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Once you upgrade to iOS 8.1, you'll be able to access your iCloud Photos on your computer by visiting icloud.com (beta)
MKBHD iPhone 6+ Review
Third party keyboards in iOS 8.1 fixed?
A really slim bumper that can survive 25ft drop and bend proof. for the iPhone 5 & 6
Are there any apps currently that will allow me to watch my own media on my iphone?
IOS 8 No longer shows how much video has buffered?
Movie Box on 8.1 Tutorial
First time I've ever damaged my iPhone. 5 minutes later and my ear is all cut up
Still not fixed in 8.1
This is my favourite wallpaper anyway.
How many other people were upset when seeing this screen when trying to set up Applepay?
Scumbag Siri
Is this phone case available or does someone know something similar for the 5C? In a long distance relationship and girlfriend want's a case to remind her of her british boy.
Just Picked Up 2 New Cases For My iPhone 6+
iMessage won't activate after updated to 8.1 - 6 plus
Anyone know how to get these marks from the case off of my 5C? I've tried everything imaginable but they seem to be part of the plastic.
New Dbrand skin for iPhone 6
that's useful
WATCH ABC app for Windows Phone (United States)
What WP should I get with T-Mobile?
Since Reddit wasn't going to do it, i took it upon me to make an Ask Me Anything App for Windows Phone. It has gone live in the windows phone store about 10 minutes ago. Come take a look!
Skype for Windows Phone can now be opened from within another app
Microsoft: please turn on NFC payments.
Questions about Lumia 930 on ATT
I'm currently developing a Windows Phone 8.1 app called Planner+, thoughts?
For those looking to buy a Lumia 830 in Canada on WIND...
A moment of appreciation for the 520's battery life
My Lumia 925 just went from 100% to 25% in a matter of minutes..?
[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Google Keyboard Comes With Various New, Redesigned Emoji
Santa is finally jolly!
Just wanted to say THANK YOU ANDROID!
An Early Look At The Google Fit App On Android 5.0 Lollipop
Nexus 6 has "Ambient" display option like the Moto X's Moto Display
Gmail 5.0 Will Support Exchange, Obviate The Stock Email App In Android Lollipop
Chainfire Explains His Root Method For The Latest Lollipop Developer Preview, Modified Kernels May Become A Requirement
Google's Calendar Refresh Offers A Sparse Interface And Smart Imagery
Android 5.0 Guest Mode causes Android Device Manager issues and allows a guest to create a new user
Let's take a moment to step back and appreciate the coverage Android Police has done on Lollipop so far.
BEWARE of trading in your old iPhone to Amazon. They rejected my phone and stole my charger.
Yesterday I said I'd post pictures of my silver iPhone 6 with the Apple brown leather case if I remembered. I remembered, so here they are
So.... is Apple still trading out bent 6s?
I give up. I need some help.
Apple Pay in the UK (and rest of the world)
Questions about trading in my 5 for 5s.
group texting after buying iPhone 6 plus: mines goes through as text while everyone else is iMessage (x-post from r/iphonehelp)
is there any accidental insurance/warranty i can buy on my applecare+ replacement iphone 5s i receive?
iPhone 5s or 6? Coming from Android...and Blackberry...I just love different phones.
Iphone 5S assistance please!
My mom's phone, the tempered glass is undamaged. While the screen underneath shattered
Post your favourite iPhone wallpaper for all to download and enjoy.
Why does the Maps app still exist?
Check out Motive, a WP exclusive (for now) that gets you closer to your goals.
I'll be on TechCrunch Disrupt (Europe). do you have any question for an app?
Lumia 1020 not charging (help please)
Lumia 1020 Touchscreen randomly stops working, requiring soft reset
Microsoft refuses to fix marketplace manipulation
Microsoft is launching its wearable fitness band (but not smartwatch!) very soon
625 or 630?
Browsing & privacy on WP8.1
Icon Owners: Weak vibrate and low ringtone volume
Lumia 520 car dock and music player through stereo...
Nexus 4 just got a Nexus 6 Lollipop port. New Play Music, new Gmail, Google Fit, new Messenger app, new Play Books all included. Here are some screenshots
Gmail 5.0 For Android And Google's Plan To Handle All Your Email Accounts In One App
Play Store search now lets you filter apps with 4-star ratings or more
Moronic Monday (Oct 20 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Chrome's Tabs Are Now Treated As Separate Recent Tasks In The App Switcher, But It's Optional
[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Smart Lock Includes Trusted Bluetooth And NFC Devices That Let You Skip The Lock Screen
The Oracle v. Google case may go to the Supreme Court
[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Smart Lock Brings 'Trusted Face' Mode That Makes Face Unlock So Amazing You Might Actually Use It
[Droid-Life] This is Google Play Music 5.6.1640 With (Partial) Material Design Makeover
Team Win Recovery Project Is Now Available For The Moto X 2014
iPhone 5 receiving non-existent phone call over bluetooth in car
Non-retina volume bar when watching videos? iPhone 6+
Stop displaying so much information, please.
Anyone find a fix for this yet? [Phone reaches 100% charging and then this appears while still on charger]
iPhone 6 plus dbrand skin (blue carbon fiber)
My first mobile app ever, Anime List, a MyAnimeList client for Windows Phone
Questions before I buy my first window phone
Any good Bluetooth Headphones that launched this year with noise cancelling compatible with wp 8.1?
T-Mobile Customers Looking To Upgrade...The 1520.3 Is The Best Choice?
Thinking of switching to the Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon, some clarifying questions
L1520 Charge Issues
How to sort WP in terms of releases?
My Icon just broke. what now
[DEV] My Weather and Steam DashClock extensions are now FREE
Lollipop Feature Spotlight] The Quick Settings Menu Includes Battery Percentage And A Flashlight Toggle
LG G Watch R First Impressions: Very Good, But Price Will Be Crucial
A faster way to show notifications and Quick Settings in Lollipop.
Its the small touches that I'm liking on Andriod L Preview (LPX13D) on my Nexus 7
L camera and the addition of DNG files for Android - explanation for people without any knowledge of photography
[Sony] Xperia Z4 Expected in March 2015 with 5.5in Quad-HD Screen, LTE Cat.6, Snapdragon 810 and 4GB RAM
Status of Android Lollipop universal data controls?
Snapshot Sunday (Oct 19 2014) - Your weekly photography thread!
I thought some of you might enjoy this spooky little Google-style wallpaper I created for this season.
Motorola Moto G Vs Everything Else: There's No Competition, This Is The Number One Smartphone
Smartphones with 4K video recording - just how many of them are there?
Need some help: Is there a way to set your iPhone wallpaper to TRUE white?
Samsungs social media team couldnt even tell their phones from Apples apart.
Purchasing an iPhone at the Apple Store
Anyone here used Rearth Ringke MAX iPhone case for iPhone 6? Looks good but still need views before purchasing it.
Health Kit + Apps = Double data.. A Warning
What if i stop upgrading firmwares?
How to upload full quality videos to Facebook?
C'mon, Siri... You know what I meant.
I can't send mail from the stock mail app. Has anyone had such problems?
Stock mail app
iPhone 4 camera in course of time (2010 vs 2013)
New dbrand skin on my space grey i6!
Given Apples obsession over U2...I'm pretty sure this is Bono
iTunes: 13 hours to download 8.0.2 - Anyone else experiencing terrible download speeds from Apple?
Why no advertising blitz for WP?
How to View Detailed Call History on Your Windows Phone
Are there Microsoft employees/Windows Phone team members monitoring this subreddit?
And, suddendly, Windows Phone functions start to appear in Android.
My experience with WP for one week (Android Enthusiast)
Using a combination of readit and baconit for reddit browsing
VPN causes massive instability
Instability in Casts (podcast app)
How can I use my Nokia Lumia 635 with Target's Brightspot service? Is my phone unlocked?
Moved to iOS and really missing some stuff from WP
Official Slack app in the works (according to a support email)
[Meta] Nexus device poll results (~2400 participants)
[Cool]Converted an .apk to .mp3 and it played
Motorola Droid Turbo pictures from Verizon
Chrome Beta gets a new feature called "Search with one touch"
Found something Interesting(Or may be bug?) at recent tab's in the new Android L preview.
[Nexus 5] RAW (DNG) Photo Comparisons from L Camera
"Unless it's an iPhone or Galaxy, I wouldn't buy it."
