android app; Chromecast support in the works
Call me maybe? Introducing free voice calls from Hangouts
Hangouts 2.3 Update Brings Remaining Google Voice Integration And A Big Visual Overhaul [APK Download]
Google posts instructions on how to get Google Voice text messages and voicemails in Hangouts
The iPhone 6 reveal from an Android user's POV (Hands up, don't shoot!)
Printable PDF to compare new iPhone sizes.
Trade in your iPhone 4 or newer and get a free 16GB iPhone 6 from Verizon!
Just in case anyone else is wondering how the size of the 6 Plus compares to the 5S and iPad mini.
IMPORTANT - PSA: DO NOT download iOS8 golden master and install from yosemite!!!
The evolution of the iPhone
Inside Apple's hands-on room
Rough post-it size comparison mockup of the iPhone line up for anyone interested.
The Apple Watch
Looks like the rate of improvement is slowing down for iPhone processor.
What's going on with my wifi?
AT&T Next Prices for iPhone 6 (from my account)
Finally an iPhone that fits my big hands!
Why isn't iPhone 6 screen 720p? Or at least 16:9? It's so close!
Apple really does love Bono. This is him.
Apple.com now supports Mobile
Hum Apple...
No NFC/Apple Pay on Tmobile or Verizon? Also, lacking the upgraded WiFi antenna as well...
The Truth Hurts.
Oh god why would they automatically add it to my library?
All I can think of after the iPhone 6 release
It seems Apple still isn't hip to the vertical video issue.
[Design Intensifies]
The auto-rotation of an image when scrolling on Apple's website is pretty cool.
No WPs on display at the AT&T store...
Age of Empires: Castle Siege | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
NFC Payments with WP 8.1
Lumia 830 coming to AT&T by the holidays, Stephen Elop says | Windows Phone Central
My Windows Phone Wish List
Is there a great chance of screen breakage on Icon?
Any thoughts on the new Blu Windows Phones?
Sony Xperia Z3, E3, and Z3 compact are now listed as 'coming soon' on Sony Mobile's site.
Motorola Statement about moto360 battery
[Discussion] Apple's Keynote - 9/9/14
To see tips for voice commands on the Google Now screen, say "Ok Google," then "Help."
Sony Xperia Z3's Claims and Test Results - includes their 2 day battery life testing!
PSA: If you signed up for All Access at its introductory price it stays that price for ever. Story inside.
Android Wear 4.4W.1 now rolling out to LG G Watch, Moto 360, and more
Apple created an eerily similar font for the Apple Watch to Roboto
To apologize for a bug, a developer posts a recipe for a delicious Old Bay Clam Chowder on the app description.
Whatsapp update forces you to have notifications
Official /r/iPhone Apple Keynote discussion thread
Watch the live stream of the Apple event today with Google Chrome by using the User Agent Switcher extension
T-Mobile JUMP upgrades
How to stream Apples Sept. 9 iPhone 6/iWatch event on Windows
This gives me great excitement!
On the big day, I've returned to iPhone. The original.
Microsoft slams Siri again in creative and funny new advertisement: 'I guess I was expecting too much'
Microsoft-made Windows Phones apps that Reddit loves best
One journalist actually responds to WP fans' statements that apps do not matter.
Had a "Cortana is smart" moment
AT&T has a total of 3 WP devices available - WTH?
Social Hub integration, how deep can it go with the current API?
My first app - The minimalist distance-based transit alarm
@AdDuplex is giving away Lumia 930, Lumia 1520, HTC One (M8), Prestigio 8400 DUO and 8500 DUO
Accidentally opted out of developer replies. Help! Need to reactivate it.
Using Windows Phone as Webcam on PC
Audiotica beta testers will get a lifetime of ad-free and unlimited cloud storage.
2 Weeks with Android
A pretty decent and (temporarily) free podcast app, Podcast+ Pro
Philippines now has a local windows phone and also cheap priced at under 120 USD
Alcatel OneTouch launches the first Windows Phone with a 64-bit processor
Visited the Chicago Microsoft store for Destiny last night, walked out with a brand new 1520
Nokia Teasing an Announcement for Thursday; Instagram Finally Leaving Beta?