[AP] WebView Is Now Unbundled From Android And Free To Auto-Update From Google Play
Well, bend gate happened to me:/
How much rigidity does the Apple silicone case add compared to other cases?
Replacing iPhone 4S Battery. Where to purchase a high quality replacement and can/should I get a larger size?
So my 5C is smashed...
When the iOS 8 jailbreak comes, would it be possible to have a digital image stabilization tweak for older-gen iphones?
Went from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 6 Plus. I've been having a blast playing around with it!
Anyone else having this error? I'm on iPhone 6+ latest iOS update
How do I get rid of this? I always accidentally hold it down and send voice messages!
Why would my bookmarked links be doing this? I've tried resetting the phone and visiting the links. Any idea to restore them?
WP's in famous movies?
Telus 830 Upgrade
Will we ever be able to expect an "active" type phone that has water/dust resistance, possibly even shock resistance?
Thank you /r/windowsphone - my 920 is FIXED!!!
Looking to upgrade my WP8 from Lumia 1020. Which should I chose? 830 vs 735?
When are new phones coming?
I found a hidden folder called ".face" on my phone. It is full of faces cropped from pictures I've taken or downloaded.
Google's My Tracks App Updated To Version 2.0.8, Includes Android Wear Support And Changes To Sharing
Google Search Is Now Accessible From The Recents Screen on Lollipop
Sideloading APKs still allowed on Android TV!
[L Camera] Burst capture with focus stacking / exposure bracketing @ 30fps full-resolution now available
With the Nexus 9 promoting an optional keyboard, do you think we'll see Android promoting more "hybrid" features like Windows 8?
Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Android Now Defaults To Mobile Data When Wi-Fi Has No Internet Access, Signal Icon Adds A '!' For No Connection
[Lollipop] [XDA] Lollipop Keyboard port for all devices. No root req, installs as a separate keyboard. Includes Material Light/Dark themes.
Lollipop Camera Appears To Take Photos Faster
Pairing Note tablet with computer and using as drawing device with an extend desktop
The Note 4 camera is outstanding. A few examples from today.
Google Play Games Version 2.1.10 (Android TV) Shifts To Material Design And Adds A Few Other UI Tweaks
iOS 8 autocorrect changing words spelled correctly to other words?
Not getting notifications on the new Alien Blue
Clear protection?
iOS8 MMS issue.. Anyone else?
May sound silly but my iPhone 5s got dropped into ketchup
Considering downgrading to a iPhone 6.. Advice.
Do I get one
Sync contacts with Facebook?
Sturdy, protective cases for the iPhone 6
Any way I can cancel this? It's been 12 hours.
At what point did it get this ridiculous?
Not too shabby
...okay then
Why don't I have a group messaging option? iPhone 6 on 8.0.2
I took the plunge and joined Windows phone
Apalling selection at 3-uk
I didn't appreciate how good the 930 battery life was until I went back to my 1020
A Steam App I've been working on for a very long time has reached a point where I'm really happy with it so I wanted to share it with you all! Steam Live Tile Windows Phone
Curious about SD card use with 1520 or other Lumia phones?
How many people actually know WP's built-in features to scan QR tags or recognize music?
Cortana updated with evening daily glances, concert recommendations, app suggestions, and more
Having trouble with eBooks on Lumia 1520
I need help with all of this stuff (I think I'm buying a WPhone)
Upgrading from Lumia 920 (AT&T Provider)
Cases for Lumia 1520 (in the UK?) -- cases, carbon fibre skins?
What has changed with this platform in the last few years?
Someone help me please... my phone keeps randomly draining overnight.
Nexus Player is no longer available for pre-order because it has yet to be approved by the FCC
[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Battery Saver Now Turns The Status Bar And Nav Bar Bright Orange
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [Oct 17th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread.
Tested the standby battery drain of my Nexus 5 on the new Android Developer Preview.
Android 5.0 already on Nexus 4 (alpha so flash with caution)! Will update in comments as things progress
[DEV] I've updated my notetaking app BrightNotes with the new Material Design SDK!
Microsoft Brings Bing Rewards App To Android, Doesn't Pay You In Google Play Credit
Sony Smartwatch 3 now at the Google Play Store, coming soon
ChainFire posted this on twitter .Flashable kernels to fix root in new Android L preview for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.
[Nexus 4] L Preview Port Updated to build lpx13d (released Friday 17, for N5 and N7)
I installed an Nexus 7 in my car, it looks awesome!
Oppo releases KitKat based ColorOS 2.0 for its Find 7 and 7a smartphones
A dev over on XDA is trying to port the latest Lollipop beta over to the OnePlus One. Any devs here care to help? This would be awesome!
We just released our first two iPhone 6/6+ cases. What do you guys think?
An Apple a Day: 8 iPhone and iOS HealthKit Apps That Will Improve Your Workouts, Eating and More
Touch ID integration for Alien Blue?
So which cases protect the iPhone 6/6+ from bending?
Is Your Business Planning to Adopt Apples iBeacon? Seven Challenges Youll Need to Consider
The FBI Is Dead Wrong: Apples Encryption Is Clearly in the Public Interest
iPhone 4s white border around screen issue
What is your battery life on your iPhone 6? Apple released a lot of features that depend on background refreshing like Handoff or iCloud and other continuity features.
Does anyone have lag with your 6+ when someone calls, etc?
Looking for a nice leather iPhone 5/5s case, anyone really enjoying theirs?
I recreated the new Alien Blue Snoo head and made a comparison with the normal reddit Snoo head. It's not as bad as I originally thought...
Little confused. What's the difference? (Reddit App)
Iphone 6 problems with music
Why won't my phone recognize the white background of this picture and change the time to black font? Seems to work fine with the other light images
So is this about average? (First day with my new iPhone 6)
To put it in perspective, this image contains a dot for every person that bought the iPhone 6 in the first three days; 10 million
1020 free on AT&T
Nokia Lumia 520 Stuck in Airplane Mode
Pokemon X/Y EV Tracker for Windows Phone is out!
HipChat has been considering building a WP app for some time now, please vote-up the suggestion if you want it.
I converted a friend to the Windows side!
Safe upgrade to the 930?
Nokia Lumia 830, Disastrous launch in Canada! Store refuse to sell this phone!
930 or wait for 1520 / 1530(?)
What Am I To Do Since I am On Verizon?
HTC One Dual Boot
Is the Lumia 1520 still a good upgrade?
Very tempted to make the switch, but concerned about beta-stage apps of large titles.
What's happening exactly? (Zero news regarding WP)
Guide for coming from a Nexus device to a Z3 or Z3 compact.
[DL] Download: Android 5.0 Lollipop Wallpapers From the Nexus 5, Sounds Too
New Android Lollipop Screenshots
The Nexus 6 will include a Turbo Charger in the box!
Two-Factor Authentication Is Finally Built In To The Setup Process on Lollipop
Google Search 4.0.26 Introduces Multi-Account Support, Material Design UI
[AP] Lollipop - The Recent Apps List Now Persists Through Reboot
Install Google Keyboard 4.0 From The Android 5.0 Lollipop Dev Preview On Your Rooted Device [APK Download / Instructions]
[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Screen Pinning Allows You To Lock Your Device To A Single App Before Handing It To A Friend [AP]
Reddit to create Alien Blue(Official Reddit Client) for Android.
iPhone 6 home button feels lose?
I need help finding these wallpapers from the new iPads for my iPhone. We had luck with the iOS 8 wallpaper before its release.
Upgrading from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6 Questions
Touch ID timeout?
FAQ's about the new official Reddit App Alien Blue
What does the symbol next to the Bluetooth one mean?
Constantly getting this message on my iPhone 6 +. Any ideas what is going on?
Binder, an app from Desire2Learn (popular course management system), is gauging interest for a Windows Phone app. You know what to do!
Cortana just got nerfed
Do only MOGA controllers work with WP?
Nice deals for WP this week: Modern Combat 5 (50% off), Rayman Fiesta Run (66% off)
Improving battery life? (930)
Looking for a quick answer to a small Podcast problem
Cortana Text Reply Prompt Shortened
Couldn't do Windows 8.1 Cyan Update for Lumia 820.
Pre-installed Facebook app re-enables itself on the Galaxy Note 4
Fidget with Widgets Friday (Oct 17 2014) - Your weekly theming thread!
Predicting the cost of the Nexus 6 in the UK.
Google Opinion Rewards now displays full reward history, with dates - APK download
What's new in Android 5.0 (New DevByte)
Minimalist Clock (I'm OP)
False Reviewers / Commenters on Amazon (Product LUVVITT ULTRA ARMOR iPhone 6 Case)
iCleaner Pro Alternative for Non-Jailbroken Devices?
Still no 6+, but I did get AT&T to double my 10GB family plan.
iPhone 6 was just stolen, and Find My iPhone isn't working
Pocket Tube alternatives?
My original iPhone's headphone jack detection is reversed.
iPhone 6 got a red screen of ***** today; Apple Store replaced the phone within an hour. Just fyi if this happens to you :)
Is my iPhone 6 Plus battery defect?
My appstore update All button is kinda disabled.
TIL: That you can do this with iOS 8.1 beta 2
Weird iOS bug when unlocking with touchID (iPhone 5S). Any idea?
My iPhone 6 Plus. Aside from a restore, what actions can I take?
Damn it.
Instagram updated for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
Dat standby
They found us!
What's up with this prompt? Just started appearing.
The Silent Age episode 2 is now out!
AT&T Lumia 830 comes with two dual-use Qi/PMA wireless charging covers in green, black
Recommend me a WP, please!
Frequency bands on 930 vs 920
Join me in tweeting @snapchatsupport
Trouble with 6tag upload queue
WindowsPhone still impresses me - Contacts
Verizon MIGHT be ******** WP again: Lumia 735, rumoured to be going to Verizon, might not be released in the US until 2015
Phone problem
Windows Phones that work with T-Mobile?
Were bringing Android 5.0; Lollipop to the entire Xperia Z Series
Android 5.0 Lollipop Nexus OTA updates reportedly begin November 3rd
Turn a shattered Android phone into powerful media center. I made a guide on XDA.
[Lollipop] I've written an article about the evolution of MIPS64, one of the three 64-bit CPU architectures supported by Android 5.0
[Meta] Can we have a stickied post listing which devices are confirmed to have an official Lolipop update?
Chromecast AMA! Happening over in /r/chromecast
Nexus 6 seems to have more in common with the rumored Android Silver than the Nexus program as we have known it.
Nexus 9 In Black And White (16 And 32GB) Up For Pre-Order On Amazon
Someway Thursday (Oct 16 2014) - Your weekly automation thread!
Samsung develops flexible batteries for wearable devices
Android TV Commercial, 'And You' Song by Andrew W.K. - Just showed during Thursday Night Football and its awesome!
[Xposed/MohammadAG] Get an Android "Lollipop" Home Button That Doubles as a Battery Meter
3D print your own Nexus 6! .STL coming soon.
YSK: How to return an app
iPhone height increases in perfect correlation with second order polynomial
Anyone coming from a Nexus 5 to the iPhone 6 (4.7")?
This app will fix your wallpaper scaling/zooming issues with parallax in iOS 8
Just got a New iPhone 4S on Boost Mobile (no contract) what iOS can and should I update to?
Touch ID for Apple ID without Lockscreen?
Background App Refresh: Just how much of an effect on battery does it have?
BelayCords - Reversible USB Charging Cords iPhone & Android
Weird app appeared that I can't open or delete - did I miss something? Anyone know what it is?
How to live stream Apples Oct. 16 iPad/Mac event on Windows
Blocks' modular smartwatch will talk to your iPhone & Windows Phone
Halo: Spartan Strike will be free of micro-transactions (no in app purchases, buy once play on all devices)
Weekly beginners question thread: October 16/10/2014
MTS Canada along with Telus, Rogets, Fido and Bell to offer Lumia 830. Great news for Canadian WP phans.
"The 8 Best Things About Being a Windows Phone User" - CollegeHumor Post
Share Your Start Screen: Halloween Edition
Visual Phone Size Comparison - Nexus 6 vs 1520 vs 930 vs 830
My phone (ATIV S i8750) has screen artifacts after the Samsung 8.1.1 update.
Truecaller with real-time Caller ID launches for Windows Phone 8.1
Terraria crashing/freezing
How to get Cortana to read texts to me
The native podcasts app keeps downloading old episodes no matter how many times I delete them and it's really annoying.
Being The Will Of Our Lord Duarte, The Nexus 7 2012 Will Receive The Holy Blessing Of Android 5.0 (Official)
Google: The New "Messenger" App In Android 5.0 Is A Stock SMS/MMS Solution, Not A Hangouts Replacement / Rebrand
Android Lollipop Low-Latency Audio (Finally!)
Nexus 6/ Iphone 6+ side by side comparison
Some photos taken from the Nexus 6 by a user testing the device.
The Motorola Nexus 6 Will Be Water-Resistant Like The New Moto X
Motorola: Android 5.0 Lollipop coming to all its 2013 and 2014 devices
36 images of HTC Nexus 9 leaked, showing the new tablet from every angle.
Nexus 9 Shows Up In The Flesh In Vietnam, Here Is What The Tablet And Its Keyboard Really Look Like
To counter the doomsayers, a few reasons why the Nexus 6 is worth every penny.
Nexus 9 Gets The Video Hands-On Treatment Shows Its Sleek Frame New Lollipop App Drawer And Some Camera Samples
UP by Jawbone - new app can now track activity without a wristband
Some interesting features from L
Print Out and Try the Nexus 6 For Yourself
Google Keyboard v3.2 Adds 8 New Languages, Reorganizes Settings Screen [APK Download]
Sony Z3 with the Peek portable eye examination kit used in India, South America and Africa to provide eye examinations to rural communities
ARM level - INSANE: Nexus 9 benchmark is comparable to a 2012 Mac Pro
What's the most soothing alarm sound to wake up to?
Regular iPhone 6 users, does your phone's battery get you comfortably through the day with moderate use?
Best iPhone reddit client?
Carbon Fiber Skin for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
Facebook app finally updated for 6/6 Plus support!
YouTube iPhone 6/6+ update mess up your volume?
/r/nexus after the $650 price tag was announced
iPhone 6 screen defect when using the camera
It looks like the Watch will be the same 326ppi as the iPhone
IPhone 5s not letting me use my number for iMessage
Windows App Studio Beta adds 9 languages and Windows Phone 8.1 sideloading
Refurb 925 seeking new loving home
Re-install screen protector for my old 920 just to appreciate Nokia for putting on such a quality screen.
Reframing crashes after saving?
[Questions] Well, ****. I dropped my 925 in the water.
Pricing History of Nexus Phones
HTC, in an incredible show of commitment to less popular devices, confirms that the One Mini will be receiving Lollipop.
New stock AOSP SMS app for Android 5.0 Lollipop?
I have an unlocked iPhone 4S that I bought in Asia with ios6. Is it worth more to sell as is or should I update to ios8 first?
My iCloud photos are blanked out in photos app. iPhone 6+, OS 8.0.2. This is what it looks like.
Sony's Xperia Android smartphones can stream games from PS4; When will we see this kind of integration from Windows Phone/Xbox?
Dear Microsoft...
I'm in China at the moment so naturally Cortana thinks I have suddenly gained the ability to read Chinese.
The Verge website on windows phone is practically unusable
So, about Verizon...
High Pitched whirring/spinning sound in camera on my Lumia 1020.
An excellent free visual RSS news aggregator for WP. (I'm not the developer of it)
Lumia 1320 on Cricket Wireless finally receives the Lumia Cyan update
Just a heads up about canceling an XBOX Music Pass subscription...
As a college student, I frequently loan people money or buy them things so I made an app to keep track of what people owe me: My Debts. Please check it out!
Looks like Microsoft started to make the midrange compelling (735 & 830) at just the right time: Google's new Nexus devices have high end prices.
The Android Lawn Statues are being refurbished!
How to Setup Ok Google on Galaxy Note 4 to replace S Voice, works even on lock screen without eating your battery
How to find the root cause of your Android battery problems.
Google said to unveil Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 quietly today, no big event in tow
The new L WiFi icon just showed up for me in the Play Store app permissions
Nexus 6 and 9 price leak: the low cost era may be over
Do you want to know the exact moment that Google updates the Play Store with new devices? Install 'Page Monitor' for Chrome.