Prime Instant Video app is now available through the Amazon Shop app...
Samsung Galaxy Alpha hits UK on Sept 12, Canada on 26, Germany - 29
Outrageously good (free!) CM11 theme (IdeaL theme by jahirfiquitiva)
Ars Review: In its second generation, the Moto X becomes a true flagship
Tinker Tuesday [Sep 09 2014] - Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
Why Some Privacy Apps Get Blocked From the Android Play Store
Nest devices now talk to the rest of your automated home
iFixit cracks open the Moto 360, finds smaller battery than advertised
Facebook Messenger V adds ability to draw and type messages on photos you send from your gallery
14 Bugs Closed In Android L Preview, Including The AT&T/T-Mobile MMS Error, To Be Patched In "The Next Public Release"
Netflix Says The Post-Play Binge Watching Experience Is Coming To Chromecast In The Next Few Days
Watch iPhone 6 Live Stream on any device (with live discussion)
LPT: you can put down a deposit for iPhone 6 today at Verizon
Question about upgrading
Weird...I never knew iOS 5 had family sharing. Perhaps this is in preparation for iOS 8?
I made iOS app - Planetary Clock (promocodes, yey)
Question about availability
Alleged Apple iPhone 6 specs revealed by China Mobile
help with stolen incident?
I see the NYT saying U2 is a significant part of the event, I see Apple buying beats, that means lot of contacts on the music world... and if Apple is launching something like a music studio, where people can record and sell stuff directly?
That moment when OCD is happy and the excitement builds.
[HELP] Cant restore iPhone 5 (iTunes 11: error 9)| iTunes 12 crashes
Ok guys, I need to know which WP app is the best for tracking feeding times for a newborn.
So, uh... Cortana just BLEW ME AWAY
You know what I absolutely love about Xbox Music...
An update on my affair with Android
Why upgrade?
More Universal Music Playlists OneDrive/Local/Xbox Music Songs all in one playlist
Definitive Cortana Command list
[DL] These Were the Early Moto 360 Prototypes, Thankfully They Didnt Make the Cut
Moto 360 Battery Life Test: So Far, Not As Bad As You Heard
Exclusive: Samsung SM-A500 to have full metal body, specs detailed
To win the smartwatch war, Apple must beat this 'GoldenEye 007' watchface on the Moto 360
[DL] Google I/O Attendees, Your Moto 360 has Shipped.
Original Moto X Developer Editions (GSM And Verizon) Receive A $50 Price Cut
Review: The new Moto G doesnt change much, but still a steal at $179
Several UI Refinements And Another 'LMP' Mention Spotted In Recent Nexus 5 Android L Build LRW66E
Will iOS 8 Finally Fix the "Other" Data Problem?
Designer posts images of its custom gold iPhone 6
Free iPhone wallpaper from legendary photographer Chris Burkard
Anyone currently have a 5.5 inch phone? Do you like it or did you find the large size gets annoying?
Workers being charged for drinking water by supply chain contractor year after year
The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will have a 2,915mAh battery, but dont expect better battery life
iPhone 4 (iOS7) glitch (?) when erasing text messages
What happened to my iphone? I tried rebooting it but its still the same.
Lumia 1020 Battery Life - 'Bug in the processor'?
I plan on replacing my T-mobile 810 with a the Cricket Wireless 630 this afternoon. Anything I should be aware of before I make the purchase?
First look at MSN rebranding for Windows Phone apps suggests it is subtle
Lumia 920 and Me
Gamasutra - Q&A: Carmack reveals the challenges of mobile VR game development
New Android-based set-top box combines broadcast TV and online video Tech News and Analysis
Moronic Monday (Sep 08 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
WatchON Plus App Brings The Galaxy S5's Revamped WatchON UI To The Galaxy S4 And Note 3
[DL] Moto 360: To Ambient Screen Mode or Not to Ambient Screen Mode?
Start-ups that have Android-related jobs, here's a list
Month: a beautiful new Android calendar widget w/ agenda popups
Amazon Fire Phone Drops to 99 Cents After Just Over a Month
[Ouch] Fire Phone Drops From $199 To $0.99 On-Contract From AT&T
It's time we started giving these 'other' smartphone makers a chance
iPhone 5 will not sync
App stuck on Waiting, and I'm not sure how to delete it
Developer story. Game title: Poor Cube.
iPhone 5s broken
New iPhone 6 images appear to show a working device with mobile payments
Help me make sense of my daughter's data usage.