Lollipop, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 teased in recently updated Androidify app
Google's Nexus 6 is a giant phablet designed for Android Lolipop
Nexus Player is Google's first Android TV device
[Meta] Nexus 6/9 and Android L Discussion Thread
Motorola blog post about Nexus 6, starting price $649
Android Developers on Twitter: "Developers, get ready for Android 5.0 Lollipop! Check back 10/17 for Android 5.0 SDK & updated Nexus preview images. http://t.co/c6LGv88Ofc"
Nexus 4 is getting Android 5.0 - Sascha Prter, Android Engineering Program Manager
Sprint to existing customers: Lease an iPhone 6 for $5 a month
Why do I never see Traffic Conditions in the "Today" area on my phone?
Thanks Reddit! We met and built an iOS game because of you. Ask us anything! [AMA]
If I am interpreting out of warranty repair cost correctly and there is a cap on Apple repair costs, Applecare really doesn't seem worth it.
Share your experience ordering online.
4s Sound comes through phone ear piece when i use the microphone text for youtube
Worse audio quality on 6+ compared to 5?
Sometimes Spotlight doesn't show anything
Why can't I add or remove someone from group messages?
Notifications Center unaligned
Myfitnesspal has been updated for iPhone 6/6+!
How I've felt since I received my new phone.
My local Verizon Wireless explanation for lack of Windows phones...
Cortana should automatically listen for certain commands when there's an incoming call.
I Submitted Feedback On Cortana. Is It Someting Everyone Else Would Use?
Taking the plunge
I wish they have Windows Phone support. Can we all ask them to do it @ team@chooseblocks.com
This seems a joke...
Why I left Windows Phone. What I miss and what I don't.
Cortana idea - Call notes
Android Lollipop is the next version of Android - revealed by Google developer
Howto: Setup Nexus 6 Release Notifications
The Sharp AQUOS Crystal (the bezeless phone) is one crazy looking device
Sundar Pichai teases new "5.0" and "L" YouTube video on the Android YouTube channel
Xperia Z3 coming to Rogers on October 31st for $600 off contract
So...how does the public transportation destination alarm of Google now work?
Tinker Tuesday [Oct 14 2014] - Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
Google Glass Will Soon Get Notification Sync To Bring All Your Android Notifications Straight To Your Eye
The Chrome reload button is coming back! Check out the screenshot with the Lollipop debugging icon.
Google is Dogfooding a Reader Mode in Chrome Beta 39
Motorola's Nexus 6 Will Be Coming To AT&T For $49.99 On Contract
Bluetooth earbuds that don't go into the ear canal?
Is this Groupon deal for glass screen protectors worth signing on to?
Is there any way to sync music to my new iPhone without ever connecting it to my PC?
Before I click checkout - Is there any reason I shouldn't just order a phone on Apple's site?
Where is the cheapest place that I can get an iPhone (under contract) in Canada?
Verizon Iphone 6 Backordered even longer
8.0.2 bug where third party keyboards won't show on lockscreen quick reply?
Testing the bending-resistance of Gressos aluminum iPhone 6 case
Wooden DBrand iPhone 6 Skin
Is there an image sharing extension for iOS8 yet?
No SIM error.
new whatsapp very soon in wp store
OnePlus reportedly considering a Windows Phone smartphone.
Skype Qik aims to take over mobile video messaging
Skype releases new Qik app for ephemeral video messages on iOS, Android and Windows Phone
So...the Lumia 830 has been delayed in Canada AGAIN.
Microsoft launches Skype Qik video chat app for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone | ZDNet
"Microsoft recommends using hardware (mechanical) hardware Start, Back, and Search buttons."
Why I have finally left Windows Phone
Lumia 920 - Can't write more than one word at a time without pressing outside the text field, and pressing inside again.
Looks like Google has (accidentally) released an Android ad.. with the Nexus 6 in it.
Verizon's 'Droid Does' Site Reactivates With Two-Week Countdown To Presumed Droid Turbo Launch
Google Express Expands To Chicago, Boston, And Washington D.C. With A New Name And Membership Pricing [APK Download]
Sony says the Xperia E3 offers the same great battery life of the Z3 and Z3 Compact
Google Play - Trending Games - Week 2014-41
Do you think that deal with Motorola will affect Nexus pricing policy?
KoalaPhone: android launcher with easy-to-use interface for users with sight problems
Forbes Now: Nexus 9 To Launch Tomorrow And Will Be The First Device To Run Android L.
Lenovo plans for Motorola to return to the tablet market
Latest Nova Launcher Beta Includes Scrolling Animation Previews And Some Bug Fixes
[DEV] I just released a new Tasker plugin that lets you automate any android app
TVMC Custom Build of XBMC for Android Released in Google Play Store, The Future of Television!
Motorola Droid Turbo revealed: Snapdragon 805, Quad HD and two-day battery
despite this generations problems (ios8, bendgate), demand for the iphone is still unbelievable
Dropped iPhone 6, screen is now popping out slightly. Worth taking to the Apple store
Is AppleCare+ worth it for the new iPhone? I'm planning to buy one... what are your experiences?
Just moved back from Android to Iphone again. Need help with web authenticated wifi.
Anyone else unsatisfied with the Otterbox Commuter for the iPhone 6?
What is the cheapest US wireless provider one can use with the iPhone 6 plus?
I cannot, for the life of me, get Photostream to work
Apple is an insidious genius.
I'd like to be able to use T-Mobile's International Plan (even if it is slow)
Question on the TMobile unlocked version.
Can't turn off cellular data
TIL iOS 8 Mail has safari-like tabs for multiple "swiped-down" emails
Stuff like this makes me angry
iPhone 6 plus super case. I combined 2 products to make the ultimate solution. More info in comments.
Best iTunes review of an album I've ever seen (on Taylor Swift's "1989")
Samsung reps are taking pictures of Galaxy owners - using an iPhone 5s.
Unable to Backup SMS (Error: 80c805e2) for two years
Finally made the upgrade.
New Lumia with Dual-SIM and qHD display spotted at FCC
Lumia Denim with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 to Commence in October Last Week
Help understanding unlocked Nokia Lumia 1520 with AT&T in the US
Lumia 830 performance comparison with Lumia 920 (opening and switching between apps and games)
How do I enable the double tap to wake up my Nokia 635.
How to get Z3C for $376 (In the US)
Giovanni Calabrese - "Handing out boxes of licorice at the boarding gate. #feellikeoprah #googlebound #googlelawnsculptures"
My first Android app - a custom background noise generator. Mix together rain, thunder, waves, wind, fire etc. to block out distractions and aid focus
Xiaomi To Jony Ive: Try Our Phones Before You Accuse Us Of Theft
Introducing Caffeine: an Open Source Library to Speed Up Android Development
HTC Employee posts photo of box: "Something amazing, beautiful and highly confidential just arrived."
[AP] Here's An Easy Fix For A OnePlus One Sudden ***** Bug That Results In Neverending Boot Loops
The major downsides of the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
Replacement/Spare Motorola Wireless Charging Dock for Moto 360 now in stock at Best Buy
Giovanni Calabrese - Cheerleader screaming: Give me an "L" #googlelawnsculptures #themendous
hey guys - I made a job search app, no ads. Try it out and let me know how you like it.
Galaxy Note 4 wins blind camera comparison
iPhone 6 wobble when face down?
Need a case suggestion.
Introducing Rhombus, a next-generation reddit client for iPhone
Really confused about syncing photo edits made in iPhone Photos app instead of on computer
So I need a little help with reminders.
iPhone 5S issue
Touch id issues
Ultimus Qi: Wireless Charging for iPhone 6 Kickstarter
Apple support completely ripped me off.
The Glitch
Apps that drain the battery fastest. Let's compile a list. I'll start.
Is it possible to disable WiFi Calling on Lumia 521?
Does anyone have experience using a Lumia Icon on AT&T?
Does anyone know what APIs Sony used to transfer data over USB for Windows Phone?
Backup to restore to pure 8.1?
Lumia 920 vs 830 on MultiBench2
After a hard reset, Microsoft account stuck to 'Not up to date'. Common solutions aren't working.
A month ago I said I'd try iOS for a month, here's how I got on! (xpost - r/iOS)
LG G Watch in Titan Black for $69.99 plus shipping on Cowboom (x-post /r/androidwear)
Galaxy Note 4 receives first software update, improves battery life significantly
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact $529.99 on Sony Store
Red Nexus 5 soon to have a promotion?