Could I do this on an iPhone? Audiobook/Podcast Related.
AT&T approved my unlock request. Wants me to backup and restore to complete. Can I do this in one month from now?
I got a new computer, what will happen to my iPhone when I connect it to it?
iMessage refusing to work
Each and Every thing you want know about iPhone 6
So Apple "repaired" my iphone and broke my mic in the process.
Not sure what this is all about, but it constantly says downloading below pics. How do I stop it?
Nokia plans to launch its new Lumia 830 smartphone in India by October; likely to be priced around Rs 26,000
My experience with the Moto G
I have never asked for RTs before, but I think this cause deserves it. Please help get the attention of Canada's big 3 carriers to carry more high end windows phones. Our newest high end phone is the 1020. No 930, no 1520. Even Ireland has the 930. Canadians are people too. Any help is appreciated!
Microsoft Pads Windows Phones Midriff With Three More Lumias (x-post from /r/technology)
Happened in Singapore too.
Windows Phone users are the least likely to switch to iPhone 6 - Neowin
VR Mobile apps?
****! Cyan didn't fix the battery reporting.
Ms ecosystem
Motorola's Punit Soni: There Will Be No Second Generation Moto X Developer Edition For Verizon
JCase mentions a "7" LG Tablet, sold by Google with Tegra 4 on Twitter
Random Google 7-inch Tablet Shows Up at FCC With NVIDIA Chip, Tiny LG Battery
Erica Griffin: "Is it just me or does the cheap new Moto G take better pictures than the new Moto X?"
We're Going To Have To Wait A Bit Longer For The New Android L Lawn Statue
How much of your Watch is actually screen [OC]
iPhone 6 4.7" Spigen Case Pictures
The supposed iPhone 6 leaked model has an LED indicator between the volume buttons.
Buying sim free 5s on holidays.
How do I know Apple actually replaced the battery when I brought it in for the battery replacement program?
So ... the alarm on my Lumia 630 is ... broken?
For those who upgraded from Lumia 920 to 930 or 1520:...
My first app: TextCrypter
Got a "touchy" problem...
Replacing short wave radio
lumia 930 or lumia 1520 or wait for newer flagship?
My 1520 went unresponsive, can't charge or connect to PC.
Buying my first windows phone, what do I need to know?
Lumia 520 bricked. Blue screen with a sad face.
8.1.1 video player help
A closer look at Rich Capture, the best feature on Lumia Camera
Gamer Community - Development progress 3
New xposed module lets you use quick controls in Chrome and Chrome Beta!
Snapshot Sunday (Sep 07 2014) - Your weekly photography thread!
Would you buy an Android Wear watch with an E-ink or Mirasol display?
I own a new Moto X (2014), AMA
MOTA's vibrating jewelry promises more subtle notifications.
Yet a few More Videos of the iPhone 6 Surface, Shows a Functional Touch ID, New Health app and More
In a future iOS update I would really like to see more precise data usage statistics.
Do I need to keep the backups of apps that iTunes creates on my PC?
I use Siri to set a timer often, but this is the first time I've received this reply.
More iPhone 6 functional and leaks! (Health App tested, iOS8, other default apps)
How do pre-orders work and what advice do you have?
A question about MyTube and how to use it in web browser. Please help!
People with the Lumia Icon, pros and cons? (Been thinking about getting one)
Anyone else want to see this with ultra high resolution sensors on the new nokia?
question about tinder apps with windows phone
Chromium Crosswalk: A huge boost to hybrid-apps on Android.
Microsoft launches Nokia X2 Android Smartphone in India
ProCapture realizes the mistake.... makes upgrade available to V1 buyers
The Galaxy Alpha is Samsungs most beautiful phone ever
Attention: clarification for the rules of /r/android. Please read!