Moronic Monday (Oct 13 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
US Z3 Compact $477 after student discount. Save more with cashback from Discover
[Twitter] Android Central: T-Mobile gets the Xperia Z3 October 29
[AC] Sony Xperia Z3 on sale at T-Mobile online October 15 and in stores on 29th
How to record screen video with your Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact
Cyanogen Camera Appears In The Play Store, But It Remains A CM11S Exclusive
iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy Alpha vs. Xperia Z3 Compact: Three kings
Google Prepping Play Music Chrome App For Launch
Do you like iPhone Cases with the Apple logo showing?
Anyone ditching their iPad Mini's after getting the new 6's?
What's up with pricey, yet bricked phones on eBay?
Various App icons showing up on bottom left of the lock screen.
Quick question regarding shower steam
iPhone 6 Clear, Minimalistic cases - Griffin vs Spigen?
Siri won't read me my most recent messages, she says I don't have any, but I do.
I'm sure these are getting tiring, but it's fun. iPhone 6 Plus vs. iPhone 5 low-light photo
MSN Health and Fitness update; GPS tracker just stops/hangs
Storage clearing issue
Cortana now displays full song lyrics!
Would you like to see "classic" WP 8.x apps running on a Windows 10 PC?
The Lumia 830 is the perfect upgrade for me
Can anyone please help me identify this tablet?
[DEV] Stacks Flashcards, play store featuring, things I learned, and some numbers
The Google Play Games Nearby Players Feature Is Rolling Out For Some Users
Snapshot Sunday (Oct 12 2014) - Your weekly photography thread!
Suggestions on what to do with my old phone?
iPhone 6 case for someone who hates cases?
Fried my iPhone 6 headphone jack
Google Maps Location Reporting and iOS8
Does apple deliver to PMB?
iPhone 6 Plus touchscreen unresponsive
My experience to date with touch ID
Hint at Apple soon going to allow api for Siri integration with 3rd party apps [x-post from /r/apple]
This seems... Low (iPhone 6 Plus)
Android users with well performing smartphones, why did you switch?
Using a camera without autofocus and flash
Lumia 1320 on T-Mobile's $30 Pre-Paid Plan?
L925 randomly shutting off
Want this app. Or at least someone create it!
Facebook Mobile Site
Delayed notifications?
O2 UK 8.1 Update 1 rollout
Why do Windows Phone devices, or IE at least not identify themselves as Windows Phone to the web?
To those who have repaired the glass on your Lumia 920, how did it go?
Google Now Launcher would be PERFECT if you could hide items in the drawer
There is a Reddit app for Wear. Get timely posts from selected subreddits, with simple reply feature.
I've been noticing that my battery percentage jumps from 61% to 59%, skipping over 60% entirely. Has anyone else noticed this on their phones too?
[REQUEST] Looking for a tally counter app that's controlled by another iOS device.
Where the hell are my pics?
Will using any apple wallcharger negatively affect my iphone 6 plus?
Group iMessage suddenly turned 'green' for me, how do I resolve / troubleshoot this?
Can't connect to wifi. Asking me for password for completely different Apple ID when trying to update apps.
No apps listed in the battery usage settings.
Noticed this neat little Handoff trick while in multitasking.
I am beyond impressed!
Why is Stocks using so much battery? And how do i take it off? I don't even use stocks
Post your favorite iPhone Wallpapers you've found for the 6/6+! Include what phone it's optimized for. I'll start! This one is for the iPhone 6.
Is my battery usage abnormally high for these apps? Would like some help
Poll: Who is the greatest Lumia filmmaker of them all?
Strap in your seatbelt - here is how to make Cortana your car's Bluetooth copilot
BLU WinHD has been released in Canada for $179 CAD
my battery is getting worse and worse and I don't know how to fix
I made a notepad calculator apps that let's you mix math and words . Universal , Unlimited full trial , Cortana support , live tiles.
Does Developer Preview void the warranty?
Lumia 1520, wait, or jump to Android?
I had 1 minute to disable my phone into airplane mode, and this happened.
The future of 6snap after #thesnappening
Why is the Sony Z3 Compact more popular than the regular Z3?
Is it going to be L for Licorice? Hints from the guy making the statue.
How hard can no phone be?
Sony Xperia Z3 (and Compact) in Canada
[APK Teardown] Google Play Services 6.1.71 Adds Some Finishing Touches To Nearby Players, Renames Personal Unlocking To Smart Lock
Fallout 1 and 2 now available on android,with some tweaking (X-post from r/Fandroids)
Dear Sony - include magnetic docks with your phones! As you move into the American market, it would be a great feature to set you apart.
S Converter is a nearly perfect and free unit conversion app with material design style
Pre-owned LG G Watch (White Gold) starting at $78.99 (w/ free shipping) after $60 off coupon code (LGW60101614)
Google Wallet doesn't implement the full EMV contactless/tap to pay specification and this might impact the ability of US residents to use it abroad.
XGELS Module Updated To Version 2.1 With More Homescreen, App Drawer And Badge Options
Google Embeds Itself in NYC With Some Delightful Site-Specific Outdoor Ads
eBay buyer insisting my old iPhone cannot be activated
I'm looking for a 6+ case that's similar to a magnetic trifold iPad mini case. Is this case by FYY my best option? Anyone have one and love it/hate it?
Is there a resource that can explain the weirdness of the photo organization on iOS. I came from Android.
iPhone App to help track/reduce screen time?
I have a 4S... Do I get the 5S or 6?
Well then, I guess I'm getting the 64GB model
LTE with two bars on iPhone 6
What could happen to my back plate? It was like brand new yesterday evening...
Why can't siri search for lyrics?
Samsung ATIV SE questions.
New update to MSN Food and Drink is ******* with me and i need to vent
We are all beta testers for Windows 10
Looking to change switch from android, have some questions
Does anyone know how WP 8.1 exclusive apps are ranked in the store?
How do I get rid of Facebook icon on my Nokia Lumia?
Issue with info that glance shows.
NFC Safe, an encrypted means of securing private data on your Windows Phone
Lumia 930 sound reproduction system frequently stopping to work when listening to pirated MP3, what should I do?
Some T-Mobile subscribers find out that their Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been shipped
It's Saturday APPreciation Time! [Oct 11th 2014] Your weekly App recommendation and question (and more) thread.
Microsoft's Android Wear keyboard lets you draw letters on your smartwatch
Source Is A Beautiful News Reader App From Jacob Klinker, Now Out In Beta
Sharp's new near 0mm bezel kitkat phone coming to Sprint now
Life changing (for me) Mail function I just learned in iOS 8
I had the pleasure of partnering with the co-creator of Epic Meal Time and creating an app called Hear; it lets you talk and listen to people anonymously. I hope you guys like it. :)
Where to buy an Iphone 6
You can change Hyperlapse video resolution to 1080p from 720p via a hidden menu!
My experience with AT&T - Part II
How long until the 6+ is generally available to buy in Apple Store?
i need help finding an app for easy photo storage that also works as a share extension :)
Probably some new ones
This is ridiculous! Any way to remedy the situation besides deleting and reinstalling?
Is ther anyway to remove those contacts from multitasking screen?
Why isn't Siri opening non-stock apps for me?
Netflix never seems to work on my iPhone 6. Anyone else having this issue?
When I double tap the home button on my iPhone six this happens.
[Help] Why is the Twitter app taking up over a gig of space on my iPhone 6? And how can I fix it?
Hey reddit! Ive updated my Live Tile Clock app with 3x2 tile support. Check it out!
ProShot, a very advanced camera app, is free right now!
Just got my Icon two weeks ago.
Having trouble with backup - cancels at 98%.
This game is pretty cool, Windows Phone only. Pokemon style battles and you find new monsters by finding them in the real world.
Sync Lumia 1520 with Outlook Calendar
The Icon was retired... Now What? 1520, Xperia Z3, iPhone 6, or stick with the Icon?
Anyway to get the brightness slider on Lumia 810? My phone's brightness burns my retina sometimes, even on low
What will happen to Windows Phone in the future.
I thought 7-11 app was discontinued? It's still in the store.
Non-Nexus users: What is your favorite software feature that your phone offers and why?
HTC's Desire Eye has the best front facing camera to date
Understanding Material Design - Part III: Skeuomorphism vs Flat Design
[Droid-Life] Friday Poll: Capacitive or On-screen Buttons?
Acorns Hits Google Play, Automatically Invest Your Spare Change | Is this a ripoff?
[AP] Google Play Services Updated To 6.1.71 With New Google Settings Icon, UI Tweaks [APK Download]
Two Verizon stores near me confirmed they would have Note 4 on display Monday. Anybody holding out for the Edge?