Will people ever learn about Android screenshots? Bank app uses iOS screenshots in the Play Store
Finally! Galaxy Note 4's Super AMOLED screen to have super-accurate colors
After using the Moto 360 for a regular day, here is my opinion on the battery life
The Nexus 10 Can Finally Download 1440 (2.7k) Videos From Youtube! But...
The lines have already begun. People have started camping for the iPhone 6 outside the 5th Avenue, NYC store.
Real iPhone 6 pics from Weibo
iTunes/iPhone Syncing Irregularities
Working iPhone 6 (purported) finally leaked! + video
My Macbook kept telling me to unplug usb device using too much power, I was confused until i saw this
Anyone got info on the iPhone 6 camera?
5S rear casing replacement
DesignTile can now sync all calendars (Google, Exchange ...) and keep your default calendar preferences :)
Got a question regarding cyan update for the 1020
Lumia 521 at newegg, T-MOBILE 63.99. SHELL SHOCKER limited deal
Flat Out - My first Windows Phone game release!
Nokia cyan upgrade question
What are some good games for Windows Phone?
Moto X: Who else wants it to come to Windows Phone?
Updated to 8.1/Cyan! Impressions and Bluetooth/Cortana question.
UC Browser Preview lets you try out new features before they launch
Removed email account while syncing, now I can't back up
[MODPOST] Guidelines for Reporting Posts and Comments
Need help. Phone isn't detecting certificates.
Yes, the Moto 360 can use ANY Qi charger (not just the one it comes with)
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [Sep 6th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread.
HANDS ON With The Moto 360, The First Round Smart Watch. (from Tech Crunch)
Hands-On With The Huawei Ascend Mate 7: The Most Exciting Phone At IFA, Hands Down
Motorola's trade-in program offers up to $300 for your old phones, only for new Moto X or Moto G.
Behind the watch: the Moto 360 story
The Photo Cookbook Quick & Easy - Regularly $4 - FREE right now
My phone was stolen, is it possible to bypass the lock?
Best program to recover videos from iPhone 5S?
Ginger Keyboard is a nice change from the average iOS 8 alternative keyboard
Looking for help with Google Sheets.
How much will the iPhone 5s price drop after the next gen is announced?
Check your carrier eligibility!! Mine just got bumped up in time for the Sept 19th launch!!
Trusted smartphone case brand, SPIGEN has a leaked image of iphone 6 an iphone 6.5 !!!
2 FREE iOS Courses > How I wish I learned to create iPhone apps. Watch 74 HD screencasts and lectures
Possible easter egg? Alarm for iPhone 6 event set for March 31, 1976 - the day before Apple was founded.
Does anyone else get these weird iMessages?
Thanks anyways, but I think I will wait a few days!
What the hell happened here? I can't delete the first one.
Is this not giving me the same option twice?
Windows Phone Smartphone from Polaroid spotted on IFA in Berlin Germany
OneDrive autoupload fails on phone restart?
Nokia Lumia 930 vs OnePlus One: Rear Camera Comparison
Interested in WP
Two Photo-related Questions (Lumia 1520)
Any love for Canada?
How does the DP for PC compare to the DP for the phone and how do I sign up?
Motorola's Touchless Control App Is Now 'Moto Voice,' Updated With Moto 360 Support, Custom Launch Phrases For The New Moto X, And More
Nvidia Sues Samsung and Qualcomm For Alleged Patent Infringement
From sketch to wrist: the evolution of Android Wear
Toms Hardware: Motorola's announced products all seem to have some deal-breaking flaws.
New Moto X Battery Theory
Looking to adopt a smart watch right now? For most people, I suggest waiting. Here's why.
Power Pack Micro now available to preorder from Motorola
WiFi connectivity bad - iPhone 5
How does my iPhone know where I work?
Iphone 5 missing screws, not eligible for battery replacement
Can anyone help? Signal issues are continuing despite replacement handset?
New iPhone - to restore or to set up as a new device?
"let a friend know my location as I drive" thing like Waze but not Waze?
Iphone 6 Resale Value: Day 1?
Traveling from US to Uganda with an iPhone 4S
Someone's keeping Siri out of the loop.
What is your dream (yet realistic) spec and features for a hypothetic 1030 ?
Feed OmNomster - The Hungry Monster. A new, unique and free game with 512mb devices support.