Upleaks on Twitter: "Nexus 9 QHD ips panel, 8.9 Inch, 2 options - 34-bit and 64-bit, Nvidia TK1 chip, Android L, 2560*1600 pixels
ProShot - Time to throw away your DSLR* (app)
Since switching to iOS, I'm finding the Gmail app..... wanting. Which email app for your gmail account are you using and how's it working out???
iOS 8 and pressing the home button
The Snappening 200,000 Snapchat accounts hacked
I am having trouble with the music function on my iPhone 5 with iOS8
iOS 8.0.2 - Intermittently unable to access Camera/Notification Center from Lock Screen
[help] How do I change default map directions to walking? See comments for details on problem. Don't upvote, just need help!
Switching from Android to Apple: iPhone 5s or iPhone 6?
iPhone 6 availability tracker?
iPhone 6 Plus Car Mount
Best fitness app that takes advantage of iPhone's motion coprocessor?
Is there a way to force iPhone 5 apps to scale to full-screen on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus?
Taken with my 6. This camera is awesome
One serious Bendgate! (Taken with my iPhone 6)
/r/windowsphone, do you prefer interfaces that follow the WP design guidelines, or those who try to make more things with custom controls, images and more colors?
Verizon retires the Lumia icon 8 months after release. Bad sign, or new flagship incoming?
I just had a positive windows phone sales experience!
Moving from iPhone to Windows Phone, is this a good move?
If 8.1/Cyan broke your ability to send texts on a Straight Talk device (possibly others), I have FINALLY found a solution!
Lumia Creative Studio updated with Color Pop and support for PNG(screenshots)
Lumia firmware updates through developer preview. Vote for this user voice for the sake of everyone on Verizon
Gmail account connect problem, are google up to their tricks?
The state of WP in the US [Warning lots of reading]
Is there an app similar to Anki for WP?
What makes iPhone cameras look better than Androids?
With all the hype of the Z3 Compact, here's some negative points from a Z3C owner for sake of balance
Props to Sony - Z1 Compact Waterproofing Problem
Fidget with Widgets Friday (Oct 10 2014) - Your weekly theming thread!
Ars tests: How does a smartphone camera stack up against a DSLR?
HTC Releases 5 Eye Experience Tutorials To Show You How Cool Useless Or Downright Creepy It Can Be
New Motorola Smartphone Leaves Galaxy S5 And iPhone 6 Outgunned
Buy page up on Sony US store for Xperia Z3 Compact (Still can't buy phone yet)
I boiled down the differences from the Sony whitepapers. Here's the differences between the Z3 and the Z3v.
Do you sync your iPhone with iTunes?
iOS 8 hang issue with dismissing notifications while in app
A detailed review of the iPhone 6 Camera - Just shows how amazing the iPhone camera is!
Some guy named Ethan made an app called 'Ethan' that lets anyone message him, and strangers are downloading it like crazy
Is it possible to use 2 running apps at the same time? (Nike+ & Zombies Run)
iPhone 6 case that adds structural support
Has anyone else noticed this? Probably present since iOS 7. But still. Pretty neat.
Who to trust? Developer or Apple?
Does anyone know what photo editing app this is?
Where is my clock going!?
Anyone's 6+ have less than stellar battery life after updating to 8.0.2?
iOS 8.0.2 | iPhone 4S | YouTube - this (by the notification bar) happens when you select/watch a video --> turn it landscape --> back to portrait --> go back to searches. Anyone with similar issues?
Music - cannot correct wrong album release year
Warning: When you hold down the camera icon to bring up the alternate camera UI in messages, if your finger shifts and causes the camera icon turn yellow, when you lift your finger, a photo will be sent without any additional confirmation.
Does anyone have a link for this iPhone wallpaper?
Half the emojis I'm receiving look like this (iPhone to iPhone) any help?
Does anybody else have a problem with their music app on iOS8?
This was a pleasant surprise in iOS 8.
What is this mysterious "Other" data that's eating up 27% (4.28GB) of my storage capacity? Every few months, I have to re-sync my iPhone just to erase this "Other" "data," and it seemingly creeps up again! My iOS was up to date, too.
What is Chinasnow? What happens after it expires?
520 not working as a phone
Satya Nadella uses Lumia 920
Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant to make its Canadian debut on the Lumia 830
Just got Lumia 930 (Icon), switching over from iOS. What do I need to know?
Has the Cyan + latest Developer Preview update fixed the "losing one headphone after receiving a notification" bug for you?
Questioning my WindowPhone love - need opinions!
Switching to iPhone in a month if I can't get help.
Sony SmartWatch 3 coming to Verizon 'later this month'
[Droid-Life] Motorola DROID Turbo Will Have a 3,900mAh Battery
Android SMS worm Selfmite returns, more aggressive than ever
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro - 13" Android Tablet with Projector and 15 hours of battery life
Google urges Supreme Court to act on Oracle ruling, shut down copyright claims on APIs
Thoughts after buying and using most of Motorola's latest
Someway Thursday (Oct 09 2014) - Your weekly automation thread!
Googles Conversational Search Gets Smarter, Adds OpenTable Integration
[AP] - Breaking: Google Play Store Update 5.0.31 Adds Even More Material Design, Highlights And Moves "What's New" To The Top [APK Download]
Question: Which app makes creating ringtones from your own song/music app EFFORTLESSLY? (Meaning, no need to email the ringtone, download, add to iTunes..etc.)
My iOS 8 app lets you find the ZIP Code and address of your current location in 1 tap. Also available as a Today View Widget. Your feedback?
I really, really wish they would at least give us the option to have "Hey, Siri" work when not plugged in.
Does anyone use Sleep Cycle? Will it **** my battery life in time?
Fed up with fluctuating wifi
Iphone 6+ battery
TIL that you can see how much space each artists' albums are taking up in iOS 8
The battery life on the iPhone 6 is amazing!
iOS, you're drunk.
Mass downvoting on /r/windowsphone
Weekly beginners question thread: October 09/10/2014
Italy-based Miia to release new 4.7-inch Windows Phone device
Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon w/Bad ESN. Like New $100. Should I buy this? (currently have iPhone 5 on VZW)
Many months ago, it started as a way to learn
(Help) Need help deciding between Lumia 1520 and Icon
Google's New Vision For Launcher Icons - Paper, Lighting, And How To Get Your Icon Ready
Google's Android emulator is ready to help developers make 64-bit apps
Google Play Expands Paypal Support To 6 New Countries: Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, and Sweden
Anybody else excited about the Sony event TODAY Xperia Z3 US announcement??
Paul O'Brien on Twitter: "Things are getting interesting: Unless they move it, Google's Nexus announcements are still scheduled for the 16th, iPad day."
With GIFs moving to MP4 and WebM files, Android needs a gallery/player app that treats them as GIFs.
Google+ Adds Support For Polls, Rolling Out To Android And Web In The Next Few Days
New Hangouts App For Chrome Goes Live With Chatheads-Style Interface For Desktop
Just tried to get pristine iPhone 6 Plus replaced at the Apple store. Was denied by the store manager. "Apple is not recognizing this as a manufacturing defect at this time".
why would someone steal my sim card from my iphone 5c
Who's using a Spibelt with a large pocket for their iPhone 6+ while at the gym or running?
Just released an update to my popular Upvote client for Reddit. It includes support for the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus as well as numerous bug fixes. Have a look!
Is there an app that mimics the 'ufocus' on the HTC m8? (pic with example inside)
How long do you have to return iphone?
A voice recording app that can upload files easily off the iphone.
Is this normal - the pixelation during spotlight search? 6+
Really impressed by the battery life of my 5s
Why is my battery life so terrible on my 6+?
Imprint on iPhone 6 screen
Is my camera lens out of place?
My typical iPhone 5 battery life. Less than 20 minutes of actual use.
I don't know why but I got these "developer" options on stock 8.0.2 out of nowhere
This phone screen kind of "bleeds" what's damaged?
Anyone know to get a dark regular keyboard for iOS 8? Like the stock one spotlight uses?
Just realized you can quickly hide the QuickType bar by dragging down on it.
Google (Now) Beats Siri And Cortana For Direct Answers -- Study
RIP, Lumia 920. I loved thee.
Why do you WindowsPhone?
Why Windows Phone Isn't More Popular in the U.S. -- Redmondmag.com
I made a pretty unique camera app at Nokia in Sweden and never posted it here. Let me know what you think!
Lumia 1020 at night
MS Devices really screwed up by letting HTC be first with an actual high quality front camera
iTunes compatibility sucks.
Can't access pornhub anymore?
Lumia 520 was a disaster. Got a Win Blu Jr, Microsoft keeps a WP user.
Android fanboy looking to switch to a WP. Have a couple of questions.
Apple CarPlay, Android MirrorLink and Windows Phone... ?
Snowball Beta puts your Snapchat, SMS, Facebook messages, etc. into one easy app. I like it so far.
Google Now voice search edges out Siri and Cortana in comparison
HTC Unveiled HTC Desire EYE with 13 MP front and back camera
XDA-Developers Releases Its Own Forum App In Alpha, Can't Resist Calling It 'XDA One'
Accuracy in answering questions fully: Google Now 88%, Siri 53%, Cortana 40%
If you've updated your phone to iOS 8 and the person you're messaging is still on iOS 7, they may not receive your message if it goes through iMessage.
My new favorite features: "Raise to Speak" and "Raise to Listen".
What's with the delay with rugged cases for 6 plus?
Back Again- Review Giveaway- Email for a coupon code to test out our new USB Powerbank phone chargers. Limited to 5 units (Still USA Only)
Buy an iPhone 4s in 2014?
I'm literally losing sleep over this.
WTF is this?
Titanium iPhone 6 case with tritium buttons.
why is Twitter so big ?
Anybody else get this green lens flare dot on your 6/6+?
How can I fix this? (Clock is barely visible)
Can anyone help me out? Why won't my phone sync?
Owners of Lumia 830, how do you like it?
Microsoft sends invites to Office 'pre-release' testers on Windows + Windows Phone.
My Lumia 625 just decided to wipe its own SD storage
What Windows Phone issues(hardware or software) do you think are enough to drive people away from the platform?
Microsoft Community apparently doesn't get too many looks from Mr Belfiore, so I'll post the string on Reddit.
Can't create start-screen "live folders"
Lumia 920 Questions
Meet Xim: An app from Microsoft that lets you express your ideas, not just another photo-sharing tool
So I gave my Explosm app a complete overhaul a couple of days back. Thought I'd share it with you guys.
WP is turning me off... Possibly just a hardware issue?
Lumia rulez
Flipboard app for Windows Phone updated with new sharing feature and more
New book looks at Stephen Elop's reign as Nokia and calls him 'one of the world's worst' CEOs
LG's G Watch R is the most expensive Android Wear watch yet
HELP! My phone is missing/stolen!
"Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia, told a press briefing in New York that the Nexus 9 tablet represents "HTC's commitment" to its return to the tablet market after three years of absence."
HERE for Android beta now available from the Samsung Galaxy app store
Samsung's Future Is Bleak Because Phones Themselves No Longer Matter | WIRED
Ever wanted to install the Asus "My water" Livewallpaper? ASUS submitted it to the playstore and its compatible with at least one non-ASUS phone, the Nexus 5
Microsoft Xim turns iOS and Android phones into a multi-screen slideshow
Play Movies 3.3 Lets You Pre-Order New Movies And Stream Them As Soon As They Come Out [APK Download]
PressureNet updates to 4.5, improves P2P weather notifications and map UX.
Just discovered the power of Health Kit
Google Chrome updated. Improved support for iPhone 6/6+.
Looking for an iphone 6+ case
Plugged my 5s in to add one song, iTunes instead deleted almost every song off my phone
According to analysts, Apple products currently account for 16.5% of the RAM currently being produced, estimated to increase to 25% next year
I made fun of people freaking out over Bendgate. And then my babied Apple leather cased 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus bent :(
Every time I see a post about a bent iPhone.
Tips and tricks for first time iphone user?
Can someone tell me what my father in laws phone is doing?
Verizon iPhone 5 suddenly searching for service.
I just picked up my 6+ and haven't made a single phone call. Anyone have any idea what this is about?
5s 16 or 32 GB, advice?
Apple iPhone 6 Series pre-orders start on October 7. Are you ready to buy??
My iPhone 5 has a very good battery.
Almost 3 days [6+]
I know, there have been plenty of battery life posts but my 6+ is a beast I daren't attempt to control.
My New Love - iPhone 6
What's the normal AT&T LTE speeds? I've seen others get 100 mbps but I get less than 10 on average.
FitBit announces they WILL NOT support HealthKit on iOS
I never thought having a physical camera button was a big deal, until I broke my camera button...
[Opinion] The future for Windows is in Phones. I'm certain of it.
This is why Microsoft keeps starting over with Windows Phone
Coupla questions about WP8.1 + Facebook from a Windows Phone newb
Any reason why I shouldn't pull the trigger on a 1520?
Windows Phone and Continuum proof in Windows 10 Technical Preview!
A phone that's right for me?
Lumia 735 'gets almost everything right'! From The Register!
Response from Regional Verizon Rep in regards to cyan update
[Protip] Free space by installing a language keyboard
Skype can be so much more...
After 3 weeks of using the 8.1 update on my Lumia 52 , I lost my rag and now I need a new phone.
What are these words (possibly Latin) that are always on my calendar? They seem to coincide with events that I have set.
Android upgrades simplified: Which manufacturers can you trust?
Early look at Google's Early Multi-Window Explorations for Android
8tracks adds in Chromecast support!
Google Promises New Fix For The Nexus 5 'mm-qcamera-daemon' CPU Bug In The Next Version Of Android
Anyone here love Android, but hate phone partisanship?
Xperia Z3 factory unlocked on eBay for $599.99
Tinker Tuesday [Oct 07 2014] - Your weekly tinkering and modification thread!
Google Updates Play Games SDK With Real Time Multiplayer For Cross-Platform C++ SDK, Dev Console Improvements And More
Camera Performance of Z3 Compact Before and After Bootloader Unlock
HTC has put its smart watch on hold until it "can get it right".
Apparently the latest Google+ app on my 2013 Nexus 7 running Android L preview supports a windowed mode of some sort
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Review: All things a smartphone should be and nothing more. The first phone to get a 5/5 on PC World / Good Gear Guide
Waterproof Indestructible iPhone 6 Case by LUNATIK (I've Been Waiting For This!)
Survey for Facebook and Instagram users, regarding picture uploading
Painfully slow wifi speeds on 2 different iPhones but no other devices
Can anyone help me figure out what is causing this. Just started happening last night when I plugged it in and it vibrated. Was also having some wonky blue screen for a couple days.
For the first time ever, DropZap 2 is available in all 155 App Stores but only for a limited time while it is FREE.
Hey /r/iphone! Created an iOS game as a duo because of reddit (without having ever met). Ask us anything! [AMA]
Iphone 6 plus volume button issue?
This is absolutely ridiculous! 2 complete days. iPhone 6.
My phone and keyboard. Platano for scale!
I can finally buy micro transactions while having 2 step verification on.
Why is it saying this? (On top of all the other 100 iOS 8 bugs)
Upgraded from a iPhone 5, this is a daily struggle
Is this battery life normal for 6?
Squashing Bugs!
While updating to Cyan, L620 bricked again, Nokia Recovery Tool says not enough space on C
Lumia 635 Tops Amazon Best Seller List; Discounted to $79
Decisions, decisions: Lumia 830 and 730 store impressions, and why I won't be switching from Android just yet.
Cortana has send me over 20 High Surf Advisories in the last day. Can I shut her up without turning her off?
I need some help changing the default alarm notification that Cortana uses.
Just noticed "Cortana: Info gathering" in Data Sense
Could Samsung's current weakness be a boon for Windows Phone?
Does the phone I'm looking for exist?
On a related note, how about a "request" feature for the Windows store?
HTC Nexus 9 tablet confirmed by Taiwan regulators
I can't find any news on it but the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 has been updated to work with 1 hand. Works almost 100% of the time with the thumb on the hand you're holding the phone with instead of 1 out of 10 tries.
Surveillance drives South Koreans to encrypted messaging apps
MT6595 vs The Rest: How does Mediatek's new top-end SOC compare?