Lumia 1520 camera lens shaking issue?
Monty Python's The Ministry of Silly Walks - Now Available
Will the next version of Windows just be called Windows?
L735 and L830 are coming to the US "soon"
Is it too late for Windows Phone? (Good, slightly more optimistic take from tech journo Ed Bott)
Microsoft hints it has plans for higher end Lumia 1020-like cameras for future phones
Nokia Lumia 1020 sequel still in the works?
[AP] Motorola's Tiny "Hint" Bluetooth Headset Appears Online Before New Phones Launch
[AP] Second Generation Moto G Appears On Motorola's Website With 5-inch HD Screen, Dual Speakers And Sub-$200 price
Motox $99 on contract, $499 off contract, 5.2" OLED, 13MP, 4k, 16gb or 32gb, leather option - CNET
The Verge - The new Moto X could be the best Android phone ever made
The Moto 360 will cost 199 in the UK and $279 in Canada. Avaliable this Fall.
The new Moto G: Motorola's cheap smartphone gets even bigger and better
New Moto X supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
You Can Buy A Moto 360 From Motorola Right Now Using These Links
Fidget with Widgets Friday (Sep 05 2014) - Your weekly theming thread!
Motorola Turbo Charger gets 8 hours battery life in 15 minutes
Big Android Summer Giveaway is officially over. Congrats to all the winners and thanks for participating!
Motorola's Punit Soni Says All New Software Features Will Come To Last Year's Devices If Supported By Hardware
Apple announces that it will live stream September 9 iPhone event
'iPhone 6' will lack sapphire cover but gain 128GB storage
NYT: iWatch to feature flexible display panel, wireless charging, iPhone 6 to have one handed mode
iphone 5c came with a Micro sd network sim card
Question: How is this possible?
Reddit, I can't get this iPhone skin sticker off the backing and I'm about to go crazy
Possible to recover pictures from an iCloud backup?
iPhone Sold on eBay now buyer from China wants IMEI before sending paypal.
GSM more vulnerable to IMSI Catchers (Stingrays) than CDMA
iPhone 6 specs leaked from China site: 4.7-inches display, 416PPI and Quad-core A8 processor
How do I disable this annoying popup (without enabling automatic check)?
[Uservoice] DP should allow firmware updates
The Lumia 830 is supposed to tackle the 5S and the S5... But can it?
Here are the missing features from the Nokia Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 that you may care about
Daniel Gary on Twitter: Next Tuesday an app I've been working on will be released. I have no idea if I will be able to say it's mine or not.
My personal experience vs so many people dismissing the Lumia 930/Icon
Question about tempered glass screen protector for Lumia 1520.
PSA: After a "blue screen of *****" scare, I finally got the 8.1 upgrade on my Lumia 920!
Complained to NokiaUS on twitter about ATT upgrades.. What does this mean?!
The coolest thing about the upcoming Lumia Camera
Advice requested, pros, cons, 930 v 1520: what is your experience, thoughts?
HTC One M8 For Windows $49.99 at Amazon
Someway Thursday (Sep 04 2014) - Your weekly automation thread!
Google to refund $19 million in kids' in-app purchase case: U.S.
The New Moto G Leaks On Video Ahead Of Official Announcement
Embargo Broken: Moto 360 quick look from today's Motorola event (shows heart rate monitor in action)
We might learn Android L's real name this Saturday
[AP] Hands-On With The Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, Z3 Tablet Compact, And Smartwatch 3
Moto X+1 And New Moto G Seemingly Appear On German Retailer's Site With Full Specs
Google Shows Off The Power Of The Android Search App In A Couple Of New Ads
Final thoughts about Android and Nexus from an iOS guy
True innovation: Eternal battery life and intuitive user interface!
How impossible will it be for me to get an iPhone 6 close to release date without lining up?
iPhone 6 Rumors Roundup - Coming September 9th Bigger & Faster
New timely iPhone app idea - for any developer who might want to make a quick buck: SecretCamera
I want to get an iPhone 6 on launch day. What exactly do I need to do? (I'm new to this...)
Weird glitch on iOS 8 beta 5.
First native Wolfram Alpha Client with Cortana support (Windows Phone 8.1 only)
My first app, Couch Potato, was just published to the store!