Motorola Moto G 2nd Generation Unlocked at Best Buy for $179
Cyanogen Inc. teams up with India's Micromax to bring CM-loaded phones
Doggins Is A Game About A Dapper Dog Who Travels Through Time And Relative Dimensions In Space
Six-inch Motorola phone hits the FCC looking like the new Nexus
Google+ Now Lets You Pick Individual Local Folders For Auto Backup
PSA: Current Chromecast Owners Can Also Get Two Months Of Free Access To Hulu Plus
Tasker Update Adds Support For Google Maps API v2, Brings A Number Of Location-Based Enhancements
AT&T wouldn't sell me iPhone cause they couldn't upsell me on U-Verse
Hearthstone for iPhone (iPad App) Without Jailbreak?
Flic is the Tinder for deleting photos from your iPhone
Possible Launcher replacement (widgets) currently available in App Store.
The Apple Store app should use Touch ID authentication to access your account.
iPhone 6 Plus display Super Zoom
I think ATT has lost my iPhone preorder
PSA: Calls ringing two phones at the same time?
Iphone 6 back bulge?
What is this ?
Wow. I am blown away by my 6+ battery life (ignore the "has been plugged in" text, had to plug into my computer to sync a couple songs)
If only Facebook would admit that
So Google recently updated Gmail for iOS. I knew the version number resembled something familiar when I glanced at it.
Can anyone tell me what this means?
Outstanding battery life on iPhone 6!
Why Windows Phone Needs More Hub
Windows Store needs a 'wishlist' feature:
Burned out screen
Time for my Nexus S to take a break
Re-Introducing, Sapphire for Windows Phone.
A tale of legendary Nokia durability
Lumia 520 Stuck on Gears After Update
Pocket File Manager gets an update with support of System Files and App Data Repository.
Hotmail won't sync with text backup on. (lumia 920)
Motorola will replace your Moto 360 even if you crack it
I'm coming to the conclusion that a removable battery is more important than a super long lasting battery (Z3 vs G3)
Treehouse's Technology-Focused Educational Content Is Now Open To Android Users
Worried About How Big The Nexus 6 Will Be? No ProblemJust Get This Giant Thumb Extension From Japan
Samsung expects 60 percent drop in profit for Q3 2014
Android Wear App Hits Version 1.0.2 With Updated Play Services For Wearables [APK Download]
Samsung Galaxy A5 gets benchmarked, reveals support for 64-bit processing
My experience with AT&T.
iOS 8 Warning - Don't Set a 1x1px Wallpaper.. It'll Crash Your Phone
Blue Angels @ Miramar California 10/5/2014 taken with iPhone 6+, edited with iMovie. (slow-mo included along with image stabilization)
TIL highlighting a word in iOS 8 and pressing shift or caps lock lets you change the casing of the word accordingly
Synced tones not showing up on iPhone?
Do your home icons slowly reset themselves to their default positions some pixels at a time after you set the phone on the table?
iPhone 5 not responding
My 6 plus was so worth the wait. 96% battery left after 8 hours.
Just received this text. What should I do?
At&t preorder still processing (ordered 9/12)
Any good HD Retina Wallpapers app for the iPhone 6 Plus?
Weird bug happens randomly on my 6. I can't figure out how or why it happens...
Nokia Lumia 735 Review: The Selfie Smartphone Is The Cameraphone For The Social Media Generation (Forbes)
Chronology, a time travel puzzle adventure game, just released on Windows Phone
Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview V8.1.5 update for Windows Phone 8.1 available today for download - Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) Team Blog - Site Home
Using an iPhone while my 925 gets fixed - Realized a few things.
Is there an encrypted cross-platform chat for Windows Phone?
Uservoice - Speech-to-text button in keyboard
Suitable case for a 925
Is there an app like this for Windows Phone? The concept of this app is amazing! (already asked them to port it to WP)
Glance active but not "on"
/r /Android, What is your favorite expense managing app?
How Android disk encryption works and how (presumably) will work on Android L
In defense of flashlight apps...
Moronic Monday (Oct 06 2014) - Your weekly questions thread!
Android takes market share from iOS in the U.S. over the last year
Google Play Music App Breaks The 500 Million Download Barrier
Nexus X (Motorola Shamu) goes through Geekbench, scores higher than almost any device on the market
Leaked video of Galaxy A3/A5 may give us a hint of design language for the Galaxy S6
Hacked Screenshots Show Friend-To-Friend Payments Feature Hidden In Facebook Messenger
Potential Workaround to Resolve Google Play Services Keep Awake and wakelocks killing your battery
Cycloramic the app that automatically spins your iPhone now uses the charging block to spin the iPhone 6
Apple replaced my slightly bent 6+ under their EFFA 'early field failure analysis' program
New (hopefully soon) Iphone owner. Are launches always like this?
My iPhone 6 Bent. What Now?
T-Mobile CEO calls bendgate "Horsesh*t", says Apple's "incredible quality" pushed T-Mobile ahead
iPhone 4S --> iPhone 6
Best way or app to collectively get all news in one place on iPhone?
Has anyone received a 128gb Plus from ATT pre-order yet?
Thanks to idevicechecker I found a 6 plus at target!
why does Twitter say it's 20mb in the App Store but shows differently on my settings? one time it was at 2.2 GB of storage for just twitter
As someone who previously had 16GB of storage space, this feels pretty awesome
My status bar shows over full screen videos during payback, does anyone know a fix for this?
beautiful picture iPhone 6 camera
Woke up this morning and all my message thread pictures are gone. Any help?
Do you also have a weekend iPhone battery ?
Could anyone please help me with identifying this screen protector aligner? I want to get a replacement one, but forgot what company it was. It is a matte/anti glare one i got at the Apple Store 6 months ago.
My iPhone 6 battery life.. doesn't seem right?
Anybody else on EE UK having trouble activating visual voicemail? (Had no issue on my 5/5S)
What is the thing on the bottom left of my screen?
The camera on the 6 Plus continues to amaze me.
"Disney Torpedoes Tiny ***** Star Without Alerting Developer Nimblebit In Advance" ... but it's still in the Windows Phone Store.
Is getting a WP a good choice?
Is there any way to remove an app from your phone via PC?
Windows Phone Could Use a Flagship Like the BlackBerry Passport
What will I be missing by getting the HTC One M8 instead of a Lumia?
Will MS Show They've Learned from the Xbox Music Disaster in Windows (Phone) 10?
Question for those with a L928
Can everyone who owns a Lumia 1520, 930, or 830 tell me your experience with overheating?
Windows Phone seems to be doing alright among young people
Looking for a new app? See what fellow redditors have made!
I know power saving apps have existed for ages but Stamina mode on the Z3 is insane.
Google+ 4.6 Is Setting Up To Offer User-Generated Polls, Improve Wear Support, And Help You Follow Celebrities
What happened to the Snapdragon 600 SoC ?
State of Android Security Mega Question Thread
Snapshot Sunday (Oct 05 2014) - Your weekly photography thread!
I've figured out why Google Play Services can eat up your battery
God I missed OEM features.
Has anyone with a 128gb iPhone 6 been able to fill most of it up with music?
Everything You Need To Know About iOS 8 Keyboard Permissions (But Were Afraid To Ask)
Just checked apple.com for the status of my order as I've been doing for the last week.
Costco iPhone Lagniappe Question
Coming from Android. Have a question about pictures.
4.4 GB of cellular usage from the CONTACTS APP?! WTF?
Apple is not designing systems to prevent law enforcement from executing legitimate warrants. Its building systems that prevent everyone who might want your dataincluding hackers, malicious insiders, and even hostile foreign governmentsfrom accessing your phone.
What to do when getting new phone?
Keep 16gb 6+, or not?
Low light shots taken with 6+ at ACL
My iPhone 5 battery sucks.
Why did Google take over the top row of my keyboard?
Who knew movies could come out on null?
What are you expecting from Windows 10 for mobiles?
It would seem this is why some of us were unable to use 6Tag last night. Good to know its not Instagram trying to cut off its WP user base!
Lumia 1020 - manual focus to infinity is indeed a software issue -_-
2 neat Windows Keyboard features
Live Lockscreen BETA with weather
Blu Win Jr, or Lumia 635?
What phone is everyone excited about?
Google took away 1080p option on the YouTube app for no apparent reason.
I'm considering using an LTE 7'' tablet and either VoIP or a dumbphone for my communication. Has anyone considered or gone through with this? How did it work out?
Samsung Galaxy Alpha A5 and Alpha A3 spotted in the wild
Google Location History Visualizer - I built a web app that automatically generates interactive heatmaps from your Google Location History data! Try it out, I'd love to know what you think -- link to screenshots in the comments.
The top 10 flashlight apps are all sending your data to foreign countries

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