Tom Warren on Twitter: Lumia Amber, Lumia Black, Lumia Cyan, and now Lumia Denim according to Chinese site WP dang http://t.co/2wfWe7YcRf
Main Lumia 730/735/830 and Denim topic
"Hey Cortana" Not Coming to All Lumias? Only >1GB SensorCore Enabled? (1520, 930/Icon)
Windows phone not automatically accepting terms of service.
Lumia 730 and 735: The perfect SELFIE smartphone devices - what you need to know
Flipboard was pinned on the 830 in this video, so the app must be releasing pretty soon (finally after all these months)
[IFA 2014] HTC's Live Event
[Dev] Is this just material design, or is it blatant copying? (QKSMS / Textra)
Source: Android Wear 2.0 Will Be Released On October 15th
[IFA 2014] Lenovo's Live Event
24 hrs left to enter for a chance to win one of three Nvidia Shield Tablets!
Lenovo announces Vibe X2 with unique tri-layered design
[IFA 2014] Huawei's Live Event
[AP] Hands-On With LG's G Watch R: It's Better In Person (Really)
[Motorola] Private press event today (4th) launch event tomorrow?
First games for Samsung Gear VR Headset announced
Sony: 2K smartphone screens are not worth the battery compromise
Motorola begins setting up demo's for event this evening
Samsung launches Android-powered printers, with a 10.1 screen that connects you directly to the Web
Motorola Mobility on Twitter: It's almost time! Starting at 1AM CT (Sep. 5), check back here as we start unveiling the new portfolio of Moto products
Rumors from U2 fans that the band U2 could be heavily involved with the release of the iPhone 6.
Japanese Smartphone Owners Prefer the 5.5" iPhone 6 Based on Recent Survey
People are queueing up for an iPhone already. Don't they know it won't be released on the 9th?!
iPhone shut down and deleted all apps/music as well as lost service...has this happened to anyone else before?
"AT&T's Next phone upgrade plans a huge ripoff" - it sounds like this year's upgrade process is going to suck?
iPhone 5 is quiet during calls.
Backing up iPhone 5 to iCloud
[facebook] Windows Phone Germany just teased the "Batman", are there any rumours about that codename?
Getting setup with NFC Payments on ATT - told that WP doesn't have NFC
Angry Birds Transformers gets a release date, arriving in Windows Phone Store on October 15
Carphone Warehouse blasts multiple smartphones with fire in awesome durability test | Windows Phone Central
New Cortana Animations!
Afterlight - One of the highest rated and downloaded photo editing app (on iOS/Android) comes to WP8!
One Year Ago Today, we got our first leaked look at the Nexus 5. When will we see the Nexus 6? Place your bets!
"The Xperia Z3 Compact is Sony's true new flagship phone" -The Verge
Motorola teases X/G/Watch/Bluetooth earpiece on Twitter "The wait is almost over"
Isis Mobile Wallet Is Now Softcard, After Changing Its Name To Avoid Association With The Other ISIS
[IFA 2014] Day 1 Discussion
Here's the stuff I won from the Big Android Summer Giveaway!
Chrome Stable Hits v37, Finally Gets Its Material Makeover
Anybody going to ditch their current cloud service for iCloud Drive?
iphone can't detect being hacked by 19 interceptor fake cell towers. Ask Apple for a baseband firewall
Leaked iPhone 6 antenna "stripes" just painted on!(?)
[RELEASE - $0.99] Transcynd Player for iOS - Elevate Your Music Experience (Promo codes inside to a lucky few!)
Sold my 3GS yesterday... Should I be nervous?
Those who are on a limited data plan
Is AT&T Next a good option to get iPhone 6?
Will iBrute now allow me to crack an iPhone 5s if I don't have the password?
Where to get the most money for my iPhone 5
I work for AT&T and saw this in my ordering system today...
Updating to Cyan from DP fix and customising start screen
how do you think Windows phone will evolve?
Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone gets Fn keys, improved experience, new Cortana command, and more
Shouldn't Microsoft be all over this iCloud snafu?
No WP high end on IFA?
Why cant the stock camera app support continuous focus like htc m8 and 930?

